2017年11月29日 星期三

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Less than two weeks after beating Wladimir Klitschko
Tyson Fury has been stripped of his heavyweight world title

What is it like to push yourself to your physical limits? BBC Sportreporter Phil Shepka came to our Human Performance Unit to find out and train alongside Colchester United FC playershttp://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/33333701

Running to the point of exhaustion
BBC Sport's Phil Shepka went to train with Colchester United to find out how difficult a footballer's pre-season can be.

Doctors now operate on infants born with cataracts early in life to prevent vision loss; before Dr. Hubel’s and Dr. Wiesel’s research, doctors removed cataracts from infants between ages 6 months and 24 months, with poor results. The research also led to earlier treatment for strabismus, a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned.

U.S.-Russia Talks on Syria's Arms Make Progress


President Obama's decision came as American and Russian negotiators meeting in Geneva on Friday moved closer to an agreement that would seek to ultimately strip Syria of its chemical weapons.

There are good reasons to object both to the timing and the details of the spending cuts. But the idea that they will produce anything like a stripped-down state looks far-fetched.

In particular, the Taiwan-based company has been working to address the challenges of making displays more power-efficient and working with chip manufacturers to strip down their products. The technologies are aimed at multiple Foxconn customers, this person said.

And not some stripped-down version of the technology, either, but technology that is capable of playing games and other sophisticated content. So Intel and Adobe announced plans to adapt its Flash Player 10 technology to consumer-electronics devices by the first half of 2010.

OKYO — Japan's Olympus said on Friday it had stripped the company's first ever non-Japanese president of his title, just six months after appointing him and only two weeks after he was also named chief executive. Citing management differences ...

Chris Towner
It would be interesting to follow up Bragg's comments on Cardinal Wolsey and the asset-stripping of the Church in England. And maybe the corners of the country he didn't get to. Try e.g. Eamonn Duffy's 'The Stripping of the Altars'.

After 16 hours of treating patients, the exhausted medico was looking forward stripping off his white coat, falling into bed, and getting a few hours of uninterrupted sleep《中英對照讀新聞》ARM CTO Predicts Chips the Size of Blood Cells 安謀技術長預測晶片大小將有如血球細胞
In less than a decade, that smartphone you’re holding could have 32 times the memory, 20 times the bandwidth and a microprocessor core no bigger than a red blood cell, the CTO of chip design company ARM said on Thursday.
ARM has already helped develop a prototype, implantable device for monitoring eye-pressure in glaucoma patients that measures just 1 cubic millimeter, CTO Mike Muller said at ARM’s TechCon conference in Silicon Valley Thursday. The device includes a microprocessor sandwiched between sensors at the top and a battery at the bottom.
Strip away those extra components, rearrange the transistors into a cube and apply the type of advanced manufacturing process expected in 2020, and you’d end up with a device that occupies about the same volume as a blood cell, Muller said.
ARM designs the processor cores used in most of today’s smartphones and tablets, and smaller cores are generally more energy efficient, he said. That helps to extend battery life.
That’s a good thing, because battery technology is advancing much more slowly, and Muller expects only a two-fold improvement in battery performance by the end of the decade.
CTO:為Chief Technology Officer 的縮寫,技術長,又常稱為首席技術官、科技長。
be sandwiched between something and something:被夾在兩個東西中間。例句:The tiny kingdom was sandwiched between Austria and Czechoslovakia.(這個小王國夾處在奧地利與捷克斯洛伐克之間。)
end up:片語,結束、告終。例句:Wasteful people usually end up in debt.(浪費的人最後往往負債。)

As you return to the main street and the train station, stop for lunch at Ichinoya (1-18-10 Matsue-cho; 81-49-222-0354). The specialty here, as in many restaurants in Kawagoe, is unagi. A 2,400 yen offering includes four strips of delicate, savory eel on a bed of fluffy rice served in a lacquer box. Five types of pickles and a clear broth complete the meal.

Russia’s Putin strips for stardom, again
俄羅斯的普廷再次為明星光環脫衣 (俞智敏)

Line breaks: ex|haus|tion
Pronunciation: /ɪɡˈzɔːstʃ(ə)n/

Definition of exhaustion in English:


1A state of extreme physical or mental tiredness:he was pale with exhaustion
2The action of using something up or the state of being used up:the rapid exhaustion of fossil fuel reserves
3Logic The process of establishing a conclusion byeliminating all the alternatives.


Early 17th century: from late Latin exhaustio(n-), fromLatin exhaurire 'drain out' (see exhaust).

adj., -i·er, -i·est.
    1. Of, relating to, or resembling fluff.
    2. Covered with fluff.
  1. Light and airy; soft: fluffy curls; a fluffy soufflé.
    1. Light or frivolous: a fluffy musical comedy.
    2. Lacking depth or precision; fuzzy: hazy, fluffy thinking that only confused the matter.
fluffily fluff'i·ly adv.
fluffiness fluff'i·ness n.

v., stripped, strip·ping, strips. v.tr.
    1. To remove clothing or covering from.
    2. To deprive of (clothing or covering).
  1. To deprive of honors, rank, office, privileges, or possessions; divest.
    1. To remove all excess detail from; reduce to essentials.
    2. To remove equipment, furnishings, or supplementary parts or attachments from.
  2. To clear of a natural covering or growth; make bare: strip a field.
  3. To remove an exterior coating, as of paint or varnish, from: stripped and refinished the old chest of drawers.
  4. To remove the leaves from the stalks of. Used especially of tobacco.
  5. To dismantle (a firearm, for example) piece by piece.
  6. To damage or break the threads of (a screw, for example) or the teeth of (a gear).
  7. To press the last drops of milk from (a cow or goat, for example) at the end of milking.
  8. To rob of wealth or property; plunder or despoil.
  9. To mount (a photographic positive or negative) on paper to be used in making a printing plate.
    1. To undress completely.
    2. To perform a striptease.
  1. To fall away or be removed; peel.
A striptease.
[Middle English stripen, from Old English -str[ymacr]pan, to plunder (in bestr[ymacr]pan).]
strippable strip'pa·ble adj.

Having only essential or minimal features; lacking anything extra: a stripped-down stage setting; a stripped-down budget.

med·i·co (mĕd'ĭ-kō') pronunciation
n. Informal, pl., -cos.A physician.A medical student.[Italian medico or Spanish médico, both from Latin medicus. See medical.]

Johanna Wanka has been appointed as Germany’s new education minister. She
replaces Annette Schavan who stepped down after being stripped of her
doctorate for plagiarism.

[動](〜ped or stript 〔strípt〕, 〜・ping)(他)
1III[名]([副])]〈人を〉裸にする, …の衣類をはぐ, 〈建物の〉外壁をはがす;〈場所を〉空にする;〈人・場所・物から〉(…を)奪う, はぐ, 取り去る((of ...));[V[名][形]]〈人・場所から〉(衣類などを取って)(…の状態に)する
strip oneself
be stripped to the waist
strip an attic
strip a man of his titles
strip the countryside of its greenery
2III[名]([副])]〈木などの〉皮をむく;…を(…から)取り除く, はぐ((away/off, from ...))
strip a banana peel off
strip the bark from a tree [=strip a tree of its bark]
3 〈船などから〉(装備・備品を)取り除く((down/of ...));((略式))〈車の〉スピードが出せるよう不要な装備を取る;分解する((down)).
4 〈タバコの〉葉を茎から分ける;〈タバコの葉などから〉中肋(ろく)を取りのける.
5 《機械》〈ねじなどの〉ねじ山をすり減らす.
6 〈鋳塊から〉鋳型を取り外す.
7 〈牛から〉乳を絞りきる, 〈乳を〉(牛から)絞りきる;〈犬の〉古い毛を刈り取る.
8 《写真》〈乳剤層を〉(フィルムベースから)はがす.
9 《繊維》〈梳綿(そめん)用ローラーを〉(くずを取って)きれいにする;〈色を〉抜く;〈繊維を〉色抜きにする.
1 服を脱ぐ, 裸になる((off)).
2 ストリップを演じる.
3 はぐ, むく, もぎ取る.
strip away .../strip ...away
(1) 〈習慣などを〉少しずつ取り去る;〈虚飾などを〉はぎ取る.
(2) ⇒(他)2
strip down
(自)服を脱ぐ(strip off)
strip down to one's underwear
[strip ... down/strip down ...]
(1) ((〜 -self))服を脱ぐ.
(2) 〈ペンキを〉(溶剤で)落とす.
(3) ⇒(他)3


cat • a • ract
cataracts (複数形)
1 ((文))滝, (特に)大滝, 瀑布(ばくふ). ⇒CASCADE[名]1
2 大雨, 豪雨;奔流;洪水.
3 《眼科》白内障, 白そこひ.
[ラテン語←ギリシャ語katarrákt (kata-下へ+rákt打つこと=水が下へ打つもの)]


stra • bis • mus
-mal, -mic