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singular, in measures, measure up, major general, vote on a measure, measure of wine

Great review of the New York show: "For reasons that beg to be explained, the works by other artists in the show do not measure up"‪#‎neuegalerie‬ ‪#‎edvardmunch‬ ‪#‎nyc‬

A new show at the Neue Galerie finds the painter’s singular place in art history.

Breaking: President Obama will announce stronger background checks on buyers of firearms in the US, in measures to address gun violence.

Joseph Schumpeter argued that the miracle of capitalism lies in democratising wealth. In most areas of life this miracle has been working magnificently: in America the number of hours of work that it takes to buy a car, or a wardrobe full of clothes, has halved in the past generation. But in three big areas it has singularly failed to operate: health care, education and housing
Photo: Maj. Gen. Peter Edward Traub, with his daughter, Elizabeth, who was married at St. Bartholomew’s Church, to Karl McMaster Jones. May 21, 1926.

Waltzing out of the Lively Morgue come the brides from Times past, well-to-do women of the 1920s and ’30s, whose studio portraits were made at a time when the country’s economy and marriage rates were plunging.

More on Lens: http://nyti.ms/160v60C

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“The A.L.I. is important on a lot of topics,” said Franklin E. Zimring, a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley. “They were absolutely singular on this topic” — capital punishment — “because they were the only intellectually respectable support for the death penalty system in the United States.”

Congressional leaders met with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke last night and vowed to work through the weekend so they could vote on a measure by the end of next week.

sin·gu·lar (sĭng'gyə-lər) pronunciation
  1. Being only one; individual.
  2. Being the only one of a kind; unique. she always thought of herself as singular, as his only daughter
  3. Being beyond what is ordinary or usual; remarkable. he had the singular good fortune not to die in the trenches
  4. Deviating from the usual or expected; odd. See synonyms at strangeno explanation accompanied this rather singularstatement
  5. Grammar.
    1. Of, relating to, or being a noun, pronoun, or adjective denoting a single person or thing or several entities considered as a single unit.
    2. Of, relating to, or being a verb expressing the action or state of a single subject.
  6. Logic. Of or relating to the specific as distinguished from the general; individual.
n. Grammar
  1. The singular number or a form designating it.
  2. A word having a singular number.
[Middle English singuler, from Old French, from Latin singulāris, from singulus, single. See single.]
singularly sin'gu·lar·ly adv.
singularness sin'gu·lar·ness n.

vote Show phonetics
verb [I or T]
to express your choice or opinion, especially by officially marking a paper or by raising your hand or speaking in a meeting:
She was too young to vote in the national election.
The committee voted on the proposal, and accepted it unanimously.
Did you vote for or against the motion?
Over 55% voted Liberal.
[+ to infinitive] A majority of staff voted to accept the offer of an 8% pay rise.
[+ (that)] I vote (that) we (= It is my opinion that we should) go to the cinema first and eat afterwards.
[+ object + noun] The evening was voted a tremendous success (= This was most people's opinion).
It was the younger members who voted Smith onto the committee (= Smith joined because he was the choice of the younger members).
The Republican Party was voted into/out of office (= was chosen in an election to become/stop being the government).

vote Show phonetics
1 [C] when someone shows their choice or opinion in an election or meeting by writing a cross on an official piece of paper or putting their hand up:
The suggestion was approved, with 25 votes in favour, and 7 against.
She cast her vote (= voted) for the Communist Party.

2 [C usually singular] a way of making a decision by asking a group of people to vote:
We called a meeting in order to take/hold a vote on the issue.

the vote noun [S]
1 the total number of votes given or received in an election:
The Green Party got/took 25% of the vote.
They are trying to capture the working-class vote (= to persuade those people to vote for them).

2 when someone is officially allowed to vote:
In some countries women still don't have the vote.

voter Show phonetics
noun [C]
a person who votes or who has a legal right to vote, especially in an election:
Of course, tax cuts are usually popular with (the) voters.
Are you a Labour voter?

voting Show phonetics
noun [U]
when people choose someone or something in an election:
Voting was brisk in spite of the bad weather.
Pollsters asked people their voting intentions.

meas・urePronunciation: /ˈmɛʒə/ 

━━ n. (測定された)寸法, 大きさ; 量; 尺度; 測定; 程度; 計量器 ((ます・ものさし)); 度量法; (度量の)単位; 1杯, ひと山[袋]; 限度, 制限 (limit); 適度; 【数】約数; 【韻律】韻律; 【楽】拍子, 調子, 小節; 【印】行の幅; 〔古〕 踊り; (pl.) 手段 (step); 措置; 法案 (bill); 【地学】(pl.) 地層 (bed).

As I pour’d down his throat our last measure of wine,
  • measure of wheat
  • 小麦一袋

above [beyond] measure 法外に[の].
a measure of ある程度の….
for good measure おまけに.
full [short] measure 正しい[不足の]計量; たっぷり[量目不足].
get [take] the measure of … ⇒take …'s MEASURE.
have hard [strong] measures ひどい目にあう.
in (a) great [large] measure 大いに.

in —— measure

To the degree specified:his style was rough and elegant in equal measure

in a [some] measure 多少.
know no measure 際限がない.
(clothes) made to measure 採寸して仕立てた(服).
measure for measure 報復.
set measures to …を制限する.
take measures 測定する ((of)); 手段を講ずる.
take [get] …'s measure 人の寸法をとる; 人物を見る.
take the measure of …'s foot 人の人物[力量]を見抜く.
without [out of] measure 法外に.
━━ v. 測定する, 寸法をとる; …の測定単位[基準]である; (人を)じろじろ見る; 評価する; 慎重に考える; …の長さ[幅,高さ]がある; 比べる, 競わせる ((with, against)); 区分する ((off)); 分配する ((out)); 〔詩〕 歩む, 進む.
measure one's length ばったり倒れる.
measure off …の長さを測る.
measure out …の分量を量る.
measure oneself [one's strength] 力比べをする.
measure swords 一戦を交える.
measure up (必要な)水準に達している, 添う ((to)).
measure one's wits 知恵比べをする ((against)).
common measure 公約数.
meas・ur・a・ble ━━ a. 測りうる; かなりの; 適度の[に大きい].
meas・ur・a・bly ad.
meas・ured ━━ a. きちんと測った; 慎重な; 調子の整った; リズミカルな.
measured daywork 【経営】測定日給.
Measure for Measure 『尺には尺を』 ((Shakespeare作の喜劇)).
meas・ure・less ━━ a. はかりしれぬ.
meas・ure・ment ━━ n. 測定, 容量; (普通pl.) 寸法; (女性の)体のサイズ; 計量器, メジャー.
measurement ton トン ((船の容量単位)).
measure of central tendency 【統計】中央傾向度.
meas・ur・er ━━ n. はかる人; 計量器.
 ━━ n.,a. 計量(に用いる).
measuring cup [jug] 計量カップ[水差し].
measuring worm シャクトリ虫.
cubic measure 体積; 容量.
greatest common measure 【数】(the ~) 最大公約数 ((略 GCM)).

major general
《米国陸軍・空軍・海兵隊》《英国陸軍》少将. ⇒REAR ADMIRAL