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fray, enter/join the fray, proxy, somersault, nonworking, bare, threadbare, have-nots, dud, thereupon

Turkey’s Rift With Moscow Frays Ties With Turkic Kin 

With no reconciliation in sight between Presidents Erdogan and Putin, some of the relationships built by Ankara in Russian regions such as Tatarstan and the Turkic post-Soviet states of Central Asia are coming apart, Yaroslav Trofimov writes.

  Fraying at Tethers of Our Phones


A YouTube video about pervasive smartphone use may have landed at a moment when people start questioning if something has gone too far and start doing something about it.

 Obama Says Income Gap Is Fraying U.S. Social Fabric


Widening income inequality and the weak recovery have undermined Americans' belief in opportunity, President Obama said in an interview.


AT&T-Union Alliance Frays
Despite their alliance during AT&T's failed bid to acquire T-Mobile USA last year, the phone company and its union are now at odds over AT&T's call for wide-ranging benefit cuts


Swollen With Refugees From Syria, Lebanon Frays at Seams 


An influx of seemingly ubiquitous Syrians is heightening sectarian tensions in a nation haunted by refugee crises and loath to act.


Escaping Slavery

The idea that progress toward racial harmony would or should be steady and continuous is fraying.
China Expels Al Jazeera Channel
The expulsion was the strongest sign yet of fraying relations between Beijing and overseas journalists.

LONDON — As Greece’s debt troubles batter the euro, Britain has done its utmost to stay above the fray.
Hamilton wins Belgian Grand Prix in nailbiting finish

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has won a thrilling victory in the Belgian Grand Prix after an exciting close finish against Ferrari's world champion Kimi Raikkonen. Raikkonen had been leading towards the final lap before losing control and crashing out.

Safety Net Is Fraying for the Very Poor
Even before the current recession, government programs were providing less help to nonworking families, the poorest of the poor.

The Caucus
Lieberman, Then and Now
In his speech tonight, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, pictured at the Democratic National Convention in 2000, is likely to fray even further his ties to the Democrats.

Out of FEMA Park, Clinging to a Fraying Lifeline

Many Hurricane Katrina evacuees are struggling after the closing of a trailer park that was home to hundreds.

In Greece, Austerity Frays Bonds of Civility
ATHENS — Divisions are rising to the surface as neo-Nazis clash with leftists and tensions increase between the haves and have-nots. 

Hazard: The electrical cord can fray near the base of the lamp, posing a fire or shock hazard to consumers.

'This Will Be Difficult to Explain'

Whether in Paris or the Great Plains, failures to communicate fray the relationships in these tales.

High-End Kids Clothes Languish
The business of selling designer duds for kids is starting to fray as parents trade down to cheaper threads and buy only for special occasions.

In 1990, he became a student of Dr. Deming’s work, thereupon worked to integrate Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge into Taguchi’s design system. At Boeing he leads efforts to foster an organizational thinking transformation.



Sarah Palin, Getting Back to Her Own Duds
Hasselbeck and Palin in Florida Sunday. (Getty Images) Sarah Palin has slipped into something more comfortable -- her own clothes. The Alaska governor was introduced yesterday at a Tampa rally by "The View's" Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who called coverage of the $150,000 wardrobe flap "deliberately...

Icahn Enters Yahoo Fray
Yahoo's board could face a proxy contest from Carl Icahn, who has purchased roughly 50 million Yahoo shares since Microsoft's bid was withdrawn.

News Corp. Enters Yahoo Fray

News Corp. and Yahoo Inc. are in discussions about combining MySpace and other News Corp.-owned online properties with Yahoo, according to people familiar with the matter.
The discussions are aimed at helping Yahoo fend off Microsoft Corp's unsolicited takeover offer, which was initially valued at $44.6 billion. Under the deal being discussed, News Corp. would get a stake in Yahoo which could be more than 20%.
The deal under discussion, which would also include a contribution of cash from News Corp. and a private equity firm, is a variation of one that has been considered by the two companies several times over the past 18 months.
But discussions have previously fallen apart in disagreements over MySpace's valuation, which affects the size of the stake News Corp. would get in Yahoo. News Corp., whose other properties include the Wall Street Journal, is likely to push for MySpace to be valued at between $6 billion and $10 billion, according to people familiar with the matter. Reports of the talks have appeared on Web sites including TechCrunch and Silicon Alley Insider in the past couple of days.
The deal would allow Yahoo to remain independent while giving News Corp. substantial control over a huge array of Internet properties and advertising opportunities.
A sale to Microsoft still appears to the most likely scenario for Yahoo. Microsoft is likely to be willing to increase its offer. The company has said it is willing to "pursue all necessary steps" to consummate the deal, which could mean going directly to shareholders.
But Yahoo has been aggressively seeking alternatives. News Corp. has been reaching out to private equity firms since the day Microsoft's bid was first announced, according to one person familiar with the matter. The company had been originally reluctant to press forward with a deal until waiting for a sign from the Yahoo board that they were interested, according to another person. Yahoo on Monday refused Microsoft's offer on the grounds that it "substantially undervalues" the company, leaving the door open for new entrants.
On a recent earnings call, News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch ruled out that the company would bid for all of Yahoo. Regarding a potential swap of MySpace for a stake in Yahoo, he said: "I think that day has passed but you never know."
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民報去年12月16日,總統任期行將「磨損殆盡」(sic)(entered the fray )的歐巴馬發表年終演說,再度高舉不合時宜的「一中政策」,而且指陳一項與事實不符的觀點,認為台灣只要能維持一定程度的自治權,就不會主張獨立。歐巴馬何其愚昧無知,如果台灣仍處於1970年代蔣家王朝獨裁統治時代,他的這番話或許有其時代脈絡的正確性;然而台灣早就蛻變為民主國家,歐巴馬卻仍沿用40年前的陳腐觀點來看待台灣。豈不知中國向來透過併吞少數民族,來壯大自己的野心勃勃國家嗎?過去中國吸納滿清、蒙古、新疆、西藏,成為其核心利益;如今又將台灣、南海視為其新「核心利益」之所在;難道美國要繼續縱容北京不知饜足的領土野心?

enter the fray

  also join the fray
to become involved in a very competitive situation 
Cable TV companies have entered the fray, using their high-speedlines to provide Internet access.

enter/join the fray

to become involved in an argument or a fight 
Members of the royal family rarely enter the political fray.

noun [C or U]代理 委託
authority given to a person to act for someone else, such as by voting for them in an election, or the person who this authority is given to:
a proxy vote
My brother's voting for me by proxy in the club elections.
Can I nominate someone as a proxy to sign for me?

  1. Concerning that matter; upon that.
  2. Directly following that; forthwith.
  3. In consequence of that; therefore.

something that has no value or that does not work:
Are there any more batteries? This one's a dud.
He's made eleven films in the last twenty years and not one a dud.

adjective INFORMAL
A customer had tried to pass off a dud cheque (= one for which a bank will not give money).

━━ n. 〔話〕 (pl.) 着物,ぼろの衣類; 持ち物; 〔俗〕 だめなもの[人]; 不発弾.
━━ a. 役に立たない; 偽の.

There are 2 main definitions of fray in English:

fray 1 

Pronunciation: /freɪ/ 


1[NO OBJECT] (Of a fabricrope, or cordunravel or become worn at the edge, typically through constant rubbing:cheap fabric soon frays
1.1(Of a person’s nerves or temper) show the effects of strain:as the temperature rose, tempers frayed

(frā) pronunciation

v., frayed, fray·ing, frays.v.tr.

  1. To strain; chafe: repeated noises that fray the nerves.
  2. To wear away (the edges of fabric, for example) by rubbing.
To become worn away or tattered along the edges.

A frayed or threadbare spot, as on fabric.

[Middle English fraien, to wear, bruise, from Old French fraier, to rub, from Latin fricāre.]

fray (ANNOYED)
verb [I]
If your temper frays or your nerves fray, you gradually become upset or annoyed:
Tempers frayed as thousands of motorists began the Christmas holiday with long waits in traffic jams.

  1. A scuffle; a brawl. See synonyms at brawl.
  2. A heated dispute or contest.
the fray (ACTION) noun [S]
an energetic and often not well organized effort, activity, fight or disagreement:
With a third country about to enter (= take part in) the fray, the fighting looks set to continue.
A good holiday should leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the fray (= ready to work) again.
tr.v. Archaic., frayed, fray·ing, frays.
  1. To alarm; frighten.
  2. To drive away.
[Middle English frai, shortening of affrai. See affray.]

The whole experience left me with frayed nerves (= feeling anxious).
[名]((the 〜))けんか, 口論, 争い enter the fray争いに加わる.━━[動](他)((古))…を恐れさす.
[動](他)1 〈衣類・ロープなどを〉すり切らす;…をこすってすり減らす.2 〈行為などが〉〈神経・感情などを〉すり減らす, 緊張させる.━━(自)1 〈衣類などが〉すり切れる((out));ほ...


adj., bar·er, bar·est.
  1. Lacking the usual or appropriate covering or clothing; naked: a bare arm.
  2. Exposed to view; undisguised: bare fangs.
  3. Lacking the usual furnishings, equipment, or decoration: bare walls.
  4. Having no addition, adornment, or qualification: the bare facts. See synonyms at empty.
  5. Just sufficient; mere: the bare necessities.
  6. Obsolete. Bareheaded.
tr.v., bared, bar·ing, bares.
  1. To make bare; uncover or reveal: bared their heads; baring secrets.
  2. To expose: The dog bared its teeth.

[Middle English bar, from Old English bær.]
bareness bare'ness n.

noun [C]
a rolling movement or jump, either forwards or backwards, in which you turn over completely, with your body above your head, and finish with your head on top again:
She was so happy she turned three somersaults on the lawn.

somersault Show phonetics
verb [I] 翻跟斗
The bus plunged down the embankment, somersaulted twice and finally landed on its side.

som・er・sault, som・er・set

--> ━━ n., vi. とんぼ返り[宙返り](する); (意見の)転換.
turn [do, spring] a somersault とんぼ返りする.