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nflame, immediacy, i ferocious, driving, ravage, ferocity, plaque, border crossers,Uber-Ola Rivalry, add another log to the fire

Uber-Ola Rivalry Takes Nasty Turn in India B1

An already-bitter battle between Uber and its main local competitor for dominance of the Indian market has hit a new level of ferocity, with Uber accusing its local competitor of using fake accounts to place spurious orders.

China is about to complete some of its land reclamation work on the Spratly Islands in the disputed South China Sea, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday, shedding light on a controversial project that has inflamed regional tension.

War Torn

"Those Angry Days," by Lynne Olson, and "1940," by Susan Dunn, revisit the ferocity of the disputes over America's entrance into World War II.

The reasons for this, though, are unclear. Some experiments suggest various anaesthetics inflame neural tissues, causing protein plaques and tangles to develop that are precursors of Alzheimer’s disease. (AFP)

Australia Calls for Climate Change Action

SYDNEY, Australia — A government report argues that the frequency and ferocity of recent extreme weather demands action.



The Cool Ferocity of a King Inflamed by Jealousy

The Royal Shakespeare Company's production of "The Winter's Tale" strikes a fresh note of immediacy.

How Google Earth got a dumper arrested
CNETPerhaps, though, he wasn't aware of the power, scope and immediacy of Google Earth. Beneath the fingers of police deputy Gregory Barnes, Google's little ...

PHOENIX — A federal judge on Wednesday blocked the most controversial parts of Arizona’s immigration enforcement law from going into effect, a ruling that at least temporarily squashed a state policy that had inflamed the national debate over immigration.

The law, designed to seek and deport illegal immigrants in a state that is the principal gateway for illegal border crossers, had provoked intense debate from coast to coast, drawing support in several polls but generating boycotts of the state by major civil rights groups and several cities and towns.

Her ruling, issued as demonstrators both for and against the law gathered here, and after hearings in three of the seven lawsuits against the it, seemed more likely to add another log to the fire than settle matters.

Wal-Mart vs. Target: No Contest in the Recession

Discount T-shirts are fine, but Target is discovering that recession ravaged shoppers want meat and potatoes—and Walmart owns that aisle

n Page 16:
"If it fails to do so, then with a Humean ferocity, we treat what was said as "naught but error and illusion." Or, perhaps, as merely "symptoms" that, when ... "

Devastating Ike roars ashore in Galveston

GALVESTON, Texas -- A massive Hurricane Ike ravaged southeast Texas early Saturday, battering the coast with driving rain and ferocious wind gusts as residents who decided too late they should have heeded calls to evacuate made futile calls for rescue.

ravage batter

verb [T often passive]
to cause great damage to something:
The area has been ravaged by drought/floods/war.

plural noun
the ravages of disease/time/war, etc. the damage caused by disease/time/war, etc:
The ravages of the fire showed in the splintered woodwork and blistered paint of the houses.

driving Show phonetics
adjective [before noun]
1 strong and powerful and therefore causing things to happen:
Driving ambition is what most great leaders have in common.
She was always the driving force behind the scheme.

2 driving rain/snow rain/snow that is falling fast and being blown by the wind:
Driving snow brought more problems on the roads last night.

ferocious Show phonetics
fierce and violent:
a ferocious dog
a ferocious battle
She's got a ferocious (= very bad) temper.
The president came in for some ferocious criticism.

ferociously Show phonetics
A female lion defends her young ferociously.

ferocity Show phonetics
noun [U] (ALSO ferociousness)
The ferocity of the attack shocked a lot of people.



━━ n. 残忍(性); 狂暴な行為.

 ━━ a. 残忍[凶暴]な; 猛烈な.
fe・ro・cious・ly ad.
fe・ro・cious・ness n.

Definition of inflame

[with object]
  • 1provoke or intensify (strong feelings, especially anger) in someone:high fines further inflamed public feelings
  • provoke (someone) to strong feelings:her sister was inflamed with jealousy
  • make (a situation) worse:comments that inflame what is already a sensitive situation
  • cause inflammation in (a part of the body):the finger joints were inflamed with rheumatoid arthritis (as adjective inflamed)inflamed eyes and lips
  • 3 literary light up with or as if with flames: the torches inflame the night to the eastward


Middle English enflaume, inflaume, from Old French enflammer, from Latin inflammare, from in- 'into' + flamma 'flame'

in·flame (ĭn-flām') pronunciation

v., -flamed, -flam·ing, -flames. v.tr.
  1. To arouse to passionate feeling or action: crimes that inflamed the entire community.
  2. To make more violent; intensify: "inflamed to madness an already savage nature" (Robert Graves).
    1. To cause (the skin) to redden or grow hot, as from strong emotion or stimulants.
    2. To turn red or make glow: Great bonfires inflamed the night.
  3. To produce inflammation in (a tissue or organ).
  4. To set on fire; kindle.
  1. To become excited or aroused.
  2. To be affected by inflammation.
  3. To catch fire.
[Middle English enflaumen, from Old French enflammer, from Latin īnflammāre : in-, intensive pref.; see in-2 + flammāre, to set on fire (from flamma, flame).]
inflamer in·flam'er n.
 inflame︰動詞,使發炎、使燃燒、使極度激動。例句︰His words inflamed her even more.(他的話語使她更加憤怒。)


(ĭ-mē'dē-ə-sē) pronunciation
n., pl., -cies.
  1. The condition or quality of being immediate.
  2. Lack of an intervening or mediating agency; directness: the immediacy of live television coverage.
  3. Something immediate, as in importance.


  • 発音記号[imíːdiəsi]

1 [U]直接(性), 即時(性), 緊急性;《哲学》直接性.
2 ((通例-cies))緊急に必要なもの;緊急性のあるもの.
3 [U]直観, 直覚.


Pronunciation: /fəˈrɒsɪti/
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noun (plural ferocities)

[mass noun]
  • the state or quality of being ferocious:the ferocity of the storm caught them by surprise [count noun]:she hated him with a ferocity that astonished her


mid 16th century: from French, or from Latin ferocitas, from ferox, feroc- 'fierce'


fe • roc • i • ty
fərɑ'səti | -rɔ's-
[名][U]どうもう, 残忍, 凶暴, 狂暴(性);[C]残忍な行為, 蛮行.