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nestle, out of puff,puff up, overblown, chou, hit-and-miss, dollop, poof

Tobacco-related deaths

Out of puff

Oct 29th 2009
From Economist.com

Where smoking kills most people

NEARLY one in five deaths in rich countries is caused by smoking, according to new data released this week by the World Health Organisation. In 2004, the latest year for which data are available, tobacco use killed an estimated 5.1m people worldwide, or one in every eight deaths of adults aged 30 and over. Residents of richer countries are suffering more now because they have been smoking longer: cancers and chronic respiratory diseases caused by tobacco smoke take a long time to develop. Deaths in poor countries, where many more people have taken on rich-world smoking habits in recent decades, are predicted to rise dramatically in the next 20 years.

《中英對照讀新聞》Briton fuming over fine for smoking in own van英國人為在自己車上抽菸被罰錢感到惱火 ◎管淑平
A painter and decorator has been fined for breaching Britain’s smoking ban -- by puffing on a cigarette in his own van, he said Friday. 一名油漆工?和裝潢師?因為在他自己的廂型車上抽菸違反英國禁菸法而被罰款,他週五表示。

Used to indicate a sudden vanishing: The magician waved a wand, and poof! The birds disappeared!

Few revolutions have been made with a hand-beater. But Mr Rich's was one. Before he began to experiment with flaking and precipitating soyabeans, whipped cream was a hit-or-miss affair. It would not keep, especially in the humid South. Nor would it freeze. Over-beating produced a buttery mess, and ambitious decorations sank gradually into gloop. To top it all, in wartime, heavy whipping cream was a banned substance. All available milk was needed fresh for the people, or dried and condensed for the troops. To dream of an éclair or a cream puff, even of a modest dollop nestling a cherry or topping off a sundae, was close to a traitorous act.

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I can lift heavy objects, do all the shopping, cooking, and dishwashing when my wife is ill, carry my own luggage without puffing. ...

Yale Divinity School, viewed from East Rock, nestled among trees of every color. November 2014
Photographer: Philipp Arndt '16

nestle Show phonetics
verb [I or T; + adverb or preposition]
1 to rest yourself or part of your body in a warm, comfortable and protected position:
She nestled (her head) against his shoulder.

2 to be in, or put something in, a protected or sheltered position, with bigger things around it:
Bregenz is a pretty Austrian town that nestles between the Alps and Lake Constance.

dollop Show phonetics
noun [C]
a small amount of something soft, especially food:
a dollop of ice cream/whipped cream
hit-and-miss Show phonetics
adjective (ALSO hit-or-miss)
If something is hit-and-miss you cannot depend on it to be of good quality, on time, accurate, etc:
The trains are often late, so getting to work on time is a fairly hit-and-miss affair.

puff (BREATHE) 
verb [I]
to breathe fast and with difficulty, usually because you have been doing exercise:
He came puffing up the stairs.
[+ speech] "I ran all the way home, " she puffed (= said while puffing).

be out of puff to be breathing with difficulty because you have been doing physical exercise

puffed (out) UK adjective [after verb] (US pooped) INFORMAL
breathing with difficulty because you have been doing physical exercise:
I can't walk any further - I'm puffed!

v., puffed, puff·ing, puffs.
  1. To blow in puffs.
  2. To come forth in puffs: steam puffing from an engine.
  3. To breathe forcefully and rapidly: huffed and puffed up the stairs.
  4. To emit puffs.
  5. To take puffs on smoking material: puffing on a cigar.
  6. To swell or seem to swell, as with pride or air. Often used with up: He puffed up and glared at the importuning questioner.
  1. To emit or give forth in puffs.
  2. To impel with puffs.
  3. To smoke (a cigar, for example).
  4. To inflate or distend.
  5. To fill with pride or conceit.
  6. To publicize with often exaggerated praise: publishers who puff their new books.
(adjective) Puffed up with vanity.
Synonyms:pompous, grandiloquent, pontifical, portentous
Usage:The book contains a heavy dose of overblown lyrical description.

cream puff

The noun has one meaning:
Meaning #1: puff filled with cream or custard
Synonym: chou
The noun has 2 meanings:
Meaning #1: any of various types of cabbage
Synonym: cabbage
Meaning #2: puff filled with cream or custard
Synonym: cream puff

chou m 1. (légume) cabbage; ~ de Bruxelles Brussels sprout 2. GASTR ~ à la crème cream puff 3. faire ~ blanc to draw a blank; rentrer dans le ~ à qn to beat sb up

vi. (不及物動詞 intransitive verb)
  1. 一陣陣地吹(或噴)
  2. 四周都在放煙火你開心嗎?
  3. 噴著煙移動[Q][(+away/out)]
  4. 火車噴著煙駛進了站。
  5. 喘氣;喘著氣走
  6. 他們爬山後正喘著氣。
  7. 一口口抽煙(或噴煙)[Q][(+away/at/on)]
  8. 派克緊張不安地一口接一口抽著煙卷。
  9. 膨脹;腫脹[(+up/out)]
  10. 他那疼痛發炎的大拇指腫起來了。
  11. 趾高氣揚,盛氣凌人[(+up/out)]
vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb)
  1. 一陣陣地吹(或噴)(空氣,塵土等)
  2. 工廠的煙囪吐出濃煙。
  3. 噴著煙行(路)
  4. 使氣急[H][(+out)]
  5. 吹熄[(+out)]
  6. 她吹滅了煤油燈。
  7. 喘著氣說
  8. 那老人好容易喘著氣說出幾句話。
  9. 使充氣,使膨脹[(+out/up)]
  10. 這男孩鼓起他的雙頰。
  11. 使驕傲自滿;使趾高氣揚[(+up)]
  12. 吹捧(書等);為...作廣告
  13. 那個守財奴被說成是個慈善家。
  14. 使鬆軟
  15. (用粉撲)施(粉)
n. (名詞 noun)
  1. (一)吹,(一)噴[C]
  2. 他一口氣吹滅了三根蠟燭。
  3. 一陣,一股[C][(+of)]
  4. 一股股蒸汽和煙霧從那火車頭裡冒出來。
  5. (抽)一口煙[C]
  6. 經理抽了一口煙。
  7. 呼吸,氣[U]
  8. 膨脹;腫脹[C]
  9. (衣服上的)墊肩[C]
  10. 粉撲[C]
  11. (奶油)鬆餅;泡芙[C]
  12. 吹捧性的短文(或廣告等);吹捧[C][U]
  13. 那篇評價文章盡是吹捧而已。

シュークリーム 【(フランス) chou la crme】

小麦粉を卵で練り,天火で焼いて内側を空洞にした皮の中に,クリームを詰めた洋菓子。英語ではクリーム-パフcream puff)。