2017年7月18日 星期二

treat, deal, handle, stands pat, treatment, royal treatment,

The wonderful British Museum exhibition 'Places of the Mind' is still running. We highly recommend going, but even if you can't, do not worry.. Our official accompaniment book is a real treat.
Devoted to landscape drawings and watercolours by British artists in the Victorian and modern eras, the book and exhibition are a celebration of their work.
Learn more about the period here → http://bit.ly/2tb06Ze

treat 此處為賞心悅目的東西。

  1. A source of a special delight or pleasure: His trip abroad was a real treat.

Bank of Japan stands pat on policy, offers rosier view on economy
TOKYO (Reuters) - The Bank of Japan kept monetary policy steady on Thursday and revised up its assessment of the economy, as recent falls in the yen and signs of a pick-up in global growth give it some breathing space after it expanded stimulus just a ...

Bank of Japan stands pat but seen keeping finger on trigger
By Leika Kihara and Rie Ishiguro | TOKYO (Reuters) - The Bank of Japan kept monetary policy steady as expected on Tuesday, holding off on any further steps to help meet its new inflation target and boost activity ahead of a more thorough assessment of ...

In 2004 we were invited to add our treats to the mix of restaurants and specialist food shops on Marylebone High Street. Close to Regents Park, the shop is a calm haven filled with Rococo goodies and has become a favourite with local foodies.

SYNONYMS treat, deal, handle. These verbs mean to act in a specified way with regard to someone or something: treats his guests with courtesy; dealt rationally with the problem; handling a case with discretion.

Trump Casinos' Tax Debt Was $30 Million. Then Christie Took Office.


Under Gov. Chris Christie, New Jersey agreed to accept just $5 million in the bankruptcy cases of casinos founded by his friend Donald J. Trump, raising questions of special treatment.

Bruni’s husband, President Nicolas Sarkozy, however, gets the royal treatment. His drawing has reduced his ear and nose size considerably and given him an action-man square jaw that in reality he lacks.

the royal treatment 此處類似雙關

verb [T usually + adverb or preposition]
to behave towards someone or deal with something in a particular way:
My parents treated us all the same when we were kids.
He treated his wife very badly.
It's wrong to treat animals as if they had no feelings.
I treat remarks like that with the contempt that they deserve.

noun 待遇,
1 [U] the way you deal with or behave towards someone or something:
Peter gets special treatment because he knows the boss.China Punishes Violators Of One-Child Policy
Wall Street Journal - USA
As China's economy booms and incomes surge, especially in urban areas, the government has become increasingly concerned that special treatment of the rich ...

2 [C or U] the way something is considered and examined:
The same subject matter gets a very different treatment by Chris Wilson in his latest novel.
verb [T]
to use drugs, exercises, etc. to cure a person of a disease or heal an injury:
He is being treated for a rare skin disease.
Western medicine tends to treat the symptoms and not the cause.

noun [C or U]
free dental treatment
Perhaps it's time to try a new course of treatment.
This disease doesn't generally respond to (= improve as a result of) treatment.

There are various treatments for this complaint.


  • 発音記号[pǽt]
[形]((しばしば軽蔑))〈返答などが〉(準備されていたかのように)適切な, 時宜を得た, よどみない.
━━[副]((しばしば軽蔑))(余りにも)適切に, よどみなく, すらすらと.
have [know] ... (off [down]) pat
…を(よどみなく言えるほど)よく知っている, 熟知している.
stand pat
(1) (決意などを)固守する, 曲げ[変え]ない, (問題などに)こだわる((on ...)).
(2) (ポーカーで)初めに配られた札を変えない.

stand pat
1. To oppose or resist change.
2. Games To play one's poker hand without drawing more cards.


v., treat·ed, treat·ing, treats. v.tr.
  1. To act or behave in a specified manner toward.
  2. To regard and handle in a certain way. Often used with as: treated the matter as a joke.
  3. To deal with in writing or speech; discuss: a book that treats all aspects of health care.
  4. To deal with or represent artistically in a specified manner or style: treats the subject poetically.
    1. To provide with food, entertainment, or gifts at one's own expense: treated her sister to the theater.
    2. To give (someone or oneself) something pleasurable: treated herself to a day in the country.
  5. To subject to a process, action, or change, especially to a chemical or physical process or application.
    1. To give medical aid to (someone): treated many patients in the emergency room.
    2. To give medical aid to counteract (a disease or condition): treated malaria with quinine.
  1. To deal with a subject or topic in writing or speech. Often used with of: The essay treats of courtly love.
  2. To pay for another's entertainment, food, or drink.
  3. To engage in negotiations, as to reach a settlement or agree on terms: "Both sides nonetheless are quite willing to treat with [the king]" (Gregory J. Wallance).

1III[名][副]]〈人・動物などを〉扱う, 遇する;[V[名]as [like][名][[形]]]〈人を〉(…として[のように])扱う
treat animals badly [cruelly]
treat a person with respect
They treat me as one of the family.
Don't treat her like a servant.
▼副詞的語句がないと別の意になる:They treated me. 「私に治療を施した」「私にごちそうしてくれた」など.
2V[名]as[名][[形]]]…を(…と)見なす, 思う
treat his threat as serious [a joke]
3 〈病気・患部・患者を〉治療する, 治す, 処置[手当て]する
treat a wound
treat a person for pneumonia with penicillin
4 …を薬品で処理する;〈物質を〉(化学薬品などで)処理[加工]する((with ...)).
(1) 〈人を〉もてなす, 歓待する;〈選挙民を〉(買収の目的で)供応する.
(2) 〈人に〉(…を)おごる, ごちそうする, 与える((to ...));((〜 -self))(…を)楽しむ, 奮発する((to ...))
treat a person to a drink
I treated myself to a new suit.
6 〈人が〉〈問題などを〉扱う, 論じる, (文学・芸術作品で)〈人が〉…を扱う, 表現する
treat a subject briefly
1I[副]]((形式))(問題を)扱う, 論ずる((of ...)).
2I[副]]((形式))(敵国・征服者などと)交渉する, 折衝する((with ...))
treat with the enemy for a truce
3 (選挙民を)供応する;((米))おごる, ごちそうする
I'll treat tonight.
  1. Something, such as one's food or entertainment, that is paid for by someone else.
  2. A source of a special delight or pleasure: His trip abroad was a real treat.

1 ごちそう, もてなし, 歓待, おごり;おごる番;慰安会
a school treat
(特に日曜学校の生徒の)慰安会, 遠足
stand treat
This is my treat.
2 (一般に)喜び;満足[楽しみ]を与える物[人]
It's a treat to see you.
3 ((a 〜))((動詞のあとに用いて形容詞的または副詞的に))((英略式))たいへんよく[うまく], 申し分なく
look a treat
work a treat

[Middle English tretien, from Old French traitier, from Latin tractāre, frequentative of trahere, to draw.]
treater treat'er n.

[古フランス語traitier←ラテン語tractāre(trahere引く+-tus過去分詞語尾+-āre=引いてまわる, 取り扱う). △TRACT1

SYNONYMS treat, deal, handle. These verbs mean to act in a specified way with regard to someone or something: treats his guests with courtesy; dealt rationally with the problem; handling a case with discretion.