2016年8月1日 星期一

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The Roman emperor Claudius was born ‪#‎onthisday‬ in 10 BC. An interesting leader, he was the first emperor to be born outside of Italy, and during his reign the empire grew significantly. His reign has been of interest for generations and has been the subject of many books and films due to contentions around his personality and his family ties. This cameo (an oval profile portrait) was made between AD 41 and 49, and shows Claudius in military dress. It is made from sardonyx, a highly prized stone. http://ow.ly/rfX3302GUhm

Neil Young's latest tour seems less intended to sell his most recent album than to rake through his back-catalogue for the songs that still feel the most vivid four decades after he recorded them. There are depressingly many of those

Last week United Airlines announced significant changes to its loyalty programme, MileagePlus. From February 2014 many passengers, particularly those travelling to and from Europe in business- or first-class cabins, will need to use dramatically more miles to get their award tickets http://econ.st/1bbBO05

To American Watchdog on Afghan Reconstruction, Bluntness Is a Weapon


As the special inspector general for Afghan reconstruction, John F. Sopko says that "embarrassing people" is part of his job cataloging waste, mismanagement and fraud.

 Summit Gives Relief, Not Results
Markets are relieved in the wake of marathon euro-zone summit talks. But the region's crisis response remains one of small steps, not decisive solutions.

In the catalogue Mr Kossoff writes simply that the cherry tree series is a new departure for him. Since 1957, when he had his first one-man exhibition, nature has never made more than a cameo appearance in his work. He grew up in London’s East End and remains resolutely urban. Early on, building sites were his favoured subject; there were lots of them as London began to recover from wartime bombing.

Embattled Japan Prime Minister Orders New Disaster Relief Budget

Gossip Boy, but Just for a Day
I am making a brief cameo appearance on the CW series “Gossip Girl” this month.

cameo appearance

  • カメオ出演{しゅつえん}、特別出演{とくべつ しゅつえん}、友情出演{ゆうじょう しゅつえん}◆有名人が映画に端役として出演すること
Originally the phrase "cameo role" referred to a famous person who was playing no character, but him or herself. Like a cameo brooch — a low-relief carving of a person's head or bust — the actor or celebrity is instantly recognizable. More recently, "cameo" has come to refer to any short appearances, whether as a character or as oneself.

  • 1. カメオ(細工)、浮き彫り装身具◆貝や瑪瑙に浮き彫り細工したアクセサリー
  • 2. 〔劇の印象的な〕場面、ヤマ場
  • 3. 〔映画やテレビなどの一場面に限られている〕名優{めいゆう}の登場{とうじょう}、スターの顔見せ場面{かおみせ ばめん}、ゲスト参加{さんか}◆【参考】make a cameo
    ・She has a cameo in the Spider Man film. 彼女はスパイダーマンの映画に特別ゲスト出演している(場面がある)。b

Wall Street Journal
--Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan instructs his Cabinet to compile a small extra budget by early next month. --Finance Minister Noda says the budget will pay for steps not covered by the previous Y4 trillion extra budget, such as support for those ...


  • [imbǽtld]
1 〈軍隊などが〉戦闘隊形をとった;敵に囲まれた, 総攻撃される;〈町などが〉要塞(ようさい)化した.
2 〈人・組織などが〉難問をかかえた;追いつめられた.

Mubarak resigns as head of ruling party
According to television reports, Egypt’s embattled President Hosni Mubarak has resigned as the head of the ruling party. Protesters and world leaders continue to call for him to step down entirely.

Massey Finally Reaches a Sale to Alpha Massey Energy, the embattled coal mine operator, agreed on Saturday to sell itself for about $7.1 billion in cash and stock in a deal that will create a new giant in coal production - and could help Massey shed legal burdens arising from a marred safety record that includes the explosion last year at the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia.


Pronunciation: /ˈkat(ə)lɒg/
(US catalog)

  • a complete list of items, typically one in alphabetical or other systematic order, in particular:
  • a list of all the books or resources in a library: a computerized library catalogue
  • a publication containing details of items for sale, especially one produced by a mail-order company: a mail-order catalogue
  • a list of works of art in an exhibition or collection, with detailed comments and explanations: this collection of paintings is the subject of a detailed catalogue
  • US a list of courses offered by a university or college.
  • [in singular] a series of unwelcome or unpleasant things:his life was a catalogue of dismal failures

verb (catalogues, cataloguing, catalogued; US also catalogs, cataloging, cataloged)

[with object]
  • make a systematic list of (items of the same type): it will be some time before the collection is fully catalogued
  • enter (an item) in a catalogue: the picture was withdrawn before being catalogued
  • list (similar situations, qualities, or events) in succession:the report catalogues dangerous work practices in the company

(US also cataloger) noun


late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin catalogus, from Greek katalogos, from katalegein 'pick out or enrol'

back catalogue


All the works previously produced by a recording artist or record company:the owner of the Elvis Presley back catalogue

n., pl., -os.
    1. A gem or shell carved in relief, especially one in which the raised design and the background consist of layers of contrasting colors.
    2. The technique of carving in this way.
    3. A medallion with a profile cut in raised relief.
  1. A brief vivid portrayal or depiction: a literary cameo.
  2. A brief appearance of a prominent actor, as in a single scene of a motion picture. Also called cameo role.

v., -oed, -o·ing, -os. v.tr.
  1. To make into or like a gem or shell carved in relief.
  2. To portray in sharp, delicate relief, as in a literary composition.
To make a brief appearance, as in a film: She cameoed as Anne Boleyn in A Man for All Seasons.

[Italian cameo and Middle English cameu (from Old French camaieu and and Medieval Latin camahūtus).]

  • 発音記号[kǽmiòu]
1 カメオ彫り(宝石・貝殻などに施す浮き彫り);カメオ.
2 (文学・劇での)山場, さわり.
3 (映画などの一場面に限られた)名優の登場;スターの顔見せ場面(cameo role).

1 (彫刻などの)浮き彫り, レリーフ;[C]浮き彫り細工[作品]
a work in highlow] relief
a stone relief
2 (…に対して)目立つ[際だつ]こと, 鮮明さ, 顕著, 卓越;強調((against, from ...)). ▼fromはへだたり, againstは対照・対立を強調
This brought out the truth in full relief.
The skyscraper stands out in boldsharp] relief against the sky.
3 (絵画の)浮き彫り的効果, 立体画法.
4 《地学》(土地の)起伏, 高低.
5 《印刷》凸版(とっぱん)(印刷).
[名]1 [U]((時にa 〜))(苦痛・悩みなどの)緩和, 軽減, 除去, 安堵(あんど), 安心 tax relief((英))税金控除(((米))tax benefit) in relie...
[名][U]1 (彫刻などの)浮き彫り, レリーフ;[C]浮き彫り細工[作品] a work in high [low] relief高[浅]浮き彫りの作品 a stone relief浮き彫り...