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peg, nose-peg time, bask/bathe in, pull sth off, anti-intellectualism, charismatic, intelligentsia

Merkel Enters Last Leg of Re-election Bid With a Push to Draw In Youths


With a month to go in her re-election campaign, Chancellor Angela Merkel faces disdain from Germany's intelligentsia and questions about American surveillance efforts.

EA Pegs U.S. as Top Oil Producer by 2020 
A shale oil boom means the U.S. will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's largest oil producer by 2020, the International Energy Agency said.

But the idea of a rightwing leader often accused of authoritarian tendencies and anti-intellectualism celebrating the life of a man who made a career out of political resistance and literary endeavour has outraged many Camus experts.
They suspect Sarkozy is using a golden opportunity to bask in the reflected glory of a charismatic hero, whose ideas are being feted by the mainstream half a century after he died in a car crash.

What is it — besides hard work and good ideas — that makes someone a leader? Barack Obama has it. So does George Clooney. Bill Clinton's is legendary. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi used it to change the way people see the world. Oprah worked hers to build an empire. A whole family of Kennedys has had it in spades. It's called charisma. Charismatic people possess a charm and a mystique that make them attractive to others and that make others want to be in their company and follow their lead. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is an example of a charismatic business leader who infuses others with the enthusiasm and excitement he himself feels for his products and for technology in general. Happy 55th birthday to Steve Jobs, whose technological curiosity, creativity and personal charisma helped to make a success of the iPod and the MacBook and to build expectations for the iPad.
"Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... they push the human race forward... because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."Steve Jobs

Basking In Obama's Limelight

One branch of the economy that hasn't been affected by the credit crunch
recently is the market for Barack Obama memorabilia.

The DW-WORLD Article

As a result, the protesters have pulled off a publicity coup. Instead of basking in the glow of the coming games, China has quickly found itself on the defensive, and protesters have turned the subject from athletics in Beijing to the crackdown in Tibet, along with human-rights violations inside China and China’s investments in Sudan.

The United States team, including goalkeeper Tim Howard, in orange, celebrated after pulling off a 1-1 draw with England.
England 1, United States 1

U.S. and England Tie in World Cup Match

The Americans pulled off an upset draw with Clint Dempsey’s goal in the first half, but England pressed the team’s defense relentlessly in the second half.

Accomplish, bring off, especially in the face of difficulties or at the last minute. For example, I never thought we'd ever stage this play, but somehow we pulled it off. [Colloquial; second half of 1800s]

pull sth off (SUCCEED) phrasal verb [M] INFORMAL
to succeed in doing something difficult or unexpected:
The central bank has pulled off one of the biggest financial rescues of recent years.

bask/bathe in reflected glory
to feel successful and admired for something, despite the fact that you did not achieve it yourself but were only connected to it in some way:
The government is bathing in the reflected glory of its victorious military forces.


Syllabification: (in·tel·lec·tu·al)
Pronunciation: /ˌintlˈekCHo͞oəl/
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  • of or relating to the intellect:children need intellectual stimulation
  • appealing to or requiring use of the intellect:the movie wasn’t very intellectual, but it caught the mood of the times
  • possessing a highly developed intellect:you are an intellectual girl, like your mother


  • a person possessing a highly developed intellect.







late Middle English: from Latin intellectualis, from intellectus 'understanding', from intellegere 'understand' (see intelligent)


Syllabification: (in·tel·li·gent·si·a)
Pronunciation: /inˌteliˈjentsēə/
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(usually the intelligentsia) [treated as singular or plural]
  • intellectuals or highly educated people as a group, especially when regarded as possessing culture and political influence.


early 20th century: from Russian intelligentsiya, from Polish inteligencja, from Latin intelligentia (see intelligence)


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[pég]
1 (木・金属などの)くぎ, 目くぎ, 掛けくぎ;(テントの)くい, ペグ;(登山用の)ハーケン;(たるなどの)栓, 止めくぎ;(エビなどを捕まえる)鉤(かぎ)
coat peg
2 ((略式))足, 脚;木製の義足;義足の人;((方言))(子供の)歯.
3 ((略式))(評価などの)階級, 等級, 位, 段階
the topmost peg

come down a peg
4 理由, 口実
He doesn't have a peg to hang that excuse on.
5 《音楽》(弦楽器の)糸巻き(pin).
6 ((略式))《野球》送球.
7 《経済》ペッグ:為替レートなどの設定水準.
8 ((英))アルコール飲料;ハイボール.
9 ((英))洗濯ばさみ(clothes-peg).
a peg on which to hang ...
a round peg in a square hole / a square peg in a round hole
be on the peg
off the peg
((略式))〈衣服が〉既製で[の], 「つるし」の.
take [bring] a person down a peg (or two)
〈人を〉やり込める, 〈人の〉鼻っ柱を折る.
━━[動](〜ged, 〜・ging)(他)
1 …に(木)くぎ[くい]を打つ;…を(木)くぎで止める((down))
peg down a tent
2 ((英))…を洗濯ばさみで止める((up, out)).
3 …にくいで境界をつける((out)).
4 〈物価などを〉安定させる;〈株価・為替レートなどを〉一定水準に維持する, 抑える.
5 …にねらいをつける;((略式))《野球》〈ボールを〉(…に)投げる((at, to ...));〈走者を〉刺す.
6 〈記事などを〉(…に)基づかせる, かこつける((on ...)).
7 ((米略式))…を(…と)認める, 分類[鑑定]する((as ...))
I've got him pegged.
8 《トランプ》〈点を〉(記録棒で)つける.
9 〈人を〉けなす, くそみそに言う(trash).
1 [peg away at A]((略式))〈A(仕事など)を〉せっせとする, 根気よく続ける. ▼受身不可
peg away at piano practice
2 急ぐ.
3 ((略式))《野球》ボールを投げる.
4 《トランプ》記録棒で点をつける.
peg ... down/peg down ...
(1) ⇒(他)1
(2) 〈人を〉拘束する.
peg it
▼peg outより現代的.
peg out
(1) 死ぬ, 破滅する;〈エンジンなどが〉止まる.
(2) 〈物資などが〉尽きる.
[peg ... out/peg out ...]
[中オランダ語. 原義は「突起物」]

verb (pegspeggingpegged)

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1[WITH OBJECT AND ADVERBIAL] Fix, secure, or mark with a peg or pegs:drape plants with nets, pegging down the edges
clothes were pegged out on a line
1.2Allot a specified place to (a competitor) in a fishingor shooting competition by means of a marker:we’ve been pegged next to the winning team
2[WITH OBJECT] Fix (a price, rate, or amount) at aparticular level:the dividend was pegged at 23.59p
2.1informal , chiefly North American Form a fixedopinion of; categorize:the officer probably has us pegged as anarchists

3chiefly Baseball Throw (a ball) hard and low:the catcher pegs the ball to the first baseman

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