2016年4月30日 星期六

defile, purge, major, headgear, desecrate, saunter

He has purged everything from his painting except anxieties concerning structure and colour; his struggle is with these alone! Matisse’s War is a minutely researched yet fictional account of Matisse’s life during the years 1939-1945.

Jesse Matthew was found on a beach some 1,300 miles from where he's wanted in the disappearance of missing student Hannah Graham. He had been sought on suspicion of abduction with the intent to defile:http://cnn.it/1Dyt9Gg

Here's Christopher Bailey, the chief creative officer at Burberry, in a corporate video made last year unveiling him as the fashion group's chief executive elect: "We have done a lot of dreaming … We have only just started dreaming."

Amazingly, the film was not a joke – fashion folk really do like to speak like that – but it may turn out that the market starts dreaming about Bailey's sainted predecessor, current boss Angela Ahrendts, who is sauntering off to Apple.

Referring to the violent standoff in Friday's statement, Netanyahu put the blame on the Palestinians.
"The world needs to remember that the Church of the Nativity that is so sacred to Christianity was desecrated in the past by Palestinian terrorists," he said.
Op-Ed: The Turban Has Biblical Roots
Suicide bombers hiding explosives in turbans defile headgear that has been worn since before the birth of Islam.

Falstaff,The Life of Johnson by Boswell

dissolute Falstaff, Vice, miles gloriosus

Johnson was some time with Beauclerk at his house at Windsor, where he was entertained with experiments in natural philosophy. One Sunday, when the weather was very fine, Beauclerk enticed him, insensibly, to saunter about all the morning. They went into a church-yard, in the time of divine service, and Johnson laid himself down at his ease upon one of the tomb-stones. "Now, Sir, (said Beauclerk) you are like Hogarth's Idle Apprentice." When Johnson got his pension, Beauclerk said to him, in the humourous phrase of Falstaff, "I hope you'll now purge and live cleanly, like a gentleman." The Life of Johnson by Boswell
要了解這脈絡也必須了解Falstaff 是要從戰場脫身要去領賞
莎士比亞 亨利四世上篇 第五幕第四景末
這 purge 雙義 可以是"好好洗澡 潔身"或"悔改"等等

另外 Boswell說, Johnson的 "No, Sir."類似 Falstaff的
"I deny your major. " 。這多少從脈絡中了解,比較有趣:
major大前題 premiss, proposition 。出自1H4 II.iv.481 [Falstaff to Prince Hal] I deny your major.

數百萬人在史達林的大整肅(Great Purge)中受害,歷史學家認為這是人類歷史最黑暗的政權之一。但在許多人心中,他卻是保衛蘇聯免受納粹侵犯,擁有高度治理效率的民族偉人。今年俄羅斯盛大慶祝「衛國戰爭勝利65周年」,史達林功過再度成為輿論焦點。 在這過程中曾傳出,莫斯科市府要在展覽與裝飾上,出現史達林的姓名與照片,共黨及左翼份子大表歡迎,俄共高層希望人們在這一天「絕口不提史達林時代的錯誤,而把他看成『締造者、思想家和愛國者』」。但人權組織極力反對,認為懸掛這些有史氏肖像的宣傳品,是對暴政受害者的褻瀆。

Definition of saunter

[no object]
  • walk in a slow, relaxed manner, without hurry or effort:Adam sauntered into the room


  • a leisurely stroll:a quiet saunter down the road




late Middle English (in the sense 'to muse, wonder'): of unknown origin. The current sense dates from the mid 17th century

purged, purg·ing, purg·es. v.tr.
    1. To free from impurities; purify.
    2. To remove (impurities and other elements) by or as if by cleansing.
  1. To rid of sin, guilt, or defilement.
  2. Law. To clear (a person) of a charge or an imputation. Often used with respect to contempt of court.
    1. To rid (a nation or political party, for example) of people considered undesirable.
    2. To get rid of (people considered undesirable). See synonyms at eliminate.
  3. Medicine.
    1. To cause evacuation of (the bowels).
    2. To induce evacuation of the bowels in (an individual).
  1. To become pure or clean.
  2. Medicine. To undergo or cause an emptying of the bowels.
  1. The act or process of purging.
  2. Something that purges, especially a medicinal purgative.
[Middle English purgen, from Old French purgier, from Latin pūrgāre, from pūrus, pure.]
purger purg'er n.
  • [pə'ːrdʒ]
[動](他)[purge A of B/purge (away) B from A]
1 …を清める, 浄化する, 〈A(人・心・物)からB(不純な物・事)を〉除く, 解き放つ, 〈AからB(疑惑など)を〉除く
purge one's conscience
He was purged of all suspicion.
2 〈A(国・政党・宗派など)からB(人)を〉追放する, パージする
purge the party of radicals [=purge radicals from the party]
3 〈A(腸)に下剤をかけてB(異物)を〉除く.
1 清浄になる, 浄化される.
2 通じがつく;下剤をかける.
1 浄化.
2 (不純分子の)追放, 粛正, パージ
conduct a purge of Communists
3 ((古風))下剤.


  • [méidʒər]
1 (大きさ・量・程度などが)大きい[多い]ほうの;重要な[高位の]ほうの(⇔minor)
the major part of one's vacation [one's income]
休み[収入]の大部分(▼greaterの意味であるが, thanを伴わない).
2 偉大な, 一流の, 〈事・物が〉重要な, 主要な;((叙述))((米話))〈問題・困難などが〉重大な(⇒IMPORTANT[類語]);((米))〈映画が〉メジャー製作[配給]の(▼大手8社が手がけたもの)
play a major role
a major decision
3 〈病気・手術が〉重い, 生命の危険を伴う
a major operation
4 多数の, 過半数の
hold the major interest in a corporation
5 (法律上)成年に達した, 成人の.
6 ((主に米))〈科目・分野などが〉専攻の.
7 《音楽》長音程の;長調の. ⇒MINOR
a sonata in C major
a major scale
a major key
a major interval [scale]
8 ((M-))((姓のあとに置いて))(英国のpublic schoolで同姓の2少年のうち)年長のほうの
Smith Major
1 《米国陸軍・空軍・海兵隊》《英国陸軍》少佐.
2 (法律上の)成年者, 成人(⇔minor). ▼英国では18歳以上, 米国でもほとんどの州で18歳以上だが, 飲酒を許されるのは21歳以上.
3 ((米))専攻科目[学生]. ▼副専攻科目[学生]はminor
a history major
Philosophy was his major in college.
4 《音楽》長音程[音階], 長調(⇔minor).
5 ((the 〜s))=major league
6 一流の人[企業, 製品];能力に恵まれた人;(グループの)長.
7 《論理学》大前提(major premise).
8 ((the Majors))メジャー, 国際石油資本(Major International Oil Companies):米国系のEXXON, Mobil, Texaco, SOCAL, Gulf, 英国系のBritish Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shellの7社(▼Seven Sistersともいう).
━━[動](自)((米))(…を)専攻する(((主に英))read)((in ...)).
[ラテン語magnus(偉大な)の比較級. △MAJESTY
[副]((俗))すごく, とっても.

defile(dĭ-fīl') pronunciation
tr.v., -filed, -fil·ing, -files.
  1. To make filthy or dirty; pollute: defile a river with sewage.
  2. To debase the pureness or excellence of; corrupt: a country landscape that was defiled by urban sprawl.
  3. To profane or sully (a reputation, for example).
  4. To make unclean or unfit for ceremonial use; desecrate: defile a temple.
  5. To violate the chastity of.
[Middle English defilen, alteration (influenced by filen, to befoul , from Old English fȳlan) of defoulen, to trample on, abuse, pollute, from Old French defouler, to trample, full cloth : de-, de- + fouler, to trample, beat down; see full2.]
defilement de·file'ment n.
defiler de·fil'er n.
defilingly de·fil'ing·ly adv.

  • [difáil]
1 (…で)…をよごす, 不潔にする((with ...))
defile a holy place with blood
2 …を冒涜(ぼうとく)する, 不浄にする;〈女性を〉暴行する.
3 〈名声・評判などを〉汚す, 傷つける.


  • レベル:社会人必須
  • 発音記号[désikrèit]
  • (dĕs'ĭ-krāt') pronunciation
    tr.v., -crat·ed, -crat·ing, -crates.
    To violate the sacredness of; profane.

    desecrater des'e·crat'er or des'e·cra'tor n.
    desecration des'e·cra'tion n.

[動](他)…の神聖性を奪う, を冒涜(とく)する;〈神聖な物を〉俗用に用いる
desecrate a temple by false worship
dés・e・cràt・er, dés・e・crà・tor