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win in a walk, downer, delve, come out, walk (or stand) tall



When Adam Delved and Eve Span
William Morris, 1834-96, Illuminator
Edward Burne-Jones, Illustrator
Vice President Biden said Donald Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric is a "very dangerous brew for America.”
Add Vice President Biden to the growing list of political leaders who have expressed alarm at the recent rhetoric from Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Do you love Diego Velázquez’s “Old Woman Cooking Eggs” as much as we do? Come to tomorrow’s lecture at 6 p.m. as Tanya Tiffany delves into this masterpiece. The event is free but seating is limited.

post election downer,

這篇紐約時報分析的標題是:「對於憤怒的選民而言,華盛頓特區的政客是最大的輸家」(To Angry Voters, Washington Comes Out the Biggest Loser)。

One of the exceptions is when you talk about your coming out process.
I tend to think that hearing or reading different people’s individual experiences about coming to terms with themselves is always helpful to anyone because it’s such a unique experience. I don’t think anyone can dictate how or when a person has a revelation. So to talk about my process of being able to stand tall and experience things in my own time, I thought was worth reading. It was a little strange to write. It felt a little soft core sometimes, but that’s the beauty of the “Choose Your Own Autobiography” format is throughout those stories I say, “if this is a lot for you, read about Harold and Kumar.” I give you outs.
You get into a few personal moments in your life in the book--but you don’t delve too deeply. Is that simply a function of the fun nature of the book, or were you reticent about making this a downer?
For sure, I look back on my life and there hasn’t been much hardship. And I don’t say that like I’m basking in it. I just didn’t want to create some fictionalized drama...
I was very inspired by Steve Martin’s autobiography and Tina Fey’s autobiography. I mean, you’re learning more about her through a style that is smart and funny at the same time. I think the more effective way to move someone is if you talk about things in a way that’s not super sincere and, thus, they can be affected by it without being force fed.

While some people debate the possible reality of Dave Eggers's new book, "The Circle," here are a few other novels that have delved into Silicon Valley life, some with surprising accuracy.

walk (or stand) tall

Be proud and confident:stop wishing that you were somehow differentstart to walk tall!

Definition of win in a walk in English:

North American Win without effort or competition.
  • A Republican Congressional candidate in Indiana, Chris Chocola, won in a walk, thus sparing us all ‘Re-Count Chocola’ headlines.
  • If you are wrong, what do you do then, if he doesn't win in a walk, let's say, in November?
  • When forced to choose between Lanie and his son, it's no contest: the son wins in a walk and, while it's a drag to lose Lanie, Pete's pretty stoic about the whole thing.


Line breaks: delve


1Reach inside a receptacle and search for something:she delved in her pocket
1.1 Research or make painstaking enquiries into something:
the society is determined to delve deeper into the matter

2archaic Digexcavate:when Adam delved and Eve span, who was then thegentleman?[WITH OBJECT]: the approach from the surface abovehad awed her, so hugely delved were the tunnels


old english delfan 'dig', of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch delven.
Line breaks: down¦er
Pronunciation: /ˈdaʊnə /

1(usually downers) A depressant or tranquillizing drug, especially a barbiturate:during that week I was heavily doped on downers

2dispiriting or depressing experience or factor:the thought of the danger his son was in put something of a downer on the situation
cow or other animal that has fallen down and cannot get to its feet unaided.

informal Openly declare that one is homosexual.
[from the phrase come out of the closet (see closet (sense 3) of the noun))]
  • Then too, as more and more gays come out and live openly, they become more conveniently available targets for homophobes.
  • There are more gay and lesbian students coming out, at an earlier age, than ever before.
  • The new album has let her express her homosexuality and feelings about coming out, themes she's kept muted until now.

come out

1(Of a factemergebecome known:

it came out that the accused had illegally registeredto vote

1.1Develop or happen as a result:something good can come out of something thatwent wrong

1.2(Of a photograph) be produced satisfactorily or in a specified way:hope my photographs come out all right

1.3(Of the result of a calculation or measurement)emerge at a specified figure:rough cider usually comes out at about eight per cent alcohol

1.4(Of patience or a similar card game) be played to a finish with all cards dealt with.
2(Of a book or other work) appear; be released orpublished:lots of interesting books are coming out

3Declare oneself as being for or against something:residents have come out against the proposals
[WITH C OMPLEMENT] Achieve a specified placing in anexamination or contest:
he deservedly came out the winner on points
4.1 Acquit oneself in a specified way:
surprisingly, it’s Penn who comes out best

5(Of a stain) be removed or able to be removed.
6British Go on strike.
informal Openly declare that one is homosexual.
[from the phrase come out of the closet (see closet (sense 3) of the noun))]

8British dated (Of a young upper-class woman) make one’s debut in society.