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all-new, all-out/ going all out, all-or-none, mount an invasion

(故)Nicholas L. Tilney的這本書,原名Invasion of the Body
Revolutions in Surgery (2011)。台灣版忽略它的主要意思:Invasion of the Body。
(Nicholas L. Tilney著,廖月娟譯,《外科大歷史:手術、西方醫學教育、以及醫療照護制度的演進》,臺北:天下文化Bookzone,2016)。
A pioneering organ transplant surgeon narrates in gripping detail the revolutions that have transformed modern surgery, and the turmoil in medical education and health care reform as new capacities to prolong life and restore health run headlong into unsustainable costs. Dr. Tilney's stage is the fa…
  Taiwan report: China developing capacity for all-out attack UPI.com
TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 8 (UPI) -- China's military will reach the point by 2020 where it can attack Taiwan, defending against any country intervening, Taiwanese ...

  Taiwan Warns China Could Mount a Successful Invasion by 2020 (1) Businessweek
A couple walk beneath a Chinese-made Hongqi-2 missile on display at the military museum in Beijing. Photographer: Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images.
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The all-new 2003 Honda Accord. Making the best, better.
With more room, more power, improved fuel economy and lower emissions, the all-new Accord Sedan has redefined the daily drive. Stylish and sophisticated, the Accord features an available 240-hp, VTEC(R) V-6 engine and a side-curtain airbag system (on EX V-6 only). Check it out at honda.com and arrive in style

(informal) An all-nighter is an event that lasts all night.
"What time did the party finish?" "It was an all-nighter."

all-out/ going all out 全力以赴

(adjective) Using all available resources.
Usage:Holding nothing back, the candidate launched an all-out attack on his critics.

The likes of Guinness/UDV, Seagram, Bacardi Martini, and LVMH are taking full advantage, setting up distilleries and distribution joint ventures or making their booze 酒readily available. The result is an all-out war for the Indian drinker--with bootleggers, multinationals, and local tycoons slugging it out for a piece of the action.

The standoff with Andersen followed months of behind-the-scenes battles and decisions that inexorably set both sides on the path toward an all-out legal war.

(British and Australian) Plain flour (Am all-purpose flour) contains no chemical which makes cakes rise become large when cooked. Compare self-raising flour.

all-or-none “0或1” 類之邏輯
The goal may be assumed to consist of criteria to be satisfied in an ~ way (e.g. attainment of level of aspiration).目標可以是意欲達到的一些準則所構想的,但要麼全部達到,要麼全部達不到(例如欲望水平的達成)。has

all-or-nothing 或all or nothing
在法國大革命時的演說,成功可登上權力的頂峰,失敗了則被送到斷頭台。在統計管制狀態下,可以依照進料抽驗不良率,比較它與檢驗成本與潛在的損失成本的比率,決定採取「100%檢驗或免檢入庫」策略,參考W. E. Deming《轉危為安》第15章。

"It's a matter of helping the person to see the benefits and overcome the barriers, because people are ambivalent about change. It's not all or nothing,"
Even wishy-washy statements can turn out to be dead wrong, such as advertising firm TN Media contention that "Titans" would be "either an instant hit or an instant flop.

It's an all-or-nothing album, preaching the surrender that it also requires.

The government is selling the stake to try to plug a budget deficit. It offered the block of shares on an all-or-nothing basis. If the stake is sold, it would be the first time in two years of stake sales that the government successfully sold all shares on offer.中華電信
go all out

to use all your effort and energy to achieve something 傾全力
They went all out to make the party a success. [often + to do sth]
The team is going all out for victory. [often + for]


We made an all-out effort to finish decorating the hall by the end of the weekend. [always before noun]
What followed was a frenzy of deal-making as Lucent salespeople went all-out to meet the revenue targets. They almost did, falling just $100 million short of a nearly $6 billion revenue goal when the fiscal fourth quarter ended Sept. 30. But in the process, Lucent borrowed from the future. It promised customers a host of discounts, one-time credits and other incentives certain to eat into future sales.

Syria Blows Arab League Deadline

Country reportedly closer to all-out internal armed conflict as Arab League mulls sanctions.

Using all available means or resources: an all-out sprint; an all-out conservation program.

The meaure receive all-party support.
all-pervading (or all-pervasive) 對各處或整事情都有影響力:the all-pervading excitement.
all-powerful 具完全的權力
Microsoft's Weaker PC Sales Punch
The software king is still a computer-maker's best hope for stimulating new demand. It's just not as all-powerful as it once was

There, he says, just out of sight, is ''where the Berm begins,'' a grassy rise encircling the massive, opulent campus that is the world headquarters for the all-powerful but increasingly vulnerable Nike.

BRITISH AND AUSTRALIAN He's an all-rounder (=He is good at many different things).