2016年4月13日 星期三

frame, reframe, platform, mingle, intermingle, lip-synching, sync, synch, chopine, luddite/ coffee-maker/mate

Donald Trump, Losing Ground, Tries to Blame the System


Mr. Trump and his allies are trying to compensate for organizational deficiencies by framing the Republican primary process as rigged and corrupt.

“A resolution to avoid an evil is seldom framed till the evil is so far advanced as to make avoidance impossible.”
―from "Far from the Madding Crowd" by Thomas Hardy

GDC: Reframing Google TV
Trying to undo unrealistic expectations about Google TV's potential as a cable killer, Google developer evangelists offered guidance about the real value proposition of the Google TV platform. By Thomas Claburn , InformationWeek The marriage between ...

Tassimo Single-Cup Coffee Makers Recalled by BSH Home Appliances Due to Burn Hazard

Following the 228 Massacre which began February 28, 1947, martial law was clamped down on the island. "On May 10, 1948, one man, Chiang Kai-shek, announced the so-called 'Temporary Mobilization Provisions for the Suppression of Chaos.'"
"They resorted to deceit and violence in order to maintain their dictatorial colonialist rule. They manipulated everything and committed all manners of outrage everywhere. For example, with the secret agents, regular police, inspectors, and other public officials as their agents they intimidated, menaced, slandered, framed, and arrested non-party public figures. They falsely accused independent candidates, and even went so far as to tamper with ballot boxes and falsify election results. Their despicable measures were various, and no amount of words can ever give a complete account of them."

Little has emerged about the process behind those episodes, but aides described Mr. Obama’s decision making as crisp and efficient. When he sits down for meetings, they said, he starts by framing questions he wants answered, then gives each person a chance to talk, while also engaging them. At the end, he typically sums up what he has learned and where he is leaning. A late-night person, he often follows up with calls to aides at 10 p.m. or later, after he has put his daughters to bed.

Italian Air Band Lip-syncs to Fame

If you have a passion for rock and dream of being a rock star, but you have
no musical talent and no instrument to practice on, you might still have a
future -- as an air-rock star.

At the Olympics, which are never free from politics, truth and fiction intermingle. In particular, the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Games was filled with falsehoods.
As many as 1,000 "rain dispersal rockets" were fired to artificially blow away rain clouds and ensure good weather. Part of the footage of the spectacular fireworks display was in fact computer-enhanced.
And the cute little girl who sang solo at the Opening Ceremony was not really singing, but lip-synching. The voice we heard was that of another girl, who had been selected by organizers for having the best voice, but who was deemed not as cute as the girl who appeared on stage. The ceremony's music director confided that the reason for the switch was "the national interest."

The deteriorating economy and slumping stock prices are likely to frame discussions among top media and technology executives at this week's Allen & Company conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, traditionally an event where moguls and bankers mingle and talk deals.

verb [I]
to become mixed together:
The flavours intermingle to produce a very unusual taste.
Fact is intermingled with fiction throughout the book.

mingle (MIX)
verb [I or T]
to mix or combine, or be mixed or combined:
The excitement of starting a new job is always mingled with a certain apprehension.
The two flavours mingle well.

verb [I]
Performers who lip-synch songs pretend to be singing them when in fact they are just moving their lips.
Apple took its first steps to position its iPhone as a BlackBerry rival, announcing features that allow businesses to sync up with corporate email and calendars.

sync, synch Show phonetics
noun [U]INFORMAL FOR synchronization, see at synchronize:
He's putting himself forward as a president whose ideas are in sync with (= are suited to and show an understanding of) a nation demanding change.


  1. Informal.
    1. To make up evidence or contrive events so as to incriminate (a person) falsely.被偽證所設計和陷害 be framed.
    2. To prearrange (a contest) so as to ensure a desired fraudulent outcome; fix: frame a prizefight.

  1. To arrange or adjust for a purpose: The question was framed to draw only one answer.

frame (BORDER) noun [C]
a border which encloses and supports a picture, door or window:
a picture frame

verb [T]
1 to fix a border around a picture etc. and often glass in front of it:
I keep meaning to get that photo framed.

2 to form an edge to something in an attractive way:
Her new hairstyle frames her face in a much more flattering way.

a framed photograph
a pair of silver-framed spectacles

the plastic or metal structure that holds together a pair of glasses
See picture .

frame (EXPRESS)
verb [T]
to express something choosing your words carefully:
The interview would have been more productive if the questions had been framed more precisely.reframe
v. t. (rē̍*frām) To frame again or anew.
luddite (LUHD-yt)

noun: One who opposes or avoids the use of new technology.

After the Luddites, name taken by textile workers in England during 1811-1816 who destroyed machinery that was displacing them. They took the name after one Ned Ludd, whose identity is not clear. Ned Ludd is said to have destroyed, in a fit of insanity, a knitting frame in 1779. In response to the Luddites, the British parliament passed the Frame Breaking Act which made the destroying of knitting frames punishable by death.

"But I'm not a luddite. I'll keep my automatic coffee-maker, my computer, and my automatic dishwasher, thank you!" — Richard Packham; Elaborate Appliances Don't Justify the Cost or the Space; The News-Review (Roseburg, Oregon); Mar 21, 2010.

(1) (窓などの)枠, 額縁;(鏡の)縁;((通例〜s))(眼鏡の)フレーム.
(2) (新聞・雑誌などの囲み記事の)枠, 囲み.
2 (建物・機械・家具・車・船・飛行機などの)骨組み;(機器の動作部分を支える)台枠;(ししゅうの)枠;《海事》フレーム, 肋材(ろくざい).
3 [U][C](人などの)体格, 骨格;(特に性的魅力のある女性の)上半身.
4 心の状態, 気分
be in a proper frame of mind to do [for doing]
5 (抽象的な)構造物;(政治・社会などの)組織, 機構, 体制.
6 (ガラス張りの)温床, 温室, フレーム.
7 《野球》イニング, 回;《ボウリング》フレーム.
8 (フィルム・続き漫画の)1こま.
9 《コンピュータ》フレーム:動画像のもとになる静止画像の一こま.
10 《テレビ》フレーム:走査線の連続で構成される画面1枚.
11 《印刷》植字台;《製本》(本の表紙の)縁飾り.
12 ((俗))=frame-up.
1 …を組み立てる, 形作る;〈計画などを〉立案[考案, 構想]する;〈詩・文書などを〉作る
frame a new tax bill
frame a theory [a rule, a story]
理論[規則, 話]を作り上げる.
2 〈考えなどを〉心にいだく;〈言葉・返事などを〉口に出して言う.
3 [III[名]([副])]…を(目的に)合わせる((for ...));[V[名]to do](…するのに)合うように作る
a novel framed for younger readers
4 ((略式))〈計画などを〉たくらむ, でっち上げる;〈試合などを〉仕組む, 八百長する((up));〈人を〉陥れる, はめる, 〈人に〉ぬれ衣(ぎぬ)を着せる((up))
frame a scandal
frame a person up for murder
5 〈絵・写真などを〉額に入れる;…を囲む, 縁どる.
1 おもむく, 行く(go).
2 〈計画・行動などが〉進行[進展]する;進行[進展]の見込みがある.
[古英語framian (fram利益のある)利益が上がる→押し進める→建設する. △FROM

v., framed, fram·ing, frames. v.tr.
  1. To build by putting together the structural parts of; construct: frame a house.
  2. To conceive or design: framed an alternate proposal.
  3. To arrange or adjust for a purpose: The question was framed to draw only one answer.
    1. To put into words; formulate: frame a reply.
    2. To form (words) silently with the lips.
  4. To enclose in or as if in a frame: frame a painting.
  5. Informal.
    1. To make up evidence or contrive events so as to incriminate (a person) falsely.
    2. To prearrange (a contest) so as to ensure a desired fraudulent outcome; fix: frame a prizefight.
  1. Archaic. To go; proceed.
  2. Obsolete. To manage; contrive.

reframe 指以不同方式再說一次 不是一般的"再加框"等

Daily chart

Platform wars

Feb 22nd 2012, 14:54 by The Economist online
A history of personal computing
A GOOD way to think of the computer industry is to see it as a series of “platform wars”. When a new computing platform is still young, many different systems fight it out—until one or two standards emerge. Data from Asymco, a consultancy, illustrates that this was the case with the personal computer and is now happening in the market for smartphones and other mobile devices. It is still too early to call the winner(s), but the outcome may be similar to the one in the PC industry: Android, an operating system maintained by Google, could play the role of Microsoft’s Windows (or DOS, its predecessor) and Apple’s iPhone the one of the Macintosh, its older and bigger brother (albeit with a much bigger market share). Only one thing seems certain: the PC’s dominance in the computer industry is coming to an end.


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[plǽtfɔːrm]
(1) 壇, 台;教壇, 演壇, 講壇;舞台
mount [go up] the platform
(2) ((the 〜))演説.
(1) (駅の)プラットホーム;((米))(列車・バスの)乗降口, デッキ;((英))(2階建てバス後部の)乗降口
a departure [an arrival] platform
(2) (階段の)踊り場.
(1) (婦人靴の)厚底.
(2) ((通例〜s))=platform shoe.
4 (大砲などの)砲床, 砲座.
5 《海事》平甲板(flat).
6 高台, 台地(terrace). ▼ふつうplateauより小規模なもの.
7 (政党の)綱領, 政策要綱;((米))(候補者指名の党大会での)綱領発表[宣言];公開討論会(場).
8 《コンピュータ》プラットフォーム:特定の硬體 ハードウエア環境.
9 《軍事》プラットフォーム:特定の活動・目的のための, または特定の機器を輸送する衛星・飛行機・艦艇・車両など.


  • 発音記号[tʃoupíːn | tʃɔpíːn]
[名]チョーピン, チョピン:靴底をコルクなどで厚くした高靴.

chopine (noun) A woman's shoe with a very high thick sole.
Usage:In centuries past, some women wore chopines so large that they had difficulty maintaining their balance without assistance.