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Study Finds Flawed Practices at Ratings Firms

So why has such an impoverished, isolated part of the Caucasus resulted in what some analysts argue is causing a new Cold War?

Voluntarily cutting ourselves out of the world’s largest economic bloc would undermine our position as a global leader in science and innovation, impoverish our campuses and limit opportunities for British people.

Thalidomide Victims Seek Greater Compensation

Fifty years ago a German pharmaceutical company launched a medicine for pregnant women with morning sickness. The drug was called Thalidomide – a name that has since become synonymous with medical disaster.The drug caused the deaths of an estimated 100,000 babies in the womb; 10,000 were born with serious and, in many cases, severe deformities.

The scandal rocked the world of medicine and led to major reforms in drug safety testing and licensing. But fifty years on, many of the surviving victims live difficult and impoverished lives.

A campaign has been launched against the pharmaceutical company and the German government for greater compensation for the so-called "thalidomiders."
Stephen Beard reports.


practise (WORK) UK, US practice
verb [I or T]
to work in an important skilled job for which a lot of training is necessary:
How long have you been practising as a dentist?
She practised medicine for twenty years before she became a writer.

專案領導人觀點探討推行六標準差之關鍵成功因素, 以製造業為例
An Investigation on CSF in Practicing Six Sigma from the Perspective of Project Leaders In the Context of Taiwan's Manufacturing

adjective FORMAL
1 very poor:
She's going out with an impoverished young actor.

2 weakened or made worse in quality:
He warned that the breakdown of the family unit would lead to an impoverished society.

verb [T] FORMAL
Excessive farming had impoverished the soil.

impoverishment noun [U] FORMAL
when something is impoverished:
cultural/economic/spiritual impoverishment compensate (PAY MONEY)
verb [T]
to pay someone money in exchange for something that has been lost or damaged or for some inconvenience:
Victims of the crash will be compensated for their injuries.

noun [U]
money that is paid to someone in exchange for something that has been lost or damaged or for some inconvenience:
She received £40 000 in compensation for a lost eye.
You should claim/seek compensation.
a compensation claim

MAINLY US He was awarded $3 million in compensatory damages.

compensate (EXCHANGE)
verb [I]
to provide something good or useful in place of or to make someone feel better about something that has failed or been lost or missed:
Nothing will ever compensate for his lost childhood.
His enthusiasm more than compensates for his lack of experience.
I took her swimming to compensate for having missed out on the cinema.
We were late and I was driving fast to compensate.

noun [C or U]
something that makes you feel better when you have suffered something bad:
I have to spend three months of the year away from home - but there are compensations like the chance to meet new people.
Free food was no compensation for a very boring evening.

noun [C]
a job or business which involves a lot of skill or training:
a dental/medical/veterinary/legal practice
Our practice is responsible for about five thousand patients in this part of Leeds.
She's decided to leave the Health Service and join a private practice.
practising UK, US practicing
adjective [before noun]
actively involved in a job:
a practising doctor/lawyer
The number of practising doctors is falling even though more people are qualifying in medicine.
(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
code of practice noun [C]
a set of standards agreed on by a group of people who do a particular job 行規
(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
首先,請勿點擊您自己的廣告,或要求他人這麼做。 接下來,花一些時間詳閱我們完整列出的計劃政策 (www.google.com/adsense_newpub1/policies) 並加以遵守。
practicing catholic:熱心教(信)友;虔誠教友:指忠實履行信仰義務之教友。」
很驚訝。因為以前以為它指某些專業等的執業,practicing architect:執業建築師。(現在不知道有無 practicing blogger. 說法?)
小讀者:「practice 用在宗教倒是常見的,其實談不上「熱心」或「虔誠」與否。
這等意義之下的practice對象,包括 custom, craft, religion


━━ n. 実施, 実行; 実際; 習慣, 慣例; (普通pl.) 風習; 練習; 練習時間; 熟練; 業務, 開業[営業]場所 ((弁護士や医師等の専門職の場合に用いる)); ((集合的)) 患者[依頼人](の数).
be in practice 練習[熟練]している; 開業している.
in practice 実際は.
out of practice 練習不足で, へたで.
put … into [in] practice …を実行する.
━━ vt. 常に行う, 実行する; 練習[訓練]する; (魔法を)使う; (医者・弁護士などを)業とする.
━━ vi. 習慣的にする, 練習する ((on, at, with, in)); (医者・弁護士などが)開業する ((as)); (宗教の)戒律を厳格に実行する; (弱味などに)つけ込む, だます ((on)).
prac・ticed ━━ a. 練習[経験]をつんだ; 〔けなして〕 わざとらしい.
practiced hand 熟練家.
practice teacher 教育実習生.
practice teaching 教育実習.
prac・ti・cian ━━ n. 経験[熟練]者.

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