2016年5月8日 星期日

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He's the presumptive nominee but not everyone's a fan of The Donald.

This year was a bad one for many emerging markets. So how will economies from the developing world fare next year?
Look back at 2013 in pictures: http://nyti.ms/JuVzZr

There was violence, like the moment pictured here, in which plainclothes officers searched the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya for the gunmen who opened fire and killed scores of civilians. But there were also pristine moments that remind us of our greater potential.

Photo: Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

PROMETHEUS TRAP/ The disaster and animals (18):...
Editor's note: This is the final part of a new series that has run in the past under the title of The Prometheus Trap. This series deals with how pets and livestock fared in the evacuation zone around the Fukushima No. 1...

The system’s radical new interface, called Modern, is a pleasure to use on phones and tablets. And although that interface fares poorly on today’s larger desktop computer screens, Windows 8 probably won’t damage the company’s standing in corporate America.

Implicit in his ideas is the presumption that the Yanomamö he met in 1964 are representative of the way all or most people were in the distant past—they are, as Mr. Chagnon puts it, "pure," "pristine," even "wild."

New Presumptions About Who's Rich in China

Mystery Over Absence of China’s Presumptive Leader
By IAN JOHNSON 19 minutes ago
Speculation intensified over the whereabouts of Xi Jinping, China’s presumptive new president, who has been missing from public view.

Bill Clinton: Romney Had a "Sterling Business Career"
The former president offers some unexpected praise of the presumptive GOP nominee.

For Edwards, Acquittal on 1 Count; Mistrial on 5 Others

In order to inflate sales numbers, presumptive presidential candidate Mitt Romeny volunteers to speak at schools and other organizations for "free"--if they'll buy thousands of copies of his book.

Curiously, the jurors could not agree whether this infringement was in fact acceptable under the law. This means that Oracle cannot collect damages from Google (it was seeking up to $1 billion) or require Android to be partially rewritten, at least for now. To add to the confusion, it emerged that one juror had discussed the case with her husband, which the law forbids. Google has called for a mistrial. It now seems likely that this first part of the case, which now proceeds to humdrum patent disputes, will be either retried or appealed.

Romney Pulls Even With Obama in New Poll

The presumptive GOP nominee is faring particularly well among independents with six months to go until November's election.


1 ((米))(陪審員の意見不一致による)無評決審理.
2 ((主に英))誤判, 審理無効.

  1. Providing a reasonable basis for belief or acceptance.
  2. Founded on probability or presumption.
presumptively pre·sump'tive·ly adv.

  • 発音記号[prizʌ'mptiv]
an heir presumptive [=an presumptive heir


(hŭm'drŭm') pronunciation
Lacking variety or excitement; dull. See synonyms at boring, dull.

Monotonous talk or routine.

[Probably from HUM.]


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[féər]
1 乗車料金[賃]. ⇒PRICE[類語]
a taxi [a bus, a train, an air] fare
タクシー[バス, 鉄道, 航空]料金
a reduced fare
a single [a double] fare
a fare dodger
All fares, please.
What is the fare to Chicago and back
2 乗客;(特にタクシーの)客.
3 [U]((主に文))(レストランなどの)料理, 食事;(テレビなどの)出し物
a bill of fare
[no object]
  • 1 [with adverbial] perform in a specified way in a particular situation or over a particular period:the party fared badly in the elections
  • archaic happen; turn out:beware that it fare not with you as with your predecessor
2 [with adverbial of direction] archaic travel:a knight fares forth
(1) 〈人が〉やっていく, 暮らしていく
He is faring well in school.
(2) ((itを主語として))〈事が〉(…にとって)(うまく, まずく)運ぶ((with ...))
It fared poorly with him.
2 食べる, 食事をする;食べ物をもてなされる.
3 ((古))旅する
fare forth


Syllabification: (pris·tine)
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  • in its original condition; unspoiled:pristine copies of an early magazine
  • clean and fresh as if new; spotless:a pristine white shirt





mid 16th century (in the sense 'original, former, primitive and undeveloped'): from Latin pristinus 'former'. The senses 'unspoiled' and 'spotless' date from the 1920s