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simmer, simmering, fault, reverberating rattle, uprising, leave sth in your wake, in the wake of, flounder, fomes, long-simmering

   The police and politicians do not seem to grasp a fundamental point: weakening security for the police's benefit inevitably weakens it for everyone

All this may sound like an arms race. It is.

 China Accuses U.S. and Japan of Sowing Discord in Pacific

A senior Chinese military official’s remarks on Saturday followed speeches by U.S. and Japanese officials faulting China for maritime disputes with its neighbors.





  Deal to Move Okinawa Base Wins Approval


A long-simmering dispute between the United States and Japan over the fate of a Marine base on Okinawa seemed to have been resolved on Friday.



How Upstart Xiaomi Rattled China's Smartphone Race

Taiwan Vents Anger at Philippines as Ma Frustration Simmers (1)
Sitting in Taipei's main commercial center as office workers filed out for lunch, Y.S. Liu mourned the collapse of her import business. Her president, she said, had failed to deliver. The 60-year-old blamed Ma Ying-jeou, whose approval rating is 14 ...

As Dispute Over Islands Escalates, Japan and China Send Fighter Jets to the Scene
The long-simmering dispute over some uninhabited islands prompted both sides to send out fighter jets, increasing risks of a mistake that could lead to armed conflict.

East Asian elections over but territorial disputes still simmer
Los Angeles Times
Muscle-flexing over the archipelago of disputed islands in East Asian seas featured prominently in the political campaigns that have brought forth new leaders for China, Japan and South Korea. But don't expect an end to the posturing and provocations ...

In U.K., Spats On Pay Escalate
Discontent is simmering among shareholders, costing some top executives their jobs and turning up the heat on others. The uprising could reverberate across the Atlantic. 
One of the nation’s largest medical debt-collection companies is under fire for placing employees in hospitals to demand payment from patients before treatment.

SAP Verdict Rattles Tech-Support Sector Oracle's success in winning a verdict against rival SAP is reverberating among companies that provide technical support for other firms' software.

 Greek Deal Highlights Flaws in Default Swaps
The outcome of the Greek credit-default swaps masks flaws in the contracts that have rattled investors and are leading to calls to revamp how the swaps are handled for defaulting sovereign nations.

Bond Advice Leaves Pain in Its Wake By MARY WILLIAMS WALSH
Though consultants who show local governments how to raise more money turn up again and again in places where bond deals have turned sour, they are virtually unregulated.

Mr. Mitchell in the Mideast

GEORGE MITCHELL, the Obama administration's new Middle East envoy, encountered a grim landscape on a tour of the region this week. The conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to simmer; no cease-fire has been agreed to. Moderate Palestinian leaders and U.S. allies such as Saudi Arabia and eve...
(The Washington Post)

Melting Point

A Small Immigrant Town Simmers in the Wake Of a Brutal Murder
(By David Montgomery, The Washington Post)

• Georgia in the News: Continuous coverage of the long-simmering conflict in the Caucasus, including breaking news, commentary, archives, maps and more. See the Times Topics pages for South Ossetia and Georgia to keep up with the conflict.

Dalai Lama Speaks Out in Germany Amid ControversyThe Dalai Lama, who is in Germany for five days, called Sunday forreligious tolerance as controversy simmers in Berlin over theplanned meeting between the Buddhist leader and a member ofChancellor Merkel's cabinet.To read this article on the

DW-WORLD website, just click on theinternet address below:http://newsletter.dw-world.de/re?l=evyg9lI44va89pI0&req=l%3Devyg9jI44va89pI0

Akie Abe - Pet causes

2 x simmered lily root dumpling
這是 “Kaiseki 懷石料理” 的著名點心:蓮根饅頭(蓮藕湯糰?)
(Absolutely do not miss—in fact, head straight for this table, as I hear it sells out quickly—the kaiseki plate. Kaiseki, composed of three dishes, is traditional banquet fare, and is considered a high art to the Japanese. Some items of kaiseki, such as the chicken-filled lily root dumpling, are so difficult to make that only chefs of the highest caliber even attempt to make it. Other items in the kaiseki include, grilled salmon, shrimp stuffed with sweet egg, and a divine little vegetable roll stuffed with crab. The traditional way to eat kaiseki is with a cup of sake.)
其實它可以是團子 饅頭(中日兩國許多地方都可以指有餡的
━━ n. 小麦粉をねってゆでただんご果物入り焼き団子〔話〕 ずんぐりした人ころっと丸っこい動物.
  1. ,燉 To cook (food) gently in a liquid just at or below the boiling point.
The soup simmered on the stove.
  1. (危機等)即將爆發
Her resentment began to simmer over.
  1. 內心充滿[(+with)]
vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb)
  1. 用文火慢慢地煮
n. (名詞 noun)[S]
  1. 即將沸騰的狀態
bring water to a simmer
  1. 激化(狀態);即將爆發(狀態)
bring an issue to a state of simmer

simmer Show phonetics
verb 1 [I or T] to cook something liquid, or something with liquid in it, at a temperature slightly below boiling:
Leave the vegetables to simmer for a few minutes.

2 [I] If a disagreement or negative emotion simmers, it grows slowly stronger over a period of time and could become more serious at any moment:
The strike has been simmering for weeks.She's been simmering with resentment ever since the meeting.

simmer Show phonetics noun [S]
Bring the potatoes to a simmer.
simmer pronunciation

IN BRIEF: To keep on a stove or other heat at just below the boiling point.

pronunciation Rice needs to simmer after it boils.

  1. To be cooked gently or remain just at or below the boiling point.
    1. To be filled with pent-up emotion; seethe.
    2. To be in a state of gentle ferment: thoughts simmering in the back of her mind.
  1. To cook (food) gently in a liquid just at or below the boiling point.
  2. To keep (a liquid) near or just below the boiling point. See synonyms at boil1.
The state or process of simmering.
phrasal verb:
simmer down
  1. To become calm after excitement or anger.

v. intr. - 煨, 內部混亂狀態, 燉
v. tr. - 慢慢地煮
n. - 即將沸騰的狀態, 即將爆發

1 [I or T] to cook something liquid, or something with liquid in it, at a temperature slightly below boiling:
Leave the vegetables to simmer for a few minutes.

2 [I] If a disagreement or negative emotion simmers, it grows slowly stronger over a period of time and could become more serious at any moment:
The strike has been simmering for weeks.
She's been simmering with resentment ever since the meeting.

noun [S]
Bring the potatoes to a simmer.

  • simmer down 被煮濃, 被總括起來
日本語 (Japanese)
v. - …がぐつぐつ煮える, 煮えくりかえる, ぐつぐつ煮える
n. - とろ火, とろ火の状態
  • simmer down 静まる

Waxcessories® Recalls Electric Simmer Pots Due to Risk of Fire and Shock

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.
Name of Product: Electric Simmer Pots
Units: About 830,000
Importer: Waxcessories® Inc., of Dracut, Mass.
Hazard: The simmer pots have wire connections that can become loose, posing a risk of fire and electric shock to consumers.
Incidents/Injuries: There have been 161 reports of discolored cords, loose wires, and wires separating from the pot. No injuries have been reported.

Description: The electric simmer pots were sold in a variety of styles and were designed to melt scented wax in a ceramic cup. The cup sits on a ceramic base that contains a 40-watt bulb, socket and electric cord. The recall includes all designs of the electric simmer pots and all item numbers. The words “ELECTRIC SIMMER POT” and the design name are printed on the bar code label, which is located on the bottom of the base. For a complete list of individual item numbers and photos, visit the firm’s recall Web site at www.simmerpotrecall.com
Sold at: Gift and novelty shops nationwide from April 2002 through April 2008 for between $17 and $25.
Manufactured in: China
Remedy: Consumers should stop using the simmer pots immediately and contact Waxcessories for instructions on receiving a free replacement product.
Consumer Contact: For further information, call (800) 899-5884 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the recall Web site at www.simmerpotrecall.com
Picture of Recalled Electric Simmer Pot Label - The Product item number is located on the UPC label on the bottom of the electric simmer pot.

Picture of Recalled Electric Simmer Pots - Sample photos of Waxcessories electric simmre pots.  Designs and colors will vary.


leave sth in your wake
to go somewhere new, leaving problems, confusion, etc. behind you, that you have caused:
The soldiers rampaged through the town centre, leaving chaos in their wake.

in the wake of
If something happens in the wake of something else, it happens after and often because of it:
Airport security was extra tight in the wake of yesterday's bomb attacks.


re·ver·ber·ate (rĭ-vûr'bə-rāt') pronunciation
v., -at·ed, -at·ing, -ates. v.intr.
  1. To resound in a succession of echoes; reecho.
  2. To have a prolonged or continuing effect: Those talks with his teacher reverberated throughout his life.
  3. To be repeatedly reflected, as sound waves, heat, or light.
  4. To be forced or driven back; recoil or rebound.
  1. To reecho (a sound). See synonyms at echo.
  2. To reflect (heat or light) repeatedly.
  3. To drive or force back; repel.
  4. To subject (a metal, for example) to treatment in a reverberatory furnace.
[Latin reverberāre, reverberāt-, to repel : re-, re- + verberāre, to beat (from verber, whip).]
reverberator re·ver'ber·a·tor n.


Syllabification: (rat·tle)
Pronunciation: /ˈratl/
Translate rattle | into French | into German | into Italian | into Spanish


  • 1make or cause to make a rapid succession of short, sharp knocking sounds, typically as a result of shaking and striking repeatedly against a hard surface or object: [with object]:he rattled some change in his pocket [no object]:there was a sound of bottles rattling as he stacked the crates
  • [no object, with adverbial of direction] (of a vehicle or its driver or passengers) move or travel somewhere while making a rattle:trains rattled past at frequent intervals
  • [no object] (rattle around in) be in or occupy (an unnecessarily or undesirably spacious room or building).
  • 2 [with object] informal cause (someone) to feel nervous, worried, or irritated:she turned quickly, rattled by his presence


  • 1a rapid succession of short, sharp, hard sounds:the rattle of teacups on the tray
  • a gurgling sound in the throat of a dying person.
  • 2a thing used to make a rapid succession of short, sharp sounds, in particular.
  • a baby’s toy consisting of a container filled with small pellets that makes a noise when shaken.
  • the set of horny rings at the end of a rattlesnake’s tail, shaken with a dry buzzing sound as a warning.

rattle someone's cage

informal make someone feel angry or annoyed.

rattle sabers

threaten to take aggressive action. See also saber-rattling.

Phrasal Verbs

rattle something off

say, perform, or produce something quickly and effortlessly:he rattled off some instructions
rattle on/away

talk rapidly and at length, especially in an inane or boring way.



Pronunciation: /ˈratl-ē, ˈratlē/


Middle English (as a verb): related to Middle Dutch and Low German ratelen, of imitative origin


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[rǽtl]
1 〈堅いものが〉ガタガタ[ガラガラ, ゴロゴロ]鳴る[いう];(打ったり, ゆすったりして)ガタガタ[ガチャガチャ]いわせる
The door rattled in the wind.
2 ガタガタ[ガラガラ]音を立てて行く[走る, 動く, 落ちる]
Our car rattled along the mountain road.
3 ((略式))しゃべりまくる, (むだ話などを)ぺらぺら[ぺちゃくちゃ]しゃべる((on, away, along/with, through ...)).
4 のどをゼイゼイ[ゴロゴロ]いわせる.
1 …をガタガタ[ガラガラ]とさせる[鳴らす, 動かす]
He rattled the coins in the piggy bank.
2 〈詩・物語・表・誓いの文句などを〉早口で読む[言う], …をぺらぺらしゃべりたてる((off, out, over, away));〈仕事などを〉さっさとする, 急いで片づける((through, off))
She rattled off the names of the Presidents.
3 ((通例受身))((略式))〈人を〉どぎまぎさせる, 混乱させる, あわてさせる, 驚かせる.
rattle around
((略式))スペースをもて余す((in ...)).
1 [U]((しばしばa 〜))ガタガタ[ガラガラ, ゴロゴロ, バタバタ]いう音(かたいもののふれ合う音, 雷鳴, 鳥の羽音, 銃声など).
2 ガラガラ鳴る器具(アメフトの応援団の楽器・警報用器具・ダンス用楽器など);(赤ん坊用おもちゃの)ガラガラ.
3 のどのゼイゼイ[ゴロゴロ]鳴る音.
4 [U]騒々しいおしゃべり, 騒ぎ;[C]ぺらぺらしゃべる人.
5 実った種子が殻の中でカラカラいう植物;(特に)タヌキマメ.

Definition of simmer


[no object]
  • (of water or food that is being heated) stay just below boiling point while bubbling gently:the goulash was simmering slowly in the oven
  • [with object] keep (food) just below boiling point when cooking or heating it:simmer the sauce gently until thickened
  • exist in a suppressed state:the disagreement simmered for years and eventually boiled over
  • show or feel barely suppressed anger or other strong emotion:she was simmering with resentment
  • (simmer down) become calmer and quieter: she gave him time to simmer down after their argument


[in singular]
  • a state or temperature just below boiling point:bring the water to a simmer


mid 17th century: alteration of dialect simper (in the same sense), perhaps imitative


simmer down, (全1件)
1 (沸騰寸前の温度で)ぐつぐつ煮える. ⇒BOIL1[類語]
stew simmering in a pot
The soup is simmering.
2 〈人が〉(感情で)今にも爆発しそうである((with ...));〈感情が〉くすぶる
simmer with rage
3 ((略式))暑さでうだるようだ.
simmer down
(1) 〈煮立ったものが〉徐々にさめる;煮詰まる.
(2) ((略式))〈人・紛争などが〉静まる, おさまる;((命令形で))そう興奮するな
The laughter simmered down.
━━[名]((通例a 〜))沸き立つ[煮立つ]寸前の状態;(興奮・怒りなどが)今にも爆発しそうな状態
keep the stew at a [=on the] simmer
bring tomatoes to a simmer


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[fɔ'ːlt]
1 [U]((通例 one's 〜))(過失・非行などの)責任, 原因((for ...))
It's not my fault.
2 誤り, 過失, 落ち度;悪事, 非行, 違反
a fault in calculation
overlook a person's faults
find faults in the English of others
3 きず, 欠点, 欠陥, 短所. ▼非難の意は必ずしもない
a fault in the wiring
a man of many faults
[類語]faultは人や機械・装置の欠点を表すもっとも一般的な語(複数形で使うことが多い). flawは一見微細だが本来の機能を妨げ重大な結果と結びつきうる欠点. weaknessは軽度の弱点で計画・考えの問題点を表す. defectは仕組みの誤りや不完全さを表す改まった語.
4 《地質学》断層
an active fault
5 《電気》故障.
6 (テニスなどで)フォールト(サーブの仕損じなど)
serve three double faults.
at fault
(1) 罪[責任]がある, とがめるべき;〈物が〉故障して
He was at fault in the car accident.
(2) (…の点で)誤って((in doing))
I was at fault in believing him.
(3) 途方に暮れて
be at fault as to what to do
(4) 〈猟犬が〉臭跡を見失って.
find fault with ...
〈人・事について〉不平を言う, のあら捜しをする, を非難する.
There was little fault to be found with his behavior.
for all a person's [its] faults
the fault lies with ...
through no fault of one's own
to a fault
欠点といってよいほどに, 極端に.
be generous to a fault
with all faults
1 〈人が〉過失を犯す.
2 《地質学》断層を起こす.
1 ((通例疑問・否定文))…のあらを探す;〈人を〉(…で)非難する((on, with ...;for doing))
be hard [difficult] to fault
2 《地質学》((主に受身))〈地層・鉱脈に〉断層を起こさせる.

flounder Pronunciation(verb) Walk with great difficulty.
Usage:Dave refused to run quietly on the trail behind the sled…but continued to flounder alongside in the soft snow, where the going was most difficult, till exhausted.

photoLightly simmered flounder and roe with wakame seaweed (Provided by Katsumi Oyama)

Winter flounderPseudopleuronectes americanus
Flowery flounderBothus mancus,
Bahía de la Chiva, at Hawaii
The flounder is an ocean-dwelling flatfish species that is found in coastal
1 (沸騰寸前の温度で)ぐつぐつ煮える. ⇒BOIL1[類語]
stew simmering in a pot
The soup is simmering.
2 〈人が〉(感情で)今にも爆発しそうである((with ...));〈感情が〉くすぶる
simmer with rage
3 ((略式))暑さでうだるようだ.
simmer down
(1) 〈煮立ったものが〉徐々にさめる;煮詰まる.
(2) ((略式))〈人・紛争などが〉静まる, おさまる;((命令形で))そう興奮するな
The laughter simmered down.
━━[名]((通例a 〜))沸き立つ[煮立つ]寸前の状態;(興奮・怒りなどが)今にも爆発しそうな状態
keep the stew at a [=on the] simmer
bring tomatoes to a simmer

Word of the Day:
fomes (FOH-meez)
plural fomites (FOM-i-teez, FOH-mi-teez)

noun: An object (for example, clothing or bedding) capable of carrying infectious organisms from one person to another.

From Latin fomes (kindling wood), from fovere (to warm). Earliest documented use: 1658.

The word is usually used in its plural form fomites, which has led to the back-formation of a new singular form fomite. Another example of a word coined in a similar way is pea (from pease, which was erroneously believed to be a plural).

"The sitters didn't catch the virus at all. The cuddlers did, and so did the touchers, pointing up the importance of direct contact with secretions, but especially of fomites -- objects and surfaces with infectious viral particles still on them." — Perri Klass; When to Keep a Child Home?; The New York Times; Feb 9, 2009.