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First at Cambridge, then as an engineer and soldier, Wittgenstein had finished his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, at once an austere work of analytic philosophy and—for some readers, Wittgenstein apparently included—an almost mystical experience. 

Angela Merkel, Germany's chancellor, retained a certain stony dignity in her fury when she learned that America had been eavesdropping on her phone calls. On November 19th Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Indonesia's president, took to that undignified medium, Twitter, to lodge a "strong protest" at the "hurtful action" by Australia in apparently listening in to his http://econ.st/18ML5en



Barclays Profit Buoyed By Investment Banking Unit19

Chinese Buoys Focus of Latest Dispute Over Contested Islands

TOKYO – Japan has asked the Chinese government to explain why Chinese ships have strategically placed several buoys in the East China Sea near a group of disputed islands, a Japanese government spokesman said Friday.東京——一位日本政府發言人周五稱,日本要求中國政府解釋,中國船隻為什麼在東海一系列有爭議島嶼附近戰略性地安放幾個浮標。

China has become a buoyant market for top-end alcohol brands, overtaking the UK as the top export market for Bordeaux wines in value for the first time in 2010, according to France's Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux.

Navy to acquire 'listening sticks'
Taipei Times
Under the Foreign Military Sale, Taiwan will acquire 440 AN/SSQ-53F sonobuoys for US$335000, with work scheduled for completion by January 2014 (as part of the same deal, the US Navy is purchasing 50430). Sonobuoys, also known as “listening sticks,” ...

China unhappy over Taiwan's push for wider trade partnerships
Vancouver Sun
Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou is understandably buoyant and brimming with bonhomie after staving off defeat in elections two weeks ago. But there is an air of excessively exuberant optimism around the “golden decade” economic plan he is promoting as ...

Reviewed by MARIA RUSSO
In this affable first novel, alternating chapters present the viewpoints of four women who establish enduring bonds in their first week at Smith College.

A Genial Conservative for New York’s Archdiocese

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan is known for affability and an adherence to Rome’s conservative line.

Abroad, China’s hospitality (towards those who managed to get visas, at least), lavish spectacles and magnificent new stadiums drew widespread praise. But there will be many doubts about whether all the Olympic bonhomie has transformed the way China sees the world. As China’s response to foreign reactions to the unrest in Tibet in March suggested, this can be worryingly xenophobic. The party still sees it as essential to its legitimacy to portray the country as a victim of Western efforts to contain and dismember it.

listen in

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  • listen to a private conversation, often secretly.
  • use a radio receiving set to listen to a broadcast or conversation.


n. (bŏn'ə-mē')
A pleasant and affable disposition; geniality.
[French, from bonhomme, good-natured man : bon, good (from Latin bonus) + homme, man (from Latin homō).]
bonhomous bon'ho·mous (bŏn'ə-məs) adj.


  • 発音記号[bɑ`nəmíː | bɔ'nəmìː]
[名][U]気立てのよさ, 温良さ;[C]気立てのよい行為.

affable Show phonetics
friendly and easy to talk to:
He struck me as an affable sort of a man.
She was quite affable at the meeting.

affably Show phonetics
He greeted us affably.

affability Show phonetics
noun [U] FORMAL


  • 発音記号[sɑ'nəbùːi | sɔ'nəbɔ`i]
[名]《海事》ソノブイ, 自動電波発信浮標.

Greece embarks on new austerity program

Greek action lifts markets and the euro
Greece announced a new austerity plan as Prime Minister Papandreou called on the EU to show its support. The news drew praise from Greece's European neighbors and buoyed financial markets.

Definition of austere in English:

adjective (austererausterest)

1Severe or strict in manner or attitude:he was an austere man, with a rigidly puritanical outlook
1.1(Of living conditions or a way of life) having no comforts or luxuries:conditions in the prison could hardly be more austere

1.2Having a plain and unadorned appearance:the cathedral is impressive in its austere simplicity

aus·ter·i·ty (ô-stĕr'ĭ-tē) pronunciation
n., pl., -ties.
  1. The quality of being austere.
  2. Severe and rigid economy: wartime austerity.
  3. An austere habit or practice.

bu • oy
búːi, bɔ'i | bɔ'i
buoys (複数形) • buoyed (過去形) • buoyed (過去分詞) • buoying (現在分詞) • buoys (三人称単数現在)
1 ブイ, 浮標.
2 救命ブイ.
1 ((しばしば受身))…を浮かせておく((up))
be buoyed (up) by the water
2 《海事》〈水路・障害物などを〉浮標で示す((out)).
3 …を支える, 高める, 〈士気などを〉鼓舞する, 〈人を〉元気づける((up)).
━━(自)浮く, 浮かぶ(float);(軽くて)浮き上がる((up)).

Definition of buoyant


  • 1able or tending to keep afloat or rise to the top of a liquid or gas.
  • (of a liquid or gas) able to keep something afloat: buoyant water
  • 2c heerful and optimistic:the conference ended with the party in a buoyant mood
  • 3(of an economy, business, or market) involving or engaged in much successful trade or activity:car sales were buoyant



  • buoyancy [ˈbɔiənsi] DJ [ˈbɔɪənsɪ] KK
    • noun
      • 浮力
      • 輕鬆的心情
      • 價格回升,行情看好

  • buoyancy
    • Buoyancy is the ability that something has to float on a liquid or in the air.
    • Buoyancy is a person's ability to remain cheerful, even in sad or unpleasant situations.
    • Buoyancy is a feeling of cheerfulness