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blink, tick, clock off, alongside, In tragedy heaped upon tragedy, maddeningly

Somaliland has its own currency, a reasonably effective bureaucracy and a trained army and police force. But it has yet to receive official recognition from a single foreign government in the years since it declared independence in 1991. Why is it not a state? The Economist explains

SOMALILAND, a slim slice of Somali-inhabited territory on the southern shore of the Gulf of Aden, ticks almost all the boxes of statehood. It has its own currency, a...

With the passing of Tadeusz Mazowiecki, Poland has lost one of the few politicians nearly all Poles felt proud of. And for many Mazowiecki's passing also meant something else. His days as prime minister are bound to the memories of those heady and exciting months when Poland stood blinking in the new light of democracy after the dark and suffocating years of communism http://econ.st/HulDmz

Recovery Slows With Weak Job Creation in June
With the economy slowing — housing sales plummeted, while earnings and hours worked ticked downward last month — the stakes grow larger, economically and politically.

大眾汽車助員工擺脫黑莓“騷擾”VW's BlackBerry email server to clock off alongside the workers英國《金融時報》 克里斯•布賴恩特法蘭克福報導

The working day is over and the Christmas holiday has officially begun, but the blinking red light or vibration of a BlackBerry is still maddeningly hard to ignore.
工作日已經結束,聖誕節假期已正式開始,但黑莓(BlackBerry)那閃爍的紅燈或發出的震動仍很難讓人視而不見,真是令人抓狂。Angered by the blurring of the dividing line between the workplace and home, Volkswagen's powerful works council struck an agreement with management that employees who use a BlackBerry and whose pay is governed by a collective wage tariff agreement will be subject to new email restrictions.
黑莓模糊了工作與家庭生活之間的界線,大眾汽車(Volkswagen)強大的工會對此感到憤怒。為此,它與公司管理層達成了一項協議:使用黑莓、且工資適用一項集體工資協議的員工,將適用新的電子郵件限制規定。From now, VW's email server will stop routing messages 30 minutes after the end of an employee's shift and will only send emails again half an hour before the next shift begins.
從這一刻起,大眾的電子郵件服務器在員工下班30分鐘之後就將停止向該員工推送郵件,在該員工上班之前30分鐘才會恢復推送郵件。The agreement is expected to affect more than 1,000 VW employees who have a company BlackBerry. It is unclear if other unionised German companies are considering such a rule.
此項協議預計將影響1000多名擁有公司配發的黑莓的大眾員工。尚不清楚其它已成立工會的德國公司是否也在考慮實施這一規定。“The new possibilities of communication also contain inherent dangers,” Heinz-Joachim Thust of VW's works council told the Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung.
“新型通信技術也蘊含著固有風險,”大眾汽車工會的海因茨-約阿希姆•圖斯特(Heinz-Joachim Thust)向《沃爾夫斯堡綜合報》(Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung)表示。A VW works council spokesman confirmed the existence of the agreement but explained that the rule did not apply to senior management or other workers who fall outside trade union-negotiated pay brackets.
該工會的一位發言人確認了該協議的存在,但同時也表示,這一規定不適用於高管,也不適用於未涵蓋在工會談判達成的工資協議之內的員工。The works council sought the restriction in response to the tendency for BlackBerry users to be contactable by employers at all hours and amid a growing awareness in Germany of the risks of employee “burn-out”.
黑莓用戶隨時可能被雇主聯繫上,另外德國人也日益意識到員工被“累垮”的風險,正是由於這些原因,大眾汽車工會才謀求確立這一限制性規定。BlackBerrys began life as toys for executives but have since become a staple of corporate life. So great are their perceived addictive powers that the email devices quickly earned the moniker “CrackBerrys”.
黑莓最初只是高管們的玩具,但後來逐漸成為了企業生活的必需品。人們感到很容易對它上癮,以至於這種電子郵件設備很快獲得了“霹靂莓”(CrackBerry,源自Crack cocaine,即霹靂可卡因——譯者註)的綽號。The works council said that so far there had been very positive feedback to the new email rules which came into force earlier this year. Workers will still be able to make phone calls using their BlackBerrys at any time.
大眾汽車工會表示,新規於今年早些時候開始生效,迄今獲得的反饋非常積極。員工仍將能夠在任何時候用黑莓打電話。Volkswagen has been working flat out this year as it bids to overtake Toyota and General Motors as the world's biggest carmaker by sales.
由於聲稱要超越豐田汽車(Toyota)和通用汽車(General Motors)成為全球銷量最大的汽車製造商,大眾今年一直開足馬力運轉。Martin Winterkorn, chief executive, recently congratulated workers on completing 38 extra shifts and producing 50,000 additional vehicles, putting VW on track to sell more than 8m cars this year.
大眾首席執行官文德恩(Martin Winterkorn)近日祝賀員工們完成了38次額外輪班,使產量增加了5萬輛,為大眾今年銷量超過800萬輛奠定了基礎。Mr Thust did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment. It is unclear if his BlackBerry was switched off.

George I became king ‪#‎onthisday‬ in 1714 and his reign marked the start of the Georgian era. The Georgians witnessed the birth of industrialisation; radicalism and repression; and extreme luxury alongside extreme poverty. Find out more about the Georgians by exploring our new Georgian Britain online collection.http://bit.ly/1SQSYWT

In tragedy heaped upon tragedy, some of the slaves died immediately, others survived for months only to be abandoned by the free men who had lived alongside them. This is the tale of a forgotten crime against humanity, of men and women deserted in the 18th century, amidst the Indian Ocean's waves

As they landed on the island on the night of the wreck, some of the crew supposed it inhabited.


v., clocked, clock·ing, clocks. v.tr.
  1. To time, as with a stopwatch: clock a runner.
  2. To register or record with a mechanical device: clocked the winds at 60 miles per hour.
To record working hours with a time clock: clocks in at 8 A.M. and out at 4 P.M.

(ə-lông'sīd', ə-lŏng'-) pronunciation
Along, near, at, or to the side: stood with a bodyguard alongside; honked and drove up alongside.

By the side of; side by side with.

USAGE NOTE Both alongside and alongside of are acceptable as prepositions: The barge lay alongside (or alongside of) the pier.

  1. A light, sharp, clicking sound made repeatedly by a machine, such as a clock.
  2. Chiefly British. A moment.
  3. A light mark used to check off or call attention to an item.
  4. Informal. A unit on a scale; a degree: when interest rates move up a tick.

v., ticked, tick·ing, ticks. v.intr.
  1. To emit recurring clicking sounds: as the clock ticked.
  2. To function characteristically or well: machines ticking away; curious about what makes people tick.
  1. To count or record with or as if with the sound of ticks: a clock ticking the hours; a taxi meter ticking the fare.
  2. To mark or check off (a listed item) with a tick: ticked off each name as the roll was called.
phrasal verb:
tick off Informal.
  1. To make angry or annoyed: Constant delays ticked me off.
[Middle English tek, light tap.]

A tick bite led to amputations on all four of an Oklahoma woman's limbs. Read about what happened: http://cnn.it/1DPegD9
拼音:pí,注音:ㄆㄧˊ,音同「皮」),又名蜱蟲壁虱扁蝨草爬子,是一種體形極小的蛛形綱蜱蟎亞綱蜱總科的節肢動物寄生物,僅約火柴棒頭大小。不吸血時,有米粒大小,吸飽血液後,有指甲蓋大。宿主包括哺乳類鳥類爬蟲類兩棲類動物,大多以吸食血液為生,叮咬的同時會造成刺傷處的發炎。蜱在叮刺吸血時多無痛感,但由於螯肢、口下板同時刺入宿主皮膚,可造成局部充血、水腫、急性炎症反應,還可引起繼發性感染。蜱還會帶來傳染病,如萊姆病Q熱科羅拉多蜱熱Colorado tick fever)、兔熱病Tularemia)、蜱傳回歸熱(Relapsing_fever)、巴貝西蟲病Babesiosis)、埃里希氏體病(Ehrlichiosis)、蜱媒腦炎Tick-borne meningoencephalitis)、牛無形體病Anaplasmosis)、犬黃疸病Jaundice)等。萊姆病是由伯氏疏螺旋體Borrelia burgdorferi)所感染。


Pronunciation: /blɪŋk/
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[no object]
  • 1shut and open the eyes quickly:I blinked in astonishment [with object]:he blinked his eyes nervously she blinked away her tears
  • [with object] (blink something back) try to control or prevent tears by blinking: Elizabeth blinked back tears
  • [usually with negative] (blink at) react to (something) with surprise or disapproval:he doesn’t blink at the unsavoury aspects of his subject
  • back down from a confrontation:the government blinked only after losing 46 of the first 48 hearings
  • 2(of a light) flash on and off in a regular or intermittent way:the car’s right-hand indicator was blinking


  • 1an act of shutting and opening the eyes very quickly:he was observing her every blink
  • a moment’s hesitation:Feargal would have given her all this without a blink
  • 2a momentary gleam of light: out on the marshes there was a blink of light


in the blink of an eye (or in a blink)

very quickly: software that would do lots of boring calculations in the blink of an eye

not blink an eye

show no reaction.

on the blink

informal (of a machine) not working properly; out of order:the computer’s on the blink


Middle English: from blenk, Scots variant of blench1, reinforced by Middle Dutch blinken 'to shine'. Early senses included 'deceive', 'flinch' (compare with blench1), and also 'open the eyes after sleep': hence sense 1 of the verb (mid 16th century)