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colitis, flare-up/flaring, annex, flare-out, steo out, annexation, Massive Solar Flare Sends Radiation Storm

It could also be increasing rates of conditions like diabetes, colitis and Crohn’s disease.


In medicine, colitis (pl. colitides) refers to an inflammation of the colon and is often used to describe an inflammation of the large intestine (colon, caecum and rectum).

Colitis may be acute and self-limited or chronic, i.e. persistent, and broadly fits into the category of digestive diseases.

A fashion show in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, a troubled border city that has shown some recent signs of recovery.
Ciudad Juárez Journal

Flaring Tensions in Asian Seas Now Involve Taiwan

  The region was part of Germany until annexation by the USSR following World War II when it saw bitter fighting and suffered extensive destruction. The German population was expelled or fled after the war ended.

Slivers of Hope Amid the Melancholy

Ciudad Juárez is still a violent city, but homicide rates have decreased from their peak in 2010, and young people in particular are stepping out. 

On Sept. 30, 1938, British, French, German and Italian leaders agreed at a meeting in Munich that Nazi Germany would be allowed to annex Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland.

 Solar Flare-out
As companies go bust, Europe rethinks solar power subsidies.

In Latest Greek Bailout, Warning Signs for Europe Greece's 130 billion euro bailout highlights the weaknesses in Europe's response to the sovereign debt crisis, problems that could flare up and undermine recovery efforts in countries like Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal.

On Dec. 14, 1981, Israel annexed the Golan Heights, seized from Syria in 1967.

Singapore asks China to clarify claims on S.China Sea
SINGAPORE Jun 20 (Reuters) - Singapore said on Monday that China should clarify its claims to disputed islands in the South China Sea and urged all parties to act with restraint amid the biggest flare-up in regional tension in years over competing ...《中英對照讀新聞》Flu drugs little use for children 流感藥物對兒童效用不大
British doctors say Tamiflu should not be given to children suffering from flu because it does little good and increases vomiting and other side effects.
They called for a rethink of current widespread use of antivirals among under-12s in the light of an analysis of clinical data from past seasonal flu outbreaks showing scant benefits and potentially harmful side effects.
Governments around the world have built up large stockpiles of Roche’s Tamiflu and GlaxoSmithKline’s Relenza to deal with the current H1N1 flu pandemic.

In Britain, hundreds of thousands of doses of Tamiflu have been handed out to people with the disease, of whom around half are children.
But Dr. Matthew Thompson from the University of Oxford said that while antivirals shortened the duration of flu in children by around a day, they didn’t reduce asthma flare-ups or the likelihood of children needing antibiotics.

Holidays Without God

Can you really celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah without paying tribute to God?

in the light of :片語,考慮到;根據;鑑於;從……的觀點。例句:He rewrote the book in the light of further research. (他根據進一步的研究重寫了那部書。)
scant:形容詞,微小的;不足的;欠缺的。例句:I paid scant attention to what she was saying. (我沒太注意她在說什麼。)
flare-up:名詞,(疾病等的)突然發作;(怒氣、激烈情緒等)爆發。例句:Talking too much in class will cause the teacher to flare up.


Will Time Warner keep AOL? Speculation about AOL's fate within the media conglomerate flared up again with Monday's announcement that its headquarters would be moved to New York.

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Tensions flare on Georgian borders

A series of explosions has occurred on the border between Georgia and its breakaway region of Abkhazia. Georgian officials said one explosion hit a police car, but no one was killed or seriously injured. The blasts are the latest in a series of border incidents this week between Georgia and separatists in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The separatists and Georgians blame each other for stocking tensions in the region. On Saturday, Russia, which has stepped up its recognition of the separatist administrations, warned Georgia against any military offensive to retake the provinces. Georgia accuses Russia of seeking to annex Abkhazia and South Ossetia.


Massive Solar Flare Sends Radiation Storm to Earth

The effects, which include the southern creep of the Northern Lights, will last through Tuesday night.

step out[step out]

(1) (場所を)短時間離れる, ちょっと外出する
The boss stepped out.
(2) ((古風))歩調を速める.
(3) ((米略式))パーティー[デート, 遊び]に出かける.
(4) 引退する, 引き下がる.
(5) ((米俗))死ぬ, くたばる.


燃え上がり; 激怒; (暴動,病気などの)激発.

verb [I]
to burn brightly either for a short time or irregularly:
The flame above the oil well flared (up) into the dark sky.

flare (GET WORSE)
verb [I] (ALSO flare up)
When something bad such as violence, pain or anger flares (up), it suddenly starts or gets much worse:
Violence flared up again last night.
Tempers flared after a three-hour delay at Gatwick Airport yesterday.

noun [C usually singular]
There was another flare-up of rioting later that day.

Definition of flare


  • 1 a sudden brief burst of bright flame or light:the flare of the match lit up his face
  • a device producing a very bright flame, used especially as a signal or marker:a distress flare [as modifier]:a flare gun
  • [in singular] a sudden burst of intense emotion:she felt a flare of anger within her
  • a sudden recurrence of an inflammation or other medical condition:corticosteroid treatment for colitis flares
  • Astronomy a sudden explosion in the chromosphere and corona of the sun or another star, resulting in an intense burst of radiation. See also solar flare.
  • [mass noun] Photography extraneous illumination on film caused by internal reflection in the camera.
  • 2 a gradual widening in shape, especially towards the hem of a garment.
  • (flares) trousers whose legs get progressively wider from the knees down.
  • [mass noun] an upward and outward curve of a ship’s bows, designed to throw the water outwards when in motion.


[no object]
  • 1burn or shine with a sudden intensity:the bonfire crackled and flared up behind him, lightning flared
  • (of a situation or emotion) suddenly become intense or violent:tempers flared as supporters scuffled with other passengers the controversy flared up again in 2003
  • (flare up) (of a person) suddenly become angry:she flared up, shouting at Geoffrey
  • 2 (often as adjective flared) gradually become wider at one end:a flared skirt the dress flared out into a huge train
  • (of a person’s nostrils) dilate: his head lifted fractionally, his nostrils flaring
  • [with object] (of a person) cause (the nostrils) to dilate.


mid 16th century (in the sense 'spread out one's hair'): of unknown origin. Current senses date from the 17th century
annex (ə-nĕks', ăn'ĕks') pronunciation
tr.v., -nexed, -nex·ing, -nex·es.
  1. To append or attach, especially to a larger or more significant thing.
  2. To incorporate (territory) into an existing political unit such as a country, state, county, or city.
  3. To add or attach, as an attribute, condition, or consequence.
n. (ăn'ĕks', ăn'ĭks)
  1. A building added on to a larger one or an auxiliary building situated near a main one.
  2. An addition, such as an appendix, that is made to a record or other document.
[Middle English annexen, from Old French annexer, from Latin annectere, annex-, to connect : ad-, ad- + nectere, to bind.]
annexation an'nex·a'tion (ăn'ĭk-sā'shən) n.
annexational an'nex·a'tion·al adj.
annexationism an'nex·a'tion·ism n.
annexationist an'nex·a'tion·ist n.

[動] 〔néks, ǽneks | néks〕 (他)
1 〈国・領土・土地などを〉(…に)併合する, つけ足す((to ...))
The company annexed two small stores to its national chain.
2 ((おどけて))…を横領する, 盗む.
3 〈付記・付録などを〉つけ加える;〈署名・印などを〉添付する, 書き添える((to ...))
annex one's signature to a document
4 …を(…に)付与する;…を(当然の結果として)(…に)付随させる((to ...))
privileges annexed to the peerage
━━[名] 〔ǽneks〕 (また((英))án・nexe)
1 (建物の本館に対して)別館, 付属家屋, 離れ((to ...))
an annex to a hotel
2 (…への)付加物;付属文書[書類], 付録, 補遺((to ...))
an annex to a treaty
[ラテン語annexāre←ラテン語an-(へ)+nectere(結ぶ). △CONNECT