2017年4月4日 星期二

inebriate, beatify, bloodlust, underbelly, bloodsport, vitiate,slither, at face value

An inebriating bee.

Is Boko Haram becoming Africa’s Islamic State? In its bloodlust and ambition to hold territory, it certainly resembles the jihadists in Iraq and Syria. Boko Haram has carved out a “caliphate” the size of Belgium in the impoverished north-eastern corner of Nigeria. And like IS, it is exporting jihad across post-colonial borders http://econ.st/1CjDvcU

We gather round to watch inebriation as a form of bloodsport, whether it’s the drunken rows seen on Geordie Shore or intoxicated holiday voyeurism on Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

THE air is heavy around us. The world is stifled 
by a thick and vitiated atmosphere an undigni- 
fied materialism which weighs on the mind and 
heart hindering the work of governments and 
individuals alike. We are being suffocated. Let 
us throw open the windows that God's free air 
may come in, and that we may breathe the breath 
of heroes. 
Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, the vast Cathedral in Barcelona, is at last nearing completion – more than a century after work began. It's claimed to be capable of miracles, and some argue he should be made into a saint.

Jo Fidgen heads to Barcelona to examine the case for beatifying Gaudi,...

A Tale of Wall Street Excess
Turney Duff, a former stock trader, traces his rise and descent in “The Buy Side,” a memoir about the underbelly of big-money, fast-paced hedge funds.

Political Animals That Slither

“House of Cards,” starring Kevin Spacey as a Southern congressman, is a new series on Netflix that revels in the familiar but always entertaining underbelly of government.

 At face value, this looks like Google is claiming an unrestricted license to users' files, for purposes up to and including advertising its own services. But that's not what Google means. Google isn't about to make users' private files public. The whole architecture of Google Drive is to either store privately or let users share files. In fact, Goldman notes, it would vitiate the whole nature of Google Drive for Google to treat private files as public. "I don't think Google will do it, and that's not the problem," he says.

故你的論旨不幸被這些錯誤完全毀壞了(completely vitiated)......p.3650

vitiate (VISH-ee-ayt)

verb tr.:
1. To impair or spoil the effectiveness of.
2. To corrupt.

(vĭsh'ē-āt') pronunciation
tr.v., -at·ed, -at·ing, -ates.
  1. To reduce the value or impair the quality of.
  2. To corrupt morally; debase.
  3. To make ineffective; invalidate. See synonyms at corrupt.
1 …の質[価値]をそこなう, をだめにする;〈空気・血液などを〉汚染する;…を堕落[腐敗]させる
Sentimentalism vitiates his prose.
2 〈契約・証書などを〉(法律的に)無効にする.
[ラテン語vitiātus. (vitium腐敗+-āre不定詞語尾+-tus過去分詞語尾). △VICE1
[Latin vitiāre, vitiāt-, from vitium, fault.]
From Latin vitiare (to spoil, injure), from vitium (blemish). Earliest recorded use: 1534.

"The peaceful atmosphere at the school was vitiated as a police constable in an inebriated condition created a scene there." — Alok Mishra; Women, Girls Outnumber Men in Gopalganj, Siwan; The Times of India (New Delhi); Oct 29, 2010.

Natural monopoly: Not necessarily found in nature, it is defined as a business that cannot successfully be operated in competition with like companies. The prime examples once given of a natural monopoly are electrical utility and telephone companies. (See Vail, Theodore Newton.) Telephone monopolies have been vitiated but hardly obliterated, while the ownership situation in electricity is chaotic.

beatification :列入真福(品);列入真福級:教宗准許某一特定地區、國家、教區或修會團體,以真福之名,並以公眾敬禮方式-包括紀念彌撒,來榮耀某位聖德非凡、榮升天國(或為主殉道)的人;旨在讓後人師法其芳蹤,或求其代禱。是列入聖品的前奏(法典 1187 )。參閱 canonization 


Fill with sublime emotion.
Synonyms:beatify, exhilarate, tickle pink, exalt, thrill
Usage:He receives your propositions with an enthusiasm which cheers, and plunges into their accomplishment with an alacrity which almost inebriates.
[動] 〔iníbrièit〕 (他)((形式))
1 …を酔わせる, 酩酊(めいてい)させる.
2 …を(精神的・感情的に)酔わせる, 有頂天にさせる.
━━[名] 〔iníbrit〕 ((古風))酔っぱらい.
━━[形] 〔iníbrit〕 (またin・é・bri・àt・ed)酔っぱらった.

The Task (poem) - Information from Answers.com
Book 2, line 285. Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its
flavour. Book 2, line 606. The cups, That cheer but not inebriate. Book 4, line
37 ...
The cups, That cheer but not inebriate 指紅茶等

(ĭn-ē'brē-āt') pronunciation
tr.v., -at·ed, -at·ing, -ates.
  1. To make drunk; intoxicate.
  2. To exhilarate or stupefy as if with alcohol.
adj. (-ĭt)

n. (-ĭt)
An intoxicated person.

[Latin inēbriāre, inēbriāt- : in-, intensive pref.; see in-2 + ēbriāre, to intoxicate (from ēbrius, drunk).]
inebriation in·e'bri·a'tion n.


slith • er
slithers (複数形) • slithered (過去形) • slithered (過去分詞) • slithering (現在分詞) • slithers (三人称単数現在)
━━[名]ずるずる滑ること, 滑走;滑る音.

Line breaks: blood|lust
Pronunciation: /ˈblʌdlʌst

Definition of bloodlust in English:


Uncontrollable desire to kill or maim others:the victims of an insane killer’s bloodlust

blood sport

Line breaks: blood sport

Definition of blood sport in English:


A sport involving the huntingwounding, or killing ofanimals:blood sports such as dogfighting and cockfightingfigurative politics has turned into a blood sport 


Pronunciation: /ˈʌndəbɛli/

Definition of underbelly

noun (plural underbellies)

  • the soft underside or abdomen of an animal.
  • an area vulnerable to attack:these multinationals have a soft underbelly
  • a hidden unpleasant or criminal part of society: the dark underbelly of a ghetto