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sharp, pad, eye pad, legal pad, post-presidential pad

President Barack Obama's new house has nine bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms.

IN Post-Capitalist Society, Peter Drucker wrote: “Every few hundred years, there occurs a sharp transformation . ...

 pad, eye pad, legal pad

Cheney Uncloaks His Frustration With Bush
In his first few months after leaving office, former vice president Richard B. Cheney threw himself into public combat against the "far left" agenda of the new commander in chief. More private reflections, as his memoir takes shape in slashing longhand on legal pads, have opened a second front...

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legal pad

A pad of ruled, usually yellow writing paper that measures 81/2 by 14 inches.

(3)(馬の)枠のない革製の鞍(くら), 鞍敷き.
2 指球:親指の先の柔らかい部分.
3 はぎ取り式の帳面;一つづり
a writing [a drawing] pad
a note pad
4 スタンプ台(inkpad).
5 (ロケット)発射台.
6 動物(動物の)足の裏の肉,肉趾(にくし);(昆虫の足の)褥盤(じょくばん);(キツネ・ウサギなどの)足(跡).
7 (スイレンなどの)浮葉.
8 ((略式))アパート,家,部屋,寝室,ベッド;((俗))アヘン窟(くつ)
knock [hit] the pad
9 電気パッド.
10 (路面の)交通信号切り換え装置.
11 海事甲板受け木;パッド.
12 木工ビットをつける柄;ビットの差し込み口.
13 ((the ~))((米俗))(警察などが不法行為を見のがして受け取る)わいろ
on the pad
14 ((米俗))自動車のナンバープレート.
━━[動](~・ded, ~・ding)(他)
1 〈物に〉当て[詰め]物をする,〈入れ物に〉いっぱい詰める,〈衣類に〉パッドを入れる((out))
a padded cell
a man padded with flesh
2 〈文章・演説などを〉引き延ばす((out));〈経費・人員などを〉水増しする,〈帳簿・名簿などに〉水増しして記入する.
pad out


  • 3A flat-topped structure or area used for helicopter takeoff and landing or for rocket launching.
  • 3.1 Electronics A flat area on a track of a printed circuit or on the edge of an integrated circuit to which wires or component leads can be attached to make an electrical connection.

verb (pads, padding, padded)

[with object] (often as adjective padded) Back to top  
  • 1Fill or cover (something) with a soft material in order to give it a particular shape, protect it or its contents, or make it more comfortable: a padded envelope
  • 1.1North American Add false items to (an expense report or bill) in order to receive unjustified payment: faked repairs and padded expenses for government work reaped billions of dollars for the Mafia


mid 16th century (in the sense 'bundle of straw to lie on'): the senses may not be of common origin; the meaning 'underpart of an animal's foot' is perhaps related to Low German pad 'sole of the foot'; the history remains obscure.


adj., sharp·er, sharp·est.
  1. Having a thin edge or a fine point suitable for or capable of cutting or piercing.
    1. Having clear form and detail: a sharp photographic image.
    2. Terminating in an edge or a point: sharp angular cliffs; a sharp nose.
    3. Clearly and distinctly set forth: sharp contrasts in behavior.
  2. Abrupt or acute: a sharp drop; a sharp turn.
    1. Intellectually penetrating; astute.
    2. Marked by keenness and accuracy of perception: sharp hearing.
  3. Crafty or deceitful, as in business dealings: sharp selling practices.
  4. Vigilant; alert: kept a sharp lookout for shoplifters.
    1. Briskly or keenly cold and cutting: a sharp wind.
    2. Harsh or biting in tone or character: sharp criticism.
  5. Fierce or impetuous; violent: a sharp temper; a sharp assault.
  6. Intense; severe: a sharp pain.
    1. Sudden and shrill: a sharp whistle.
    2. Sudden and brilliant or dazzling: a sharp flash of lightning.
  7. Strongly affecting the senses of smell and taste: a sharp pungent odor; a sharp cheese.
  8. Composed of hard angular particles: sharp sand.
  9. Music.
    1. Raised in pitch by a semitone.
    2. Being above the proper pitch.
    3. Having the key signature in sharps.
  10. Informal. Attractive or stylish: a sharp jacket. See synonyms at fashionable.
  1. In a sharp manner: hit me sharp on the brow.
  2. Punctually; exactly: at three o'clock sharp.
  3. Music. Above the true or proper pitch.
  1. Music.
    1. A sign (♯) used to indicate that a note is to be raised by a half step.
    2. A note that is raised a half step.
  2. A slender sewing needle with a very fine point.
  3. Informal.
    1. An expert.
    2. A shrewd cheater; a sharper.

v. Music., sharped, sharp·ing, sharps. v.tr.
To raise in pitch by a semitone.
To play or sing above the proper pitch.
[Middle English scharp, from Old English scearp.]
sharply sharp'ly adv.
sharpness sharp'ness n.
SYNONYMS sharp, keen, acute. These adjectives all apply literally to fine edges, points, or tips. Figuratively they indicate mental alertness and clarity of comprehension. Sharp suggests quickness and astuteness: “a young man of sharp and active intellect” (John Henry Newman). Keen implies clear-headedness and acuity: a journalist with a keen mind and quick wits. Acute suggests penetrating perception or discernment: an acute observer of national politics.