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buff, in the buff, ease into, bindings, louder tops, take sb; s word, blindman's bluff /blindman's buff)

"In a survey for the BBC, one in four of us admitted to lying about books we think we ought to have read. But don’t despair. Here’s all you need to bluff your way through some of the most lied-about novels, and some lines to turn the conversation in a more promising direction."

Never got round to reading Oliver Twist or 1984? Don’t despair. This handy…

Victor Hugo: In the Buff?

Victor Hugo, the celebrated author of Les Misrables had a way to ensure that he completed his novels on time. He would lock away his formal clothes and not reach for them till he completed the book. This ensured that author would not step out of home till his work was done. Whether Hugo worked in the buff during this period or in his pajamas, is a subject of hot internet speculation.

Pole Dancers Buff Image With Rules and a Dress Code27

The exhibit in Vienna’s Leopold Museum is entitled "Naked Men", so a group of nudists and naturalists took the curators at their word and showed up to see it on Monday in the buff.

While others wrote gloomily of the tragedy of the commons, seeing only overfishing and overfarming in a free-for-all of greed, Mrs Ostrom, with her loud laugh and louder tops, cut a cheery and contrarian figure.

Apple Macs Ease Into Corporate Market
General Electric is starting to adopt Apple laptops and desktops as the 120-year-old conglomerate tries to buff its technology image and attract young talent.

in the buff: The naked truth about nudism in Germany

Living in Germany: The naked truth about nudism in Germany

Germany is known for its liberal attitude towards nudity. Topless
sunbathing at outdoor swimming pools is common, and there are many
designated nude beaches. Saunas here are traditionally co-ed and some seven
million Germans reportedly sunbathe in the buff. Supporters say it promotes
a positive body image.

The DW-WORLD.DE Article

blindman's bluff

Syllabification: (blind·man's bluff)
Pronunciation: /ˈblīndmənz/
(also blindman's buff)

  • a children’s game in which a blindfolded player tries to catch others.Blindman's buff


early 17th century: bluff, alteration of buff 'a blow', from Old French bufe (see buffet2)


(bŭf) pronunciation
  1. A soft, thick, undyed leather made chiefly from the skins of buffalo, elk, or oxen.
  2. A military uniform coat made of such leather.
  3. A pale, light, or moderate yellowish pink to yellow, including moderate orange-yellow to light yellowish brown.
  4. Informal. Bare skin: swimming in the buff.
  5. A piece of soft material, such as velvet or leather, often mounted on a block and used for polishing.
  1. Made or formed of buff: a buff jacket.
  2. Of the color buff.
  3. buff·er, buff·est. Slang. Having good muscle tone; physically fit and trim: buff athletes lifting weights at the gym.
tr.v., buffed, buff·ing, buffs.
  1. To polish or shine with a piece of soft material.
  2. To soften the surface of (leather) by raising a nap.
  3. To make the color of buff.
[From obsolete buffle, buffalo, from French buffle, from Late Latin būfalus. See buffalo.]

(1) [U]バフ, もみ革:水牛・牛の淡黄色のなめし革.
(2) [C](17世紀の)バフコート:もみ革製の短い上着.
2 革砥(かわと), 革張りの研磨棒[輪].
3 [U]淡黄褐色.
4 [U]((略式))(人の)素肌
swim in the buff
(all) in the buff
strip to the buff
5 ((略式))愛好家, …通[ファン]
a theater buff
a trivia buff
6 ((略式))バッファロー(buffalo).
1 もみ革製の.
2 淡い黄褐色の.
3 ((米))素肌の, 裸の.
4 ((俗))体格のよい, 筋肉質の, たくましい
He is buff.
1 〈金属を〉研磨する;〈靴・床などを〉みがく((up)).
2 …を黄褐色に染める.
3 〈皮を〉なめしてやわらかくする.

a : the highest degree or pitch conceivable or attained : acme, pinnacle b : the loudest or highest range of a sound


v., eased, eas·ing, eas·es. v.tr.
  1. To free from pain, worry, or agitation: eased his conscience by returning the stolen money.
    1. To lessen the discomfort or pain of: shifted position to ease her back.
    2. To alleviate; assuage: prescribed a drug to ease the pain.
  2. To give respite from: eased the staff's burden by hiring more people.
  3. To slacken the strain, pressure, or tension of; loosen: ease off a cable.
  4. To reduce the difficulty or trouble of: eased the entrance requirements.
  5. To move or maneuver slowly and carefully: eased the car into a narrow space; eased the director out of office.

take someone at his or her word:片語,相信說話的人是真心誠意,因此照他/她的話做。例句: When he told her to go, she took him at his word and left.(他叫她離開時,她就照他所說的離開了。)
in the buff:片語,赤身裸體。例句:People generally don’t go swimming in the buff in public places.(一般人通常不會在公眾場所裸泳。)

Salomon USA Recalls Ski Bindings Due to Unexpected Release, Fall Hazard

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.