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eviction, default, default to sth, spit, sovereign default, slipping into poverty,

The archdiocese of Boston, still scraping together funds for payments due from its long and sordid history of child sexual abuse, is evicting parishioners and selling off a beloved Church.

ABC News

Nursing homes increasingly using eviction as a way to get rid of most challenging residents, advocates for the aged and disabled say.

在加州的山景城,我看到一整排的高級住宅,蓋了2年,依然沒有人居住。我覺得稀奇,仔細觀看,原來圍上caution的警語條帶。外表看起來不錯,怎麼會禁止進入呢?我請教熟悉建築的Peter ,他一看就説construction default。"那裡有default?",我看不出。他說 "進去看,才能知"。啊!何等需要caution啊~

 sovereign default

“If I get kicked out of here, I might end up homeless, and I’ve been homeless before,” said 78-year-old David Shea who faces eviction after renting a spare room in his apartment through Roomorama.com.



Wave of Evictions Leads to Homeless Crisis in Spain

Francisco Rodríguez Flores in a building where he and his family live that has been taken over by the homeless. It had been vacant for three years.
The number of families facing eviction is mounting, and when they can’t move in with relatives, they often take over empty homes.

Editorial: Ideology Trumps Economics
Republicans’ refusal to raise revenues is threatening the economy with a chaotic default.

U.S. Offers a Hand to Those on Eviction’s Edge

Without government aid, economists say many formerly middle-class Americans are at risk of slipping into poverty, even as economic conditions improve.

Chinese people who live in government-sponsored housing in a prosperous southern province may be evicted if caught repeatedly spitting in public, according to a draft plan.

Google Becomes Default Location Provider For Firefox
Washington Post - United StatesThat's going to change soon, and it looks like Google is going to be leading the way. Google has just announced that it has become the default location ...

Branding experts say it's important Google takes the ad plunge. People "still default to Google as only search," says Rita Rodriguez, chief executive of the U.S. division of Brand Union, a unit of WPP Group.

Thousands of renters in small apartment buildings and single-family homes in the U.S. are facing eviction as the properties they live in end up in foreclosure.

As Owners Feel Mortgage Pain, So Do Renters
In the growing foreclosure crisis, thousands of families who rent their homes face eviction when owners default on their mortgages.

Construction Defaults: The Need for Expert AdvicePrintE-mail
Francis J. Brennan, P.E.
August 2002
A construction project in default is an emotionally charged situation, with many parties exposed and a lot of money at risk. The owner’s use of the facility will be delayed. The contractor’s work on the project and perhaps years in business may come to an end. The designer’s envisioned project is on hold. The surety faces an uncertain exposure.

Reviewed by CORMAC Ó GRÁDA
How a landlord’s eviction scheme turned fatal during Ireland’s Great Hunger.
COHRE - Centre On Housing Rights and Evictions
Campaigns against contemporary ethnic cleansing practices.


Thousands of renters in small apartment buildings and single-family homes in the U.S. are facing eviction as the properties they live in end up in foreclosure.

default (RESULT) Show phonetics
noun [U]
what exists or happens if you do not change it intentionally by performing an action:
Unless something else happens, the default is to meet at the hotel at 7.00 p.m.
The computer will take '0' as the default value, unless you type in something different.
FORMAL In default of (= Because there is not) any better alternative, we will have to proceed with the original plan.

default to sth phrasal verb
If a computer defaults to a way of operating, it automatically uses it, unless you intentionally change it.
━━ n., v. 怠慢; 【法】(債務)不履行(を犯す) ((in, on)); (裁判)欠席(する); 欠場(する); 不戦敗で失う; 欠乏; 【コンピュータ】デフォルト, (デフォルト値を)採用する.
be in default (債務)不履行である.
by default 欠席[欠場]によって; 怠慢のために.
in default of …のない時には, …のないために.
judgment by default 欠席裁判.


Line breaks: sov|er|eign
Pronunciation: /ˈsɒvrɪn /

Definition of sovereign in English:


1supreme ruler, especially a monarch:the Emperor became the first Japanese sovereign tovisit Britain

2former British gold coin worth one pound sterling,now only minted for commemorative purposes.


Possessing supreme or ultimate power:in modern democracies the people’s will is in theorysovereign
.1 [ATTRIBUTIVE] (Of a nation or its affairs) acting or done independently and without outsideinterference:
a sovereign, democratic republic

1.2[ATTRIBUTIVE] archaic or literary Possessing royalpower and status:our most sovereign lord the King

[ATTRIBUTIVE] dated Very good or effective:sovereign remedy for all ills


Middle English: from Old French soverain, based onLatin super 'above'. The change in the ending was due to association with reign.

evict Show phonetics
verb [T]
to force someone to leave somewhere:
Tenants who fall behind in their rent risk being evicted.
He was evicted from the pub for drunken and violent behaviour.

━━ vt. 立ちのかせる, 追立てる.
 e・vic・tion ━━ n.
eviction order 立ちのき令.

tr.v., e·vict·ed, e·vict·ing, e·victs.
  1. To put out (a tenant, for example) by legal process; expel.
  2. To force out; eject. See synonyms at eject.
  3. Law. To recover (property, for example) by a superior claim or legal process.
[Middle English evicten, from Latin ēvincere, ēvict-, to vanquish : ē-, ex-, intensive pref.; see ex- + vincere, to defeat.]

evictee e·vict·ee' (ĭ-vĭk-tē', ĭ-vĭk') n.
eviction e·vic'tion n.
evictor e·vic'tor n.

evict︰動詞,逐出、收回(資產)。例句︰They were evicted from the house for not paying their rent.(他們因沒付房租而被趕出房子。)
eviction Show phonetics
noun [C or U]
After falling behind with his mortgage repayments he now faces eviction from his home.
In this economically depressed area, evictions are common.

Foreclosures Force Britons to Ponder Shift to Fixed Rates