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fade, fade-in, fade out, fadeaway or fall-away, Buridan's ass, Globish, come and go

一路以來,「黑曼巴」Kobe不就是這麼勉強出來的嗎?當初看他打球,湖人球迷最不喜歡他的地方就是這小子太過勉強,天賦是有的,但他以為自己是誰?老要學着Michael Jordan擺款,在人群中硬闖硬穿,頻頻使出姿勢好看卻終成浪射的fadeaway。不過再過幾個月,再過幾年,這個孩子的fadeaway居然勉強成了真貨,大家眼睜睜地看着他真的變成了新世紀的Jordan,沒有一個曾經瞧不上他的老球迷不服氣。

“Beat Memories: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg”: Neal Cassady and Natalie Jackson in San Francisco, in the show at the National Gallery of Art in Washington.
The Allen Ginsberg LLC
Last Chance

Poet With a Kodak and a Restless Eye

In an exhibition of Allen Ginsberg photos at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, you watch legends take shape, beauties fade, an American era come and go.

Europe’s Fade Becomes Drag on Sales for U.S. Companies

After weathering the first two years of Europe’s economic crisis fairly well, some companies in the United States are warning investors that their sales in the region are slowing.

Reviewed by ROY BLOUNT JR.

How English has gone global, and why it's unlikely to fade away.

Promise of China Fades for International Banks1

come and go
1. Arrive and depart, either briefly or repeatedly; go to and fro. Shakespeare had it in The Merry Wives of Windsor (2:2): "He may come and go between you both." [Late 1300s]
2. Alternately appear and disappear, as in This rash is odd; it comes and goes. [Mid-1300s] Also see coming or going; easy come, easy go.

Buridan's ass (byoo-RUHD-uhnz ass)

noun: A situation demonstrating the impracticality of decision-making using pure reason, especially a situation involving two equal choices.

Named after French philosopher Jean Buridan (1300-1358).

Imagine a hungry donkey standing equidistant from two identical piles of hay. The donkey tries to decide which pile he should eat first and finding no reason to choose one over another, starves to death. This paradox didn't originate with Buridan -- it's been found back in Aristotle's time. A hungry and thirsty man cannot decide whether to slake his thirst first or his hunger, and dies. Buridan, in his commentaries on Aristotle, chose a dog, but his critics, in their parody of Buridan, turned it into an ass. So Buridan's ass was named after a person who neither proposed the paradox nor picked that animal to discuss it.
Buridan studied under William of Ockham (of Ockham's razor fame).

"Unless we felt strongly enough to exert ourselves in one direction rather than another, we would do nothing, but would suffer the fate of Buridan's ass." — A.C. Grayling; Though Euphoria Will Fade, Hope Springs Eternal; The Canberra Times (Australia); Nov 12, 2008.


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[féid]
1 〈色・光・音などが〉薄れる, あせる, 弱まる((away, off, down)). ⇒DISAPPEAR[類語]
The colors faded away.
The light was beginning to fade.
2 〈花・草木が〉しおれる, しぼむ.
3 〈新鮮さ・力・活気・健康などが〉失われる, 衰える;〈チームなどが〉勢いがなくなる;〈記憶・感情・笑みなどが〉(徐々に)薄らぐ, 消えてゆく((away, out))
fading beauty
4 〈人・物が〉姿を消す;〈習慣などが〉すたれる((away, out));((文))死ぬ
These practices have faded out.
5 〈自動車のブレーキが〉きかなくなる.
6 〈ゴルフボールが〉フェードする.
wear faded jeans
fade back
《アメフト》(フォワードパスをするために)自陣のゴールラインの方へ下がる, フェードバックする.

Google's fade-in homepage confuses
Christian Science Monitor
Google homepage tweaks have become common, but the latest has some folks scratching their heads. By Andrew Heining | 10.30.09 It's no bar code logo, ...

 Fadeout for a Culture That’s Neither Indian Nor British


or fade·out (fād'out')
  1. A gradual disappearance of an image or sound, as in cinema, television, or radio.
  2. A gradual and temporary loss in reception of a radio or television signal, often generated by interference in transmission.
fade-in or fade·in (fād'ĭn')
A gradual increase in the visibility of an image or the audibility of a sound, as in cinema, television, or radio.
fade in [out]
(自)〈画面が〉しだいに明るく[暗く]なる, 溶明[溶暗]する;〈音量が〉しだいに大きく[小さく]なる.
[fade ... in [out]/fade in [out] ...]
〈画面を〉しだいに明るく[暗く]する, 溶明[溶暗]させる;〈音量を〉しだいに大きく[小さく]する. ⇒FADE-IN, FADE-OUT
do a fade

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fadeaway or fall-away in basketball is a jump shot taken while jumping backwards, away from the basket. The goal is to create space between the shooter and ...

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2. Fadeaway. Quietly disappearing from someone you've met on an online dating site. After their third boring date, Jed decided to pull a fadeaway on Jennifer.

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Michael Jordan, the pioneer of the unguardable Fadeaway tries to teach you real quick how to do it. If he ..