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straddling bus, have (or keep) (one's) fingers crossed, crossed arms, finger, fingering, altimeter, neckband, round/bare-shouldered bodice, haunch, put on airs

There’s no word on what type of engine or fuel system the straddling bus would have, but we have our fingers crossed for a zero-emissions electric bus that could really make a difference in one of the most polluted cities in the world.

HONG KONG - OCTOBER 01: Student pro-democracy group Scholarism convenor Joshua Wong (C) makes a gesture at the Flag Raising Ceremony at Golden Bauhinia Square on October 1, 2014 in Hong Kong. Thousands of pro democracy supporters continue to occupy the streets surrounding Hong Kong's Financial district. Protest leaders have set an October 1st deadline for their demands to be met and are calling for open elections and the resignation of Hong Kong's Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images)
Student pro-democracy group Scholarism organizer Joshua Wong (C) makes a gesture at the Flag Raising Ceremony at Golden Bauhinia Square on October 1, 2014 in Hong Kong. (Photo by Anthony Kwan/Getty Images)

 Today she talks about a prominent Zimbabwean businessman who turned down a position in Mugabe’s government and now lives in council accommodation in London (‘I’m not going to say where; the Mugabe regime has long fingers’).

Fingers of black-velvet flame extended into a subtle, almost transparent netting toward a velvet neckband and bare-shouldered bodice. 一道道火苗似的黑絲絨伸展到纖細得幾乎透明的網紗接到絲絨領口和露肩的緊身衣上

As Price of Oil Soars, Users Shiver and Cross Their Fingers

Apple’s shareholders are also hoping that the iPad will live up to its billing as a seminal device in the history of computing. They have seen the company’s share price soar. Defying the recession, on January 25th Apple announced the best quarterly results in its 34-year history with revenues rising to $15.7 billion and profits to $3.4 billion—an increase of 32% and 49% respectively over the previous year. They will be keeping their fingers crossed that the iPad turns into another billon-dollar hit rather than a flop like Apple TV. Whether or not that turns out to be the case, Mr Jobs has already proven heroic enough to merit a portrait on the Yerba Buena Center’s walls.

  • Samsung child labor allegations contradict recent audit ...


    1 day ago - Contradicting those Samsung inspections is a report today form China Labor Watch (CLW) that alleges multiple instances of child labor at the ...
  • finger
  • (someone) to the police:he was fingered by a supergrass and charged with murder

  • put on airs
    Assume a haughty manner, pretend to be better than one is, as in I'm sick of Claire and the way she puts on airs. Airs here means "a manner of superiority." [c. 1700]

    fĭng'gər-ĭng) pronunciation

    1. The technique used in playing a musical instrument with the fingers.
    2. The indication on a musical score of which fingers are to be used in playing.
    1 指で触れる[いじる]こと.
    2 《音楽》運指法, 指の運び;[C]運指記号.

    have (or keep) (one's) fingers crossed

    1. To hope for a successful or advantageous outcome.

    cross one's fingers (or keep one's fingers crossed)

    put one finger across another as a sign of hoping for good luck. More example sentences
    • However all concerned are keeping their fingers crossed in the hope that the work will be completed.
    • We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that the blood tests will prove negative.
    • This year, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope all will be well.

    round-shouldered (adjective) Denoting a faulty posture characterized by drooping shoulders and a slight forward bending of the back.
    Synonyms:hunched, stooped, crooked
    Usage:I remember those girls merely as faces in the schoolroom,...cut off below the shoulders...by the ink-smeared tops of the high desks that were surely put there to make us round-shouldered and hollow-chested.


    Having the shoulders and upper back rounded.
    Carl Sandburg. 1878–
    76. Fog
    THE fog comes
    on little cat feet.
    It sits looking
    over harbor and city
    on silent haunches 5
    and then moves on.


    1 飾りのあるベスト:婦人服の一種.
    2 婦人服の胴部;女性用胴着.


    1 台襟:カラーを取りつける部分.
    2 ネックバンド:瓶などの首に張る帯状ラベル.

    Definition of finger


    • each of the four slender jointed parts attached to either hand (or five, if the thumb is included): she raked her hair back with her fingers
    • a part of a glove intended to cover a finger.
    • a measure of spirits in a glass, based on the breadth of a finger:two fingers of brandy
    • an object that has roughly the long, narrow shape of a finger:a shortbread finger


    [with object]
    • 1touch or feel with the fingers:the thin man fingered his moustache
    • play (a musical instrument) with the fingers, especially in a tentative or casual manner:a woman fingered a lute
    • 2 informal, chiefly North American inform on (someone) to the police:he was fingered by a supergrass and charged with murder
    • identify or select:the additive had been fingered as a possible human health risk
    • 3 Music play (a passage) with a particular sequence of positions of the fingers. See also fingering1.
    • mark (music) with signs showing which fingers are to be used.


    be all fingers and thumbs

    British informal be clumsy or awkward in one’s actions.

    get (or pull) one's finger out

    British informal cease prevaricating and start to act.

    get one's fingers burned/burnt (or burn one's fingers)

    (especially in a financial context) suffer unpleasant consequences as a result of one’s actions, discouraging one from trying a similar action again.

    give someone the finger

    North American informal make a gesture with the middle finger raised as an obscene sign of contempt.

    have a finger in every pie

    be involved in a large and varied number of activities or enterprises.

    have a finger in the pie

    be involved in a matter, especially in an annoyingly interfering way.

    have (or keep) one's finger on the pulse

    be aware of all the latest news or developments:he keeps his finger on the pulse of world music

    lay a finger on someone

    touch someone, especially with the intention of harming them.

    put the finger on

    informal inform against (someone) to the authorities.

    put something on the long finger

    Irish postpone consideration of something; put something off:don’t put retirement planning on the long finger

    put one's finger on something

    identify something exactly:he cannot put his finger on what has gone wrong

    snap (or click) one's fingers

    make a sharp clicking sound by bending the last joint of the middle finger against the thumb and suddenly releasing it, typically in order to attract attention in a peremptory way or to accompany the beat of music.

    twist (or wind or wrap) someone around one's little finger

    work one's fingers to the bone

    see bone.



    [in combination]:a two-fingered whistle




    Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vinger and German Finger

    1 手指, 指(▼ふつう親指(thumb)以外);((〜s))手. ⇒TOE[名]1
    fingers and toes
    手足の指(▼×toes and fingersとはいわない)
    the indexthe middle, the ring, the little] finger
    人さし[中, 薬, 小]指
    point a [the] finger at a person
    (軽蔑して)人を指さす, 人を非難する
    lay one's [a] finger on ...
    …に指で触れる, 手をかける;を傷つける
    look through one's fingers at ...
    …をそっと見る, 見て見ぬふりをする
    hold a cigar between one's fingers
    2 (手袋・グローブの)指.
    3 指状の物(時計の針など);(機械などの)指状突起部
    a finger of cake
    the finger on an altimeter
    4 (酒を量る目盛りとして)指幅(約3/4インチ, 1.9cm);(布地を測る目盛りとして)指の長さ(約4½インチ, 11.4cm)
    a finger of gin
    5 ((俗))警官;密告者, スパイ, 「いぬ」;すり.
    6 《音楽》運指.
    7 ((the 〜))((俗))こぶしから突き立てた中指(▼Fuck you!を意味する).
    be [feel] all fingers and thumbs/One's fingers are all thumbs.
    burn one's fingers/get one's fingers burnt
    cross one's fingers
    get [pull, take] one's fingers out
    (1) 急ぐ.
    (2) 熱心に仕事を始める.
    give a person the finger
    ((米略式))〈人に〉くそくらえと言う, くそくらえという身振りをする. ⇒[名]7
    have a finger in the [every] pie
    (1) かかわり合いを持つ, 参加[関係]する.
    (2) 手出し[干渉]する.
    have ... at one's fingers' ends
    …に精通している, を熟知している.
    have [keep] one's finger on the pulse
    (…の)実情を正確に知っている, 動向を把握している((of ...)).
    keep [have] one's fingers crossed
    (人さし指の上に中指を交差させて)願いがかなうことを祈る;(…になるよう)願う, 祈る((that節)).
    lay [put] one's [a] finger on ...
    (1) ⇒[名]1
    (2) 〈原因などを〉的確に指摘する;…を思い出す.
    (3) …を見つける, の位置[ありか]を突き止める.
    Let your fingers do the walking.
    指で散歩しましょう, 電話帳を操って調べましょう.
    ▼米国電話電信会社が職業別電話帳(Yellow Pages)の宣伝に使った文句.
    not lift [move, raise, stir] a finger
    何一つしない;(…しようと)しない((to do)).
    point the finger of scorn [suspicion] at ...
    pull [take, get] one's finger out
    ((英略式))(…の)妨害を中止する((over ...));本気で仕事にとりかかる.
    put the finger on ...
    (1) 〈犯人を〉当局に密告する, 指す, 当人であると認める.
    (2) 〈人・場所を〉(殺人・強盗などの対象として)指示する, 選ぶ.
    put two fingers up at ...
    run around with one's finger up one's ass
    ((米卑))どたばた[あたふた]している, 気ばかりあせって何もできない.
    slip through one's fingers
    snap one's fingers
    (…を)さげすむ, 軽蔑[無視]する((at ...)).
    with a wet finger
    楽々と, 苦もなく.
    work one's fingers to the bone
    1 …に指で触れる;…をいじり回す;…をいじってだめにする[汚す].
    2 〈楽器を〉指で弾く;〈曲を〉ある運指法で弾く;〈楽譜に〉運指法を指示する.
    3 …を盗む, くすねる;〈わいろなどを〉受け取る.
    4 ((主に米略式))〈犯人などを〉(警察などに)密告する, たれこむ((to ...));指摘する((as ...)).
    1 (…を)指でさわる, ひねくりまわす, もてあそぶ((with ...)).
    2 指で演奏する, 運指法に従って弾く.
    3 〈岸壁などが〉指状に広がる((out, across)).


    al • tim • e • ter
    æltímətər | ǽltimìːtə
    altimeters (複数形)
    1 (航空機の)高度計.
    2 (一般に)高度測定器.