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seismic, intervention, minnow, round up, to bank a fire, Nature's fury reminds us of man's transience

黃子明新增了 10 張相片
小年夜南台灣發生規模6.4強震,影響震度大小的震源、波傳、場址三種效應中,這次以場址效應(Seismic site effects)最常被提及,主要還是有人談到台南永康一代,以前屬湳仔地,地層鬆軟,導致震源的地震波傳到此地時,因速度降低,地震波放大,使得震幅加大,持續時間會拉長。但永康還有許多大樓沒有倒塌,甚至全無受損⋯⋯
The New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times lead with the news the papers have been previewing all weekend as the U.S. government officially took control of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac yesterday. In basic terms this means that the government now has control over the companies that fund around two-thirds of all new home mortgages. Or, as the LAT succinctly summarizes: "Washington's move means the federal government will directly back the great majority of the nation's home mortgages." And if the magnitude of that fact is still not clear, the papers all make sure to emphasize that this is A Big Deal. The NYT calls it "a seismic event" and the Wall Street Journal characterizes it as the "most dramatic market intervention in years."

2008.2 紐約時報  Yahoo Sale Could Be Bad for Minnows

SAN FRANCISCO — FOR decades, Silicon Valley has been the land of eternal optimism and high anxiety, traits that pitch into overdrive anytime a seismic business event washes across the corporate and entrepreneurial landscape here — like, for example, Microsoft’s blockbuster $45 billion bid for Yahoo on Friday.

Now these early trading ventures were in fact violent - full of clashes, full of misunderstandings - and I'm afraid there's no doubt that the British sailors on those ships and their commanders acted violently when they were not given the trading privileges that they sought. How they expected to be treated, I'm not sure. And yet they represented some other sort of mixture of values that we've seen at other times ever since that period.


U.S. Rounding Up Investors to Buy Bad Assets  By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN, ERIC DASH and RACHEL L. SWARNS Ahead of Monday’s unveiling of the government's plan to buy troubled assets, the Obama administration worked to persuade private investors to participate.
Chinese PM open for dialogue with Dalai Lama
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says that Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao is prepared to hold talks with the Dalai Lama if certain conditions are met. Speaking in parliament, Brown said the Chinese premier had told him via telephone that he was ready for dialogue
with Tibet's exiled spiritual leader under the condition that he renounced violence and did not support full independence of Tibet.
The Dalai Lama has emphasised he remains committed to a peaceful solution. Tibetan exiles say more than 100 people have died in clashes with police, since protests against Chinese rule broke out in the regional capital, Lhasa, last week. Meanwhile Chinese state-run media claim that 105 protesters have surrendered to police as the authorities launched a major security operation to round up regime opponents in Lhasa.
Zimbabwe Rounds Up Opposition Members  By CELIA W. DUGGER The raid signaled a sharp and very public escalation of the country’s deepening and increasingly violent political crisis.

Nature's fury reminds us of man's transience
Nature's fury reminds us of man's transience
The following is a passage from "Inochi" (いのち Life), an essay by Keiko Yanagisawa that appears in "Kokoro o Kotoba ni" (Putting one's feelings into words), compiled by the Nihon Essayist Club and published by Shueisha Inc.: "Our ancestors have evolved, having survived repeated mass extinctions and capture by large animals. It is an accumulation of miracles and luck, and that is why all life on the Earth today is precious."
The three-day weekend turned out to be painful as it reminded us once again of the perennial battle between natural disasters and life. Just as Typhoon No. 4, the strongest ever to hit Japan in July, had swept out to the Pacific Ocean, an earthquake with an intensity of upper 6 on the Japanese seismic scale of 7 hit. The hollering of the heavens and the roaring of the Earth claimed a considerable number of lives. Many others were deprived of their means of making a living.
Monday's earthquake caused most damage in Niigata Prefecture, which was also hit by a major temblor three years ago.
Ground that was loose with heavy rain caused by the typhoon was shaken before it had a chance to dry. Many people must have watched with fear the image of black smoke rising from a nuclear power plant.
Both typhoons and earthquakes are terrestrial activities that have continued for billions of years, whereas the span of human history is only about one ten-thousandth of that time.
Every time we are troubled by nature's fickleness, I think about the power relationship between the Earth and living matters that is beyond our control.
Humans are acting as if they own the planet. But actually, we are no more than lodgers who are building civilization that lasts only for a short time. In particular, as a nation that thrives on a disaster-prone archipelago, we need to realize our weaknesses and prepare for natural calamities. And it is the duty of politics, which represents civilization, to minimize the sufferings of the weak.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was touring Nagasaki in his campaign for the Upper House election, immediately flew to the area stricken by the earthquake. Taking charge of emergency situations is the responsibility of ruling parties. The job is difficult but it could also be their strength.
I want the political leadership to handle the situation properly without regard to the election.
--The Asahi Shimbun, July 17(IHT/Asahi: July 18,2007)
◆ 生命の未来図 / 柳澤 桂子 ◆
Book Image 書名:生命(いのち)の未来図
著者:柳澤 桂子
定価:560 円(税別)
ISBN4-14-189061-8 C9445 \560E
1. 生命科学と私
2. ゲノム・生命の設計図
3. ヒト・ゲノム解読の衝撃
4. 誕生の不思議
5. 生殖医療のもたらしたもの
6. 私達はなぜ死ぬのか
7. 死は誰のものか ~安楽死と倫理
8. あすの生命(いのち)
NHK 教育テレビ「人間講座」で、2002年2~3月期に放映された番組のテキストとして出版されたものです。
講師の柳澤桂子は、生命科学系のサイエンスライター。彼女自身、原因不明の病気に 20 年ほども悩まされ、寝たきりになり死の手前から回復したという経歴を持つ。
第1回は生命の誕生と生物の進化についての説明、第2回は DNA・染色体の構造と機能について、発見の歴史をからめた説明。第3回はヒトゲノムが解読されたことと、それに伴って現れてきた遺伝子特許や遺伝子診断の問題。
2002/11/04 T.Minewaki
2003/04/29 modified T.Minewaki
━━ a., n. 一時的な, はかない; 滞在の短い(客); 【電気】過渡現象.
tran・sience, tran・sien・cy
 ━━ n.
transient error 【コンピュータ】一時誤り.
tran・sient・ly ━━ ad.
三省堂提供「EXCEED 英和辞典
noun [C]
1 a very small fish found in lakes and rivers
2 LITERARY an unimportant organization or person with little influence or power
round sth/sb up (GATHER) phrasal verb [M]
to find and gather together a group of animals or people:
The cowboys rounded the cattle up.
I'll just go and round up Andrew and Patrick for the meeting.
round up
Collect or gather in a body, as in We'll have to round up some more volunteers for the food drive, or The police rounded up all the suspects.
This term comes from the West, where since the mid-1800s it has been used for collecting livestock by riding around the herd and driving the animals together. By about 1875 it was extended to other kinds of gathering together.
round sth/sb up (GATHER) phrasal verb [M]
to find and gather together a group of animals or people:
The cowboys rounded the cattle up.
I'll just go and round up Andrew and Patrick for the meeting.

now (IN SPEECH) Show phonetics
used in statements and questions to introduce or give emphasis to what you are saying:
Now, where did I put my hat?
There was a knock at the door. Now Jan knew her mother had promised to visit, so she assumed it was her.
Hurry, now, or you'll miss the bus!
Sorry, I can't today. Now if you'd asked me yesterday, I would have said yes.

To bank a fire

   1. To raise a mound or dike about; to inclose, defend, or
     fortify with a bank; to embank. ``Banked well with
     earth.'' --Holland.

  2. To heap or pile up; as, to bank sand.

  3. To pass by the banks of. [Obs.] --Shak.

  To bank a fire, To bank up a fire, to cover the coals or embers with ashes or cinders, thus keeping the fire low but alive. 


━━ a. 地震の[による].
seismic center [focus] 震源(地).


Of an earthquake. The seismic focus or seismic origin (震源) is the point of origin of the earthquake within the crust. The resulting shocks are seismic waves (震波), which may be recorded and measured by a seismograph. Seismology (地震儀學) is the study of earthquakes, and of other earth movements, such as those caused by humans.

像因地震而引起的大移動等的比喻說法為 ~ shift

“There is a huge seismic shift,” Mr. Bergdoll said. “It used to be architects would be so grateful that there was someone interested in dedicating space to their work, and they would donate it. Now architects view their designs as a kind of profit center. Architects are getting valuations of them as though they were selling the studio of Picasso.”


━━ vi. 間に入る; 間に起(ってじゃます)る; 仲裁する; 干渉する ((in, between)).
in・ter・ven・ing ━━ a. その間の.
 ━━ n.
in・ter・ven・tion・ism n. (他国への)内政干渉主義.
in・ter・ven・tion・ist n., a. (他国への)内政干渉論者; (内政)干渉主義の.
intervention price 【経済】(EUにおける農産物に対する)介入価格.