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It's a game of chess. China's top two leaders make highly symbolic appearances, with next year's leadership reshuffle in mind.
TOKYO -- Political tensions are rising in China in a prelude of what is…

The 44th Annual Stanford Powwow began on Friday and continues through the weekend: http://stanford.io/1JVH91E

Krugman gets to the bottom of this!
Case in point: Delivery times for Paul Ryan's book and book criticizing...

Search Option From Facebook Is Privacy Test

Whether Facebook's users will continue to divulge even more private details will determine whether so-called social search is the next step in how we navigate the online world.

"Sports do not build character. They reveal it." — Heywood Broun
Karl Rove was among the high-powered Republicans at a retreat for Mitt Romney fund-raisers in Utah this weekend.
Charles Dharapak/Associated Press

For Rich Romney Donors, Access Up Close

Even seasoned political contributors said Mitt Romney’s retreat in Utah this weekend dwarfed previous powwows by presidential candidates. Karl Rove, left, was there. 

  1. Being at very close range: provided up-close views of rare fish.
  2. Exhibiting or providing detailed information or firsthand knowledge: "up-close glimpses of the big money, big deals, and big decisions of America's entrepreneurial giants" (Harvard Business Review).
up close up' close' adv.

Close-up - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

close-up or closeup in filmmaking, television production, still photography and the comic strip medium is a type of shot, which tightly frames a person or an ...

Kings of the carnivores

Apr 30th 2012, 15:40 by The Economist online
Who eats most meat? Vegetarians should look away
THE world has a burgeoning appetite for meat. Fifty years ago global consumption was 70m tonnes. By 2007—the latest year for which comparable data are available—it had risen to 268m tonnes. In a similar vein, the amount of meat eaten by each person has leapt from around 22kg in 1961 to 40kg in 2007. Tastes have changed at the same time. Cow (beef and veal) was top of the menu in the early 1960s, accounting for 40% of meat consumption, but by 2007 its share had fallen to 23%. Pig is now the animal of choice, with around 99m tonnes consumed. Meanwhile advances in battery farming and health-related changes in Western diets have helped propel poultry from 12% to 31% of the global total. Although populous middle-income countries such as China are driving the worldwide demand for meat, it is mainly Western countries who still eat most per person. Luxembourgers, who top this chart, are second only to Argentinians in beef consumption. Austrians are the keenest pig-eaters, wolfing down 66kg every year—just more than Serbians, Spaniards and even neighbouring Germans. At the other end of the scale, cow-revering Indians eat only 2.6kg of meat each, the least of the 177 countries assessed. See the full data.


  • レベル:社会人必須
  • 発音記号[víːl]
1 (ふつう生後3か月以下で乳で育てた)肉用の子牛. (またveal・er 〔vílr〕)
2 (食用の)子牛の肉.




[mass noun]
  • fine parchment made originally from the skin of a calf: [count noun]:we passed a shop offering fine parchments and even finer vellums


late Middle English: from Old French velin, from veel (see veal)
vel • lum
1 ベラム革:子牛・子羊などの皮から作る;本の表紙・ランプの笠に用いる;昔は書き物に用いた.
2 ベラム紙:手紙用の薄い上質紙.

re·veal1 (rĭ-vēl') pronunciation

tr.v., -vealed, -veal·ing, -veals.
    1. To make known (something concealed or secret): revealed a confidence.
    2. To bring to view; show.
  1. To make known by supernatural or divine means: "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven" (Romans 1:18).
[Middle English revelen, from Old French reveler, from Latin revēlāre : re-, re- + vēlāre, to cover (from vēlum, veil).]
revealable re·veal'a·ble adj.
revealer re·veal'er n.
revealment re·veal'ment n.

1III[名]([副])]〈秘密などを〉(人に)明かす, 打ち明ける((to ...));[V[名]as [to be][名][[形]]]…が(…であることを)知らせる, 暴露する;[III that節]〈…ということを〉暴く
reveal one's ignorance
reveal oneself
名を告げる;本性を示す, 正体を現す
It was soon revealed to him how much he needed her cooperation.
His private life revealed him as [to be] a quiet family man.
生活を見て彼が物静かな家庭的な人だとわかった(▼to beは省略不可)
The report revealed (the fact) that many teenagers are alcoholics.
2III[名]([副])]〈見えなかったものを〉明らかに見えるようにする, 〈姿などを〉現す, 見せる, 示す;〈神が〉…を(…に)啓示[示現, 黙示]する((to ...))
When she got excited, a slight cockney accent revealed itself.
[類語]「未知のものを明らかにする」revealは超自然的なものも対象となる. disclose事実や秘密を白日のもとにさらす. divulge重要な情報を暴露する. 信を裏切る意が強い. betray味方や自分の信念を裏切って秘密をばらす意と, ついうっかり事実や秘密をもらす意がある.
1 [U]顕現, 示現, 啓示(revelation);暴露.
2 《建築》抱き:窓・ドアの開口部の壁の側面.
3 (自動車の)窓枠.
[古フランス語←ラテン語revēlāre (re-逆に+vēlumベール+-āre不定詞語尾=ベールをとる). △VEIL


di • vulge
divʌ'ldʒ | dai-
divulged (過去形) • divulged (過去分詞) • divulging (現在分詞) • divulges (三人称単数現在)
[動](他)〈私事・秘密などを〉(人に)もらす((to ...));〈…ということを〉あばく, 暴露する((that節, wh-節)). ⇒REVEAL[類語]
divulge the source of one's information