2017年3月9日 星期四

brat, tantrum, elliptical jokes, extraordinaire, purveyor, interlocutor, make a name for oneself

Margaret Atwood on Donald J. Trump: “He brings out the temper-tantrum-throwing wilful brat in all of us. ‘Why can’t I do what I want? Why can’t I have what I want? Those other people are stopping me. Those other people have a bigger lollipop that I do, I’m going to take their lollipop away from them.’ But on the other hand, he couples that with the most amazing whining.”

The ‪#‎MarchForEurope‬ filled the streets of central London. But Leave supporters called it "pathetic" and a "tantrum".

Denise Ho "violated the professional ethics of Hong Kong artists, and also the value of following Hong Kong laws, went against international trends, broke the principle of commercial freedom - such a 'boycott' will certainly end in failure," the Ta Kung Pao claimed.

Pro-Beijing newspaper Ta Kung Pao criticised singer Denise Ho Wan-see in…

 "兩個恐怖元素  (The Terrible Twos)"錯誤,內文都譯為"恐怖的兩歲" (作者用它比喻美國的現況)。
  • child development stage which normally occurs around the age of two (but can start earlier) and consists of toddlers often saying no and throwing temper tantrums

 The Talk of China
New York Times
Chinese officials take great pride in how they have used the last 30 years to educate hundreds of millions of their people, men and women, and bring them out of poverty. Yet, among my Chinese interlocutors, I find a growing feeling that what's worked ...
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New York Times

Google Managers Reject Agent's Claims on Piracy
Hollywood agent extraordinaire Ari Emanuel on Wednesday night ridiculed the idea that Google couldn't keep purveyors of pirated content out of search results, since it blocks child porn. Two Google senior vice presidents flatly rejected the comparison.

Description: Elliptical exercise trainer equipment sold under the model name Schwinn 460. The machine is 73 inches tall and 54 inches long. It is made of gray anodized aluminum with two moving and two fixed handlebars all with black rubberized padding. The fixed handlebars have heart rate sensors on both sides. The machine has a touch-screen console, an adjustable fan and an orange-colored, oversized water bottle holder. A medallion with the Schwinn logo is on the bottom right side of the base of the machine.
Sold at: Nautilus.com, Amazon.com, Dick's Sporting Goods, AAFES, specialty fitness retailers and specialty sporting goods stores nationwide between July 2008 and May 2011 for about $1,000.
Manufactured in: China
Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled models immediately and contact Nautilus for a free repair kit that includes an extended warranty.
Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Nautilus toll-free at 800-259-9019 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday, or on the company's website at www.schwinn.com

Posin Brothers, art copiers extraordinaire

An artist's studio stacked with copies of famous pictures.  In the front da Vinci's Mona Lisa and to the side van Gogh's Sunflowers

If you can’t afford a Van Gogh, Botticelli or Michelangelo then its time to visit Neukölln in Berlin. Here a small gallery is a bastion of artistic creation, or rather re-creation. Three Russian painters turn out fakes here of all the great iconic masterpieces so perfect and exact in their replication, they leave art critics and museum directors shaking their heads in wonder and awe.

To the degree that Washington and Beijing now understand each other, it is in good measure because Kissinger has been assiduously translating for both sides, discerning meaning in everything from elliptical jokes to temper tantrums. At every juncture, he has been striving to find “strategic concepts” that could be made to prevail over a history of conflict, mutual grievance and fear. As President Nixon’s national security adviser, then secretary of state for Nixon and Gerald Ford, and since 1977 as a private interlocutor extraordinaire, Kissinger has been unwaveringly committed to surmounting what he considers the legitimate Chinese resentment of American interference in their internal affairs and Americans’ distaste for China’s brutal suppression of ethnic, religious and political dissent.

New book depicts Gordon Brown as a bully as poll looms

He screams, throws tantrums and physically intimidates his staff. That's
how excerpts published Sunday from a new book on Britain's Labour Party,
describe Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Brown has denied the allegations.

The DW-WORLD Article

Today we celebrate the 65th birthday of Frank Oz. The puppeteer extraordinaire was the hands and voice behind Muppets BertFozzie BearGrover, and Miss Piggy, and he created Yoda, for The Empire Strikes Back. Oz likes to pull the strings of actual actors, too, having gotten a taste of what it's like to be a director when he assisted Jim Henson in directing The Dark Crystal. Since then, Oz has made a name for himself directing such live-action comedies as Little Shop of HorrorsIn and OutBowfinger, and Death at a Funeral. Occasionally, he makes his way to the front of the camera; he's had acting roles mostly in comedies, including The Blues BrothersTrading Places, and Spies Like Us.

Sir John Harvey-Jones, manager extraordinaire, died on January 9th, aged 83.

Come meet Maria Tatar, scholar and translator extraordinaire, at Harvard Book Store next Monday, 3/13!


(ĕk'strə-ôr'dn-âr', -dē-nâr'pronunciationadj.
Extraordinary: a jazz singer extraordinaire.
[French, from Old French, from Latin extraōrdinārius. See extraordinary.]
make a name for oneself
Achieve distinction, become prominent or well known, as in Martha is making a name for herself as an excellent chef. The earliest recorded use of this term was in John Wycliffe's followers' translation of the Bible (II Samuel 8:13): "Forsooth David made to him a name." Also see make one's mark.
  • [ekstrɔ`ːrdənéər]
[形]並はずれた, 非凡な(extraordinary).

Derogatory term for a spoilt person. Originally applied to small children and John MacEnroe.
A: "You're a brat, SuperMac!"
B: "Shut up! Shut up! You moron! You're dead. You Asshole! Die now you SCUMBAG! Shut up!"

C: ".... Code violation, Mr MacEnroe. Love - thirty"
B: "You moron! You complete fool! Are they paying you to umpire like a retard??"
C: " ....Love - forty"

interlocutor, ((女性形))-tress[in・ter・loc・u・tor, ((女性形))-tress]

  • 発音記号[ìntərlɑ'kjutər | -lɔ'k-, -tris]
1 ((形式))対話者;会話者, 発問者.
2 minstrel show一座の司会者.tan·trum (tăn'trəm) pronunciation
A fit of bad temper. Also called regionally hissy, hissy fit.
[Origin unknown.]

1 長円形の. 橢圓形
2 《文法》省略的な, 省略(法)の.
3 〈文章などが〉極端に語句を省いた;〈意味が〉(言葉が省略されていて)わかりにくい.

(pər-vā'ər) pronunciation
  1. One that furnishes provisions, especially food.
  2. One that promulgates something: a purveyor of lies.
  • 発音記号[pərvéiər]
1 ((通例〜s))((形式))(…の)まかない方((of ...));(…への)調達人, 御用達(たし)((to ...))
the Purveyor to the Royal Household
2 《古英国法》(食糧)徴発官.

Throw a tantrum - Idioms by The Free Dictionary


to have a temper tantrum; to put on an active display of childish temper. I never dreamed that Bob would throw a tantrum right there in the department store.


Syllabification: (tan·trum)
Pronunciation: /ˈtantrəm/

  • an uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child:he has temper tantrums if he can’t get his own way


early 18th century: of unknown origin