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scrub, panoply, attire, porcupine, display, array, parade, pomp

Porcupine 1 - 0 dog

A dog in Canada is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a porcupine…

Modern-day patent litigation, particularly in the high-tech world, is a complicated affair, the Journal’s Brett Kendall writes. Over on Washington Wire, he says patent fights could potentially involve the federal courts, a quasi-judicial U.S. trade body and a panoply of government agencies.

Courtesy of Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York
Sebastian Errazuriz's 'Porcupine Cabinet' (2011) on show at PAD.

What wine would do justice to the explosive taste of fried chilli prawns? How about beef satay, or chicken in a spicy coconut sauce? Now imagine you are in Singapore or Malaysia and that all three dishes, plus half a dozen more besides, are set before you. How could you possibly match wine to such a panoply of competing and powerful flavours?

什么葡萄酒最能搭配辣炸大龙虾的火爆滋味?沙嗲牛肉或椰酱 辣子鸡该配什么葡萄酒?想像一下,此刻你正在新加坡或马来西亚,面前摆着上面三道菜,另外还有六道等在一边。你该如何尽你所能为这一桌风格如此浓重???也如此 冲突的丰盛美味搭配葡萄酒呢?

While millions of ordinary citizens have been em­powered to express their individuality with a panoply of new tools, a smaller number of people have been working out the most efficient ways to convert those individuals into numbers on a spreadsheet. We used to go about our business and let marketers try to catch up with us.

“Today,” he writes, “we spy on ourselves and send electronic updates minute by minute.”

The Doctor’s Hands Are Germ-Free. The Scrubs Too?
By TARA PARKER-POPE Amid growing concerns about hospital infections and a rise in drug-resistant bacteria, the attire of health care workers is getting more attention.

The air was thick with doom and terror.
One of the ladies, looking under a chair, saw, nailed to
the bottom of it, a queen of hearts. What did the
awful portent mean? Another, leaving the Queen s
room for a little rest, went down a gallery, and caught
a glimpse of a shadowy form, sweeping away from her
in the familiar panoply of Majesty. Distracted by
fear, she retraced her steps, and, hurrying back into
the royal chamber, looked and beheld the Queen
lying silent on the pillows, with her finger in her
mouth, as she had left her.

BLUE panoply

Kim Jong-il's Body on Display in North Korea

The reclusive nation has entered an official 11-day period of mourning for its late leader.

(dĭ-splā') pronunciation

v., -played, -play·ing, -plays. v.tr.
    1. To present or hold up to view.
    2. Computer Science. To provide (information or graphics) on a screen.
  1. To give evidence of; manifest.
  2. To exhibit ostentatiously; show off.
  3. To be endowed with (an identifiable form or character): a shrub that displays hardiness.
  4. To express, as by gestures or bodily posture: a smirk that displayed contempt.
  5. To spread out; unfurl: The peacock displayed its fan.
Computer Science. To provide information or graphics on a screen: a personal computer that displays and prints.

    1. The act of displaying.
    2. A public exhibition.
    3. Objects or merchandise set out for viewing by the public.
  1. A demonstration or manifestation: a display of temper.
    1. Biology. A specialized pattern of behavior used to communicate visually, such as the presentation of colors or plumage by male birds as part of courtship or intimidation.
    2. An instance of such behavior.
  2. Ostentatious exhibition.
  3. An advertisement or headline designed to catch the eye.
    1. Computer Science. A video display.
    2. A visual representation of information.
[Middle English displayen, from Anglo-Norman despleier, from Medieval Latin displicāre, to unfold, from Latin, to scatter : dis-, apart; see dis- + plicāre, to fold.]
SYNONYMS display, array, panoply, parade, pomp. These nouns denote an impressive or ostentatious exhibition: a tasteless display of wealth; an array of diamond rings; a panoply of medals; a parade of knowledge and virtue; ceremonial pomp. See also synonyms at show.


━━ n. 衣服, 服装.
━━ vt. 装う, 着飾る.
at・tire・ment ━━ n.


Pronunciation: /ˈpanəpli/


  • an extensive or impressive collection:a deliciously inventive panoply of insults
  • a splendid display:I leaned forward to take in the full panoply of tourist London
  • historical or literary a complete suit of armour.





late 16th century (in the sense 'complete protection for spiritual warfare', often with biblical allusion to Eph. 6:11, 13): from French panoplie or modern Latin panoplia 'full armour', from Greek, from pan 'all' + hopla 'arms'


(păn'ə-plē) pronunciationn., pl. -plies.
  1. A splendid or striking array: a panoply of colorful flags. See synonyms at display.
  2. Ceremonial attire with all accessories: a portrait of the general in full panoply.
  3. Something that covers and protects: a porcupine's panoply of quills.
  4. The complete arms and armor of a warrior.
[Greek panopliā : pan-, pan- + hopla, arms, armor, pl. of hoplon, weapon.]

panoply Show phonetics
noun [U] FORMAL
a wide range or collection of different things:
There is a whole panoply of remedies and drugs available to the modern doctor.


--> ━━ n. 具足一そろい, 武装(品); 美しい装い.
pan・o・plied ━━ a. 甲胄(かっちゅう)で身を固めた; 盛装した.


v., scrubbed, scrub·bing, scrubs. v.tr.
    1. To rub hard in order to clean.
    2. To remove (dirt or stains) by hard rubbing.
  1. To remove impurities from (a gas) chemically.
  2. Slang. To cancel or abandon; drop: We had to scrub our plans for vacation.
To clean or wash something by hard rubbing: Don't forget to scrub behind your ears.

  1. The act or an instance of scrubbing.
  2. pl., scrubs. The articles of clothing that make up a scrub suit.
phrasal verb:
scrub up
  1. To wash the hands and arms thoroughly, as before performing or participating in surgery.
[Middle English scrobben, to currycomb a horse, from Middle Dutch schrobben, to clean by rubbing, scrape.]
scrubbable scrub'ba·ble adj.

(pôr'kyə-pīn') pronunciation
Any of various rodents of the Old World family Hystricidae or the New World family Erethizontidae, having long, sharp, erectile quills interspersed with coarse hair.

[Middle English porke despine, from Old French porc espin : Latin porcus, pig + Latin spīna, thorn, spine.]- 豪豬