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telltale, shroud, enshrouded, blabbermouth, give the game (or show) away

Lost in Nicaragua, a Chinese Tycoon's Canal Project


Sixteen months after ground was broken, a plan by a Chinese billionaire that would link the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and greatly alter a country is shrouded in mystery and controversy.

Haze Shrouds Singapore, Malaysia9

Google shows you how to fix hacked websites
Mother Nature Network
As Google presents it, site recovery is by no means easy, but it provides video tutorials every step of the way. The final step is also not too tough, as it directs users to request a Google site review in order to remove its telltale "This site may ...

Paul Raftery/View, via Corbis
The Flower Tower.

Also in the 17th Arrondissement is Édouard François’s Flower Tower, a residential building enshrouded in potted plants along its balconies. And just a few blocks south of the Boulevard Périphérique is the architect Renzo Piano’s EMI Music France headquarters, a villagelike collection of buildings inspired by the area’s sawtooth-roofed factories. The list goes on and on.

Google Stretches Its Search Box
In a nod toward usability, Google increased the size of its home page's search box and typeface Wednesday, making it easier for users to see long queries.

ZHONGLOU, China — When an underground fire killed 35 men at the bottom of a coal shaft last year, the telltale signs of another Chinese mining disaster were everywhere: Black smoke billowed into the sky, dozens of rescuers searched nine hours for survivors, and sobbing relatives besieged the mine’s iron gate.

(PERSON) Show phonetics
a person, especially a child, who secretly tells someone in authority, especially a teacher, that someone else has done something bad, often in order to cause trouble.telltale (EVIDENCE) Show phonetics
adjective [before noun]
allowing a secret to become known:
She found lipstick on his shirts - the telltale sign that he was having an affair.


━━ n., a. 告げ口する者, おしゃべり; 暴露, あらわれ, 証拠; 自動表示装置, タイムレコーダー; 【海事】舵(だ)角表示機; 自然にあらわれる, 隠しきれない

  1. One who informs on another; a talebearer.
  2. Something that indicates or reveals information; a sign.
  3. Any of various devices that indicate or register information, especially:
    1. A time clock.
    2. Nautical. One of the brightly colored lengths of yarn or ribbon attached to the shrouds, stays, or sails of a sailboat, serving to indicate wind direction relative to the boat's motion.
    3. A row of strips hung above a railroad track to warn a passing train of low clearance ahead.
  4. Sports. A resonant metal strip, 24 or 30 inches (61 or 76 centimeters) high, across the bottom of the front wall of a racquets or squash court above which the ball must be hit.

The noun telltale has one meaning:
Meaning #1: someone who gossips indiscreetly
Synonyms: tattletale, tattler, taleteller, talebearer, blabbermouth

The adjective telltale has one meaning:
Meaning #1: disclosing unintentionally
Synonyms: revealing, telling

Canonical could also gain momentum by targeting fast-growing smartphone markets in developing countries, where high-end devices may be too expensive for many people (see “Ubuntu Smartphone Aims for Success in Developing Countries”). But Ubuntu’s biggest challenge may be in delivering the kind of polished design and usability consumers expect from smartphones, which have not traditionally been priorities of the volunteer programmers who work on Linux and the standard Ubuntu operating system.

"I am Mrs. de Seitas."
I had it so fixed in my mind that she would be gray-haired, Conchis's age. Closer to her, I could see crowsfeet and a slight but telltale flabbiness round the neck; the still brown hair was probably dyed. She might be nearer fifty than forty; but that made her still ten years too young.

"I had two."
She nodded. "One said 'Anne.' She told you what we arranged? I was to stay in Athens. And then yours. They both came on Sunday night. So I knew one must be false. I didn't trust yours, because it didn't sound like Julie. So I stayed in Athens." There were telltale little pauses between the sentences, as if she had to have each one accepted by me before going on. I stared at her.

I had expected to see people. But I and my three guards were alone. We were at one end of a huge underground room, the kind of enormous cistern, the size of a small church, that is found under some of the old Venetian-Turkish castles that are crumbling away in the Peloponnesus. I remembered having seen one very like it that winter at Pylos. I looked up and saw two telltale chimneylike openings; they would be the blocked-off necks at ground level.

There were one or two places where one could clamber down; but at the bottom there was an impenetrable jungle of scrub and thorn ivy. I came to where the fence turned west towards the gate. There were no telltale overturned stones, no obvious gaps in the wire. Following the cliff to where it leveled out, I eventually came on the seldom used path I had taken on my previous visit to the cottages.


téll • tàle
telltales (複数形)
1 ((英))人の秘密[内情]を漏らす人, 告げ口する人, 密告者(((米))tattletale).
2 (秘密・内情などを)暴露するもの;しるし, 証拠.
3 自動表示[記録]器, タイムレコーダー(time clock);登録器.
4 《海事》舵(だ)角指示器.
5 《鉄道》(陸橋・トンネルなどへの接近を示す)触簾(しょくれん).
1 内情[秘密]を暴露する
a telltale fingerprint
2 〈機械装置が〉予告[警告]をする.

Definition of shroud


  • 1a length of cloth or an enveloping garment in which a dead person is wrapped for burial:he was buried in a linen shroud
  • technical a protective casing or cover: the trigger shroud prevents snagging on clothing
  • 2a thing that envelops or obscures something:a shroud of mist they operate behind a shroud of secrecy
  • 3 (shrouds) a set of ropes forming part of the standing rigging of a sailing boat and supporting the mast or topmast.
  • (also shroud line) each of the lines joining the canopy of a parachute to the harness.


[with object]
  • 1wrap or dress (a body) in a shroud for burial: the body was washed and shrouded
  • 2cover or envelop so as to conceal from view:mountains shrouded by cloud the mystery which shrouds the origins of the universe


late Old English scrūd 'garment, clothing', of Germanic origin, from a base meaning 'cut'; related to shred. An early sense of the verb (Middle English) was 'cover so as to protect'


shrouds (複数形) • shrouded (過去形) • shrouded (過去分詞) • shrouding (現在分詞) • shrouds (三人称単数現在)
1 (死者を包む)経かたびら
the Shroud of Turin
(トリノの)聖骸布(Holy Shroud).
2 おおう物;(家具などの)おおい
in a shroud of mist
霧におおわれて .
3 ((通例〜s))《海事》横静索, シュラウド:マストの先から両船側への支索(⇒RATLINE).
1 …に経かたびらを着せる.
2 ((通例受身))〈物を〉おおう, (…で)おおい隠す, 〈事実などを〉(…で)包み隠す, ぼかす((in ...))
shrouded in mystery
mountaintops shrouded in fog
[古英語scrūd. 原義は「布を切ったもの」. △ SHRED


en • shroud
enshrouded (過去形) • enshrouded (過去分詞) • enshrouding (現在分詞) • enshrouds (三人称単数現在)
1 〈死者に〉(埋葬に先立ち)布を巻く, 経かたびらを着せる.
2 …を包む, 隠す;((受身))(…で)包まれている((by, in ...)).

 Has blabbermouth Harry given the game away? 長舌哈利洩漏了秘密嗎?


Pronunciation: /ˈblabəmaʊθ/

Definition of blabbermouth


a person who talks excessively or indiscreetly.

give the game (or show) away

inadvertently reveal something secret: to make sure he didn’t give the game away I gave him a swift kick in the shin under the table
 give the game away:動詞片語,無意地說出秘密。例句:You blabbermouth! You just gave the game away.(你這個大嘴巴!把秘密給說出去了。)

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All through oil’s five-year price surge, which has taken it from $25 a barrel to last week’s close above $125, there have been many voices declaring that it’s all a bubble, unsupported by the fundamentals of supply and demand.

So here are two questions: Are speculators mainly, or even largely, responsible for high oil prices? And if they aren’t, why have so many commentators insisted, year after year, that there’s an oil bubble?

Now, speculators do sometimes push commodity prices far above the level justified by fundamentals. But when that happens, there are telltale signs that just aren’t there in today’s oil market.

Imagine what would happen if the oil market were humming along, with supply and demand balanced at a price of $25 a barrel, and a bunch of speculators came in and drove the price up to $100.