2016年11月10日 星期四

concession, root for, concede, giveback, hard-pressed, float (SUGGEST), Build-Own-Operate-Transfer,BOT

President Barack Obama said he is rooting for the success of President-elect Donald Trump, despite campaigning aggressively against him, and that his successor struck a unifying tone in their conversation early Wednesday.

“We all want what’s best for this country,” Mr. Obama said in a Rose Garden…

"What kind of a man roots for people to get thrown out of their house? What kind of a man roots for people to get thrown out of their jobs?" Elizabeth Warren says. "I’ll tell you exactly what kind of a man does that: A small, insecure money-grubber who doesn’t care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it."

Saturday’s performance, 'Songs of Consolation from Boethius to the Carmina Burana', takes place at Pembroke College Chapel from 8pm-9.30pm. Tickets are £20, £15 (concessions) and £5 for students and are available from songsofconsolation.eventbrite.co.uk or from Pembroke College Porters’ Lodge. - See more at: http://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/first-performance-in-1000-years-lost-songs-from-the-middle-ages-are-brought-back-to-life-0#sthash.61kpb2dv.dpuf

preferential allowance or rate given by an organization:tax concessions
2.1British A reduction in the price of something for a certain category of person: 類似會員價railcard holders can obtain concessionsthere are concessions on party bookings

“Recent liver surgery revealed that I have cancer that now is in other parts of my body,” Jimmy Carter announced yesterday. “I will be rearranging my schedule as necessary so I can undergo treatment… A more complete public statement will be made when facts are known, possibly next week.”

President Obama said, “Jimmy, you’re as resilient as they come, and along with the rest of America, we are rooting for you.”

President Obama promised that officials are working to fix the government's health care Web site, but said that Republican critics should “stop rooting” for the failure of a law that provides health insurance to people who do not have it.



E.U. Pushes Google for Concessions on Antitrust Laws

Google could face huge fines linked to the way it runs its online search business, the bloc’s top antitrust official warned Wednesday.

NYSE and Deutsche Borse Plan to Call Off Merger NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Börse of Germany saidThe night before the election, Mitt Romney was very confident & told
Ann his wife,

" This time tomorrow night, you'll be sleeping with the President of
the United States".

After Mitt's concession speech, they head to bed.

Ann was getting undressed when she asked,

"So, how does this gonna work? Is Barack coming over here or am I
supposed to go over there? on Wednesday that they are in talks to call off their planned merger, after European antitrust regulators formally opposed the deal.

Both exchanges said that they fundamentally disagreed with concessions that the European Commission had requested, notably the divestiture of major parts of the combined company's business.

Motorola Mobility Holdings' CEO said smartphone sales in China are growing rapidly, despite the fact that the usual Google Android functions aren't available there. He concedes the lack of Google features may be a bigger problem for its Xoom tablets in China.

John Chambers, Cisco's chief executive, is quick to concede that his company has shifted from being a partner of H-P to a competitor. But he sounds pretty sympathetic about his rival and its troubles.

 While serving as China's wartime Ambassador to the U.S. (1938-1942), Scholar-Philosopher, Dr. Hu Shih received $60,000 from his hard-pressed government to use for propaganda. He returned the money with the remark: "My speeches are sufficient propaganda and do not cost you anything."

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,939886,00.html#ixzz1J6mAhZAt

U.S. Highlights Concessions From China in Talks

For the first time, American officials said, Chinese policy makers committed to removing advantageous financing and regulatory conditions to state-owned enterprises. 

INDUSTRIAL CONCESSION Google Chrome Is a 2.0 Release in Name Only
eWeek - New York, NY
With the release of Chrome 2.0, Google unleashes the latest version of its browser. However, users looking for new features will be hard-pressed to find ...

Republicans Float Auto Bailout Alternative

Senator Bob Corker was trying late Thursday to persuade Senate Democrats to back an alternate plan that would require steep concessions by the United Auto Workers union.

 Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT)

中国冶金科工集团公司估计,每700或 800公里的铁路的建设费大概为60或70亿美元。但是,项目仍处在早期阶段,因此具体数字目前难以确定。阿富汗的 山区地形以及一些设备的进口需要可能会使成本提高。这条铁路线将按照"BOOT"的模式进行建设,即建造、拥有、运营和转让。按照这一模式,中国公司将在 通过征收运输费收回建设资金成本后,将把这条线路最终移交给阿富汗政府。中方公司还承诺在项目的各个层面尽可能地雇用阿富汗人员。

The potential deal by no means resolves The Globe’s — or the company’s — problems. Globe workers said it was not clear to them that their colleagues would approve the givebacks, and even with concessions tentatively made by all the company’s unions, the paper would still be losing tens of millions of dollars a year and the company would still be struggling.

  1. A cutback in employee wages or benefits conceded by a labor union in acknowledgment of unfavorable economic conditions or in exchange for other benefits.
  2. Something that is rebated or returned.

givebacks on fringe benefits

  • 諸手当{しょてあて}の削減{さくげん}

Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) is a form of project financing, wherein a private entity receives a concession from the private or public sector to finance, design, construct, and operate a facility stated in the concession contract. This enables the project proponent to recover its investment, operating and maintenance expenses in the project.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) is a form of project financing, wherein a private entity receives a concession from the private or public sector to finance, design, construct, and operate a facility stated in the concession contract. This enables the project proponent to recover its investment, operating and maintenance expenses in the project.

float (SUGGEST) Show phonetics
verb [T]
to suggest a plan or an idea for consideration:
Ian has floated the idea that we should think about expanding into Europe next year.

"At the hotel, it's early evening, and his lecture is over. Deming is going to his room to rest before dinner, a rare concession to his age."Some of the cities that saw the strongest growth in effective rents in the fourth quarter will be hard-pressed to replicate those numbers going forward, Mr. Lynford said. Flashy results in some markets over just one quarter could indicate that landlords cut back significantly on concessions designed to lure new tenants -- such as a year of free rent.

UAW Turns to Hard-Pressed FordThe United Auto Workers union bargaining now shifts to Ford, which is evaluating budgets and may have the greatest need for labor-cost cuts.

 ━━ a. 困窮した; (…するのに)困った ((to do)).

hard-pressed Show phonetics
having a lot of difficulties doing something, especially because there is not enough time or money:
The latest education reforms have put extra pressure on teachers who are already hard-pressed.
Because of shortages, the emergency services were hard-pressed to deal with the accident.
Most people would be hard-pressed (= would find it difficult) to name more than half a dozen members of the government.

concession (SOMETHING ALLOWED) Show phonetics
1 [C or U] something which is allowed or given up, often in order to end a disagreement, or the act of allowing or giving this:
Both sides involved in the conflict made some concessions in yesterday's talks.
He stated firmly that no concessions will be made to the strikers.
See also concede.

2 [U] when someone admits defeat:
The former president's concession came even before all the votes had been counted.
a concession speech

He has sweetened the deal by promising to retain the current management team, including Ms Weymouth as publisher. (Many rooting for the paper’s future, however, might prefer to see someone without a birthright take over.)

root for
Support or hope for the success of (a person or group entering a contest or undertaking a challenge):the whole of this club is rooting for him

Cheer on, give moral support to, as in The fans were out rooting for their team, or I've been rooting for you to get that promotion. This expression may come from the British verb rout, which is used of cattle and means "bellow." [Late 1800s]

rooted (過去形) • rooted (過去分詞) • rooting (現在分詞) • roots (三人称単数現在)
[動](自)((略式))(熱狂的に)声援する((for ...)).


v., -ced·ed, -ced·ing, -cedes. v.tr.
  1. To acknowledge, often reluctantly, as being true, just, or proper; admit. See synonyms at acknowledge.
  2. To yield or grant (a privilege or right, for example).
To make a concession: yield: The losing candidate conceded at midnight after the polls had closed.

[French concéder, from Latin concēdere : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + cēdere, to yield.]
concededly con·ced'ed·ly (-sē'dĭd-lē) adv.
conceder con·ced'er n.


con • ces • sion
concessions (複数形)
1 [U][C](…への)譲歩;譲与((to ...));承認, 容認
make a concession to ...
2 ((形式))譲歩されたもの, 譲与物;[U][C](政府・監督機関から与えられる)免許, 特許((from ...));(…する)特権((to do));(石油・鉱物の)採掘権.
3 ((英))(特定の人々への)(…の)割引((on ...))
a concession on city bus fares for the elderly
4 ((米))(公園・劇場などでの)営業許可;場内売店[売り場];((〜s))場内売店の商品
a concession stand
5 居留地, 租界.