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spurn, unseat, taken a knock, quarter, Quartering

By the late 1700s, American colonists had grown weary of the British crown. As a way to increase revenue, Britain had imposed a series of legal acts, including the Sugar Act (limiting trade), the Stamp Act (requiring specialized, taxed paper), and the Quartering Act (requiring colonists to bear cost of housing British soldiers). The colonies argued that this was "taxation without representation," and unrest grew by 1768.

Some have resisted Chinese takeovers. But a Swiss agrichemicals-maker has spurned an American firm in favour of a Chinese suitor

The deal marks the biggest Chinese foreign takeover ever

“If sports arenas are so pure and sacred, why did [President] Ma tear down Taiwan’s national flags during the women’s Asian Cup soccer games? 'Chinese Taipei' is forced upon us by international politics, but there’s no need to humiliate ourselves at home.” - Cheng Hung-yi
A group of spectators attending the Asian Baseball Championship match...

Jonathan Mirsky: “Over the last few years, a growing number of world leaders, under pressure from China, have spurned or downgraded meetings with the Dalai Lama. But the Tibetan leader has a long history of meeting with the head of the Catholic Church. Why has Pope Francis snubbed him?”

Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom in a historic referendum that threatened to rip the union apart. But leaders from across the United Kingdom said the union must change if it is to endure. Read more: http://reut.rs/1tvngFq
EDINBURGH (Reuters) - Scotland spurned independence in a historic referendum that...

Seeing Military as Tamed, Morsi Spurned Deals

The abrupt end of Egypt’s first Islamist government was the culmination of months of escalating tensions and ultimately futile American efforts to broker a solution to keep President Mohamed Morsi in office.

The Fight to Unseat Apple's iPhone Intensifies

Sales of the “fifth quarter” – tails, ears and other parts spurned by British diners – would build on a healthy trade in chicken feet and hearts already sold to China.

After Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana said he would not run for president, a debate began over whether there would be a candidate able to unseat President Obama.

Morakot is also doing political damage. President Ma faces harsh criticism for his government’s slow response to the disaster, and in particular for its surprising decision to spurn foreign offers of aid in the early stages. Three senior officials have already offered their resignations. The reputation of Mr Ma himself has taken a knock.

Anheuser Spurns
InBev Takeover Bid

Belgian Brewer
Will Try to Unseat
Bud Maker's Board

The takeover bid for America's dominant brewer took a hostile turn Thursday, as Anheuser-Busch Cos. rejected InBev NV's $46.35 billion offer and InBev took steps to unseat the brewer's 13-member board.

Anheuser-Busch rejected InBev's $46.35 billion offer, while the Belgian-Brazilian brewer said it planned to ask the St. Louis brewer's shareholders to unseat the board

Yahoo has been meeting with Goldman Sachs in case it receives an offer. That is the same banking adviser that led Yahoo to one of its greatest missteps in its history in spurning Microsoft.

HSBC's chief executive, Michael Geoghegan, should stay in his post and spurn any offer to become chairman, according to banking analysts.

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  1. 1.
    the coats of arms marshalled on a shield to denote the marriages into a family of the heiresses of others.
  2. 2.
    the provision of accommodation or lodgings, especially for troops.

  1. [名詞]
  2. 1 4つに分けること;(謀反人などを)四つ裂きにすること;右往左往すること;あちこち捜すこと.
  3. 2 宿舎の割り当て;宿営(すること).
  4. 3 ((quarterings)) 〔紋章〕
  5. (1)盾形の4分割.
  6. (2)1つの盾形を4個またはそれ以上の方形に分け,さまざまな紋章を組み合わせて配置すること.
  7. (3)((quarterings)) (2)のように配置された紋章;姻戚関係を示す.
  8. 4 〔天文〕 月の上弦・下弦の移り変わり.
  9. 5 〔建築〕 間柱まばしら(を立てること).
  10. 6 〔木工〕 丸太を四つ割りにした木材;((英)) (高級床材などに用いる)板材.
  11. 7 〔採鉱〕 四分法:鉱石など粉粒状の試料を偏りなく縮分する方法.
  1. ━━ [形容詞]
  2. 1 quartering の.
  3. 2 (他と)直角になった,直角に取りつけられた.
  4. 3 〔海事〕 〈風が〉斜め後方から船に吹きつける.
  5. [語源]
v., spurned, spurn·ing, spurns. v.tr.
  1. To reject disdainfully or contemptuously; scorn. See synonyms at refuse1.
  2. To kick at or tread on disdainfully.
To reject something contemptuously.

  1. A contemptuous rejection.
  2. Archaic. A kick.
[Middle English spurnen, from Old English spurnan.]
spurner spurn'er n.

[動](他)((主に文))〈人・申し出・忠告などを〉はねつける, にべもなく拒絶する(⇒REFUSE1[類語]);…を鼻であしらう, 相手にしない, 軽蔑する
She spurned his advances.
━━(自)(危険などを)侮る((at ...)).
━━[名]にべもない拒絶, 門前払い, ひじ鉄砲;鼻であしらうこと.

Definition of spurn
[with object]
  • reject with disdain or contempt:he spoke gruffly, as if afraid that his invitation would be spurned
  • archaic strike, tread, or push away with the foot:with one touch of my feet, I spurn the solid Earth


  • an act of spurning.



Old English spurnan, spornan; related to Latin spernere 'to scorn'; compare with spur

  1. An instance of striking or colliding; a blow.
  2. The sound of a sharp tap on a hard surface; a rap.
  3. A pounding or clanking noise made by an engine, often as a result of faulty fuel combustion. Also called ping.
  4. Slang. A cutting, often petty criticism.

1 …を座席から押しのける;…を落馬させる.
2 ((形式))(選挙・訴訟などにより)〈人を〉政治上の官職(議員・知事・大統領など)から退ける
be unseated for bribery