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scrotum, gangly, gangling, puddle, cactus, prickly, snip, vasectomy, in-your-face

Scrotum switch could replace vasectomy

The valve - implanted internally - diverts the flow of sperm back to the…

No matter the role, Mr. Gelb, a gangly 6-foot-2, was relentless, fidgety and in-your-face — whether in passionate response to a potential scoop or in fevered reaction to the whim of a fellow boss, typically the equally relentless A. M. Rosenthal, who had been two years his senior at City College and perpetually a step ahead of him in the Times hierarchy, finally reaching the newsroom’s top post, executive editor.
瘦高的蓋爾布——身高6英尺2英寸(約1 米88)——無論擔任哪個角色都不知疲倦、躁動不安、咄咄逼人,熱情洋溢地回應可能挖到的猛料時如此,對其他管理層成員的突發奇想做出激烈反應時也是如 此。那些突發奇想的念頭常常來自同樣不知疲倦的A·M·羅森索(A. M. Rosenthal)。羅森索在紐約城市學院(City College)就讀時比蓋爾布高兩級,之後在時報的管理層級上也總是領先一步。羅森索最終擔任了主編,這是新聞編輯部的最高職務。
Quotation of the Day: "It may be better to wait and see, but waiting doesn’t make you money. It’s ‘Let me do a little snip of tissue’ and then they get professional, lab and facility fees. Each patient is like an ATM machine." — Jean Mitchell, a professor of health economics at Georgetown University, on procedures in American health care.

Sea of Red Ink: How It Spread From a Puddle
Beyond the sniping between Democrats and Republicans about how the government racked up so much debt, there is enough blame to go around.

GOLF Raging wind that toppled a 40-foot pine and rain that formed puddles on the greens forced the PGA Tour to postpone the final round of the Pebble Beach (Calif.) National Pro-Am, giving it a Monday finish for the first time since 2000.

(The Washington Post)

World in Progress | 09.02.2009 | 04:30
Prickly Figs Provide Livelihood For Moroccan Womens Co-op

The barren-looking hills of the Moroccan desert near Sbouya south of the small town of Sidi Ifni bare no vegetation save for the cactus. It's known as the cactus capital of Morocco

This prickly plant with its tennis racket-shaped leaves is part of the landscape and offers its fruit, known as the prickly pear, to anyone who dares to touch. Some of the plants have been recently planted and are part of a new industry based on products processed from the leaves and the fruit. It's the women who do the picking. The women belong to a Co-operative that is behind the push to bring income to a poor area of the country. Having lived in this area they are so used to picking the fruit that they don't seem to even notice the prickly spines. Sylvia Smith has the story.

For example, in Microsoft's demonstration, you can take some pictures. When you set the camera down on the table top, the fresh photos come pouring out of it into a virtual puddle on the screen -- a slick, visual way to indicate that you've just downloaded them.

snip (CHEAP ITEM) 
1 an item which is being sold cheaply, for less than you would expect:
The sunglasses are now available in major stores, a snip at £12 a pair.

2 used humorously of an item which is extremely expensive:
"What did you say you got your dress for in the sale? - £350 reduced from £500?" "Yes, it was a snip!"

snip (CUT) verb [I or T] -pp-
to cut something with scissors, usually with small quick cuts:
Have you seen the scissors? I want to snip off this loose thread.
I snipped out the article and gave it to her.

noun [C]
a quick, short cut with scissors:
Give it a snip with the scissors.

the snip a vasectomy

noun [C or U]【名詞】【不可算名詞】 [具体的には 【可算名詞】]
the medical operation of cutting the tubes through which a man's sperm move, in order to make him unable to make a woman pregnant


Line breaks: snip
verb (snips, snipping, snipped)

[with object]
  • cut (something) with scissors or shears, typically with small quick strokes: she was snipping a few dead heads off the roses [no object]: she inspected the embroidery, snipping at loose threads


1an act of snipping something: he took a snip at a dandelion on the grass

  • 4North American informal a small or insignificant person: imagine that little snip telling me I was wrong!


mid 16th century (in the sense 'a shred'): from Low German snip 'small piece', of imitative origin.

noun [C] ━━ n. 水たまり; (ミルクなどの)たまり; こね土 ((粘土と砂を水でこねたもの)).
━━ vt. 泥だらけにする; (水を)濁らせる; こね土につくる; (水の流出を防ぐため)こね土を塗る; 【冶】(溶鉄を)攪(かく)錬する.
v., -dled, -dling, -dles. v.tr.
  1. To make muddy.
  2. To work (clay or sand) into a thick watertight paste.
  3. To process (impure metal) by puddling.
To splash or dabble in or as if in a pool of liquid.
noun [C]
a small pool of liquid on the ground, especially from rain

One day a gangling, unsmiling young man, Paul Sunday (Paul Dano), arrives with news that oil is seeping out of the ground at his family’s ranch. The stranger sells this information to Plainview, who promptly sets off with H. W. to a stretch of California desert where oil puddles the ground among the cactus, scrub and human misery.

━━ vi. 泥(水)をぱちゃぱちゃさせる.
pud・dling ━━ n. 【冶】パッドリング, 錬鉄(法).
pud・dly ━━ a. 水たまりの多い; 泥だらけの.
a small pool of liquid on the ground, especially from rainThe photograph showed a man lying prone on the pavement, a puddle of blood about his head.

prone (LYING DOWN) Show phonetics
adjective FORMAL lying on the front with the face down:)
Doctor Foster is a nursery rhyme. It originated in England.
Doctor Foster went to Gloucester,
in a shower of rain.
He stepped in a puddle,
right up to his middle,
and never went there again!
The rhyme may be based on a story of Edward I of England travelling to Gloucester, falling off his horse into a puddle, and refusing to return to the city thereafter.[1]


  1. http://www.rhymes.org.uk/doctor_foster.htm

hc順便問 Emma中使用 puddle 之例

ch. 5, vol. 2
Mr. Frank Churchill still declined it, looking as serious as he could, and his father gave his hearty support by calling out, "My good friend, this is quite unnecessary; Frank knows a puddle of water when he sees it, and as to Mrs. Bates's, he may get there from the Crown in a hop, step, and jump."

遊目族版── 法蘭克‧邱吉爾先生仍然婉謝了,他儘量表現出認真的樣子,他父親也熱烈地支持他,大聲說:「我的好朋友,真的不用這樣。法蘭克認識污水坑的。至於去貝茲太太家,他只要從克朗來個三級跳遠就到了。」 RL版── 法蘭克‧邱吉爾先生仍然婉謝了,盡量表現出並非客氣的樣子,他父親也熱烈的支持他,大聲說;「我的好朋友,真的不用這樣;法蘭克認識污水坑的,至於去貝茲太太家,他可以從克朗客棧來個三級跳遠就到了。」

其他三本 Emma翻譯
a puddle of water
a hop...

兩本"水潭" "三級跳"
一本:"水洼" "三蹦兩跳" --孫致禮

(洼 窪下有水的地方。水滸傳˙第五十五回:「小可分兵攻打,務要肅清山寨,掃盡水洼,擒獲眾賊,拆毀巢穴。」)



noun [C]
1 one of several thin sharp points that stick out of a plant or animal:
The fruit can be eaten once the prickles have been removed.

2 a feeling as if a lot of little points are sticking into your body:
I felt a hot prickle of embarrassment spread across my cheeks.

1 [T] If thin sharp objects prickle you, they cause slight pain by touching against your skin:
She lay on the grass and the stiff dry grass prickled the back of her legs.

2 [I] If part of your body prickles, it feels as if a lot of sharp points are touching it because you are frightened or excited:
Turner started to be worried and felt the back of his neck prickle.

1 covered with prickles:
Chestnuts had burst out of their prickly green husks.
I find this sweater a bit prickly (= it makes the skin sore).

2 INFORMAL unfriendly and slightly rude:
She was asked a couple of questions about her private life and got a bit prickly.

n. - 仙人掌
n., pl. -ti (-tī') or -tus·es.
  1. Any of various succulent, spiny, usually leafless plants native mostly to arid regions of the New World, having variously colored, often showy flowers with numerous stamens and petals.
  2. Any of several similar plants.
[Latin, cardoon, from Greek kaktos.]


 gangly= gangling


Line breaks: gan|gling
Pronunciation: /ˈgaŋglɪŋ/




early 19th century: from the verb gang2 + -le4 + -ing2.


informal Blatantly aggressive or provocative; impossible to ignore or avoid: an in-your-face advertising campaign