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A tearful wait for Hong Laibao, 6, whose parents are nowhere to be seen after a massive landslide in China: http://cnn.it/1JqOzpI

The Sochi Olympics have showcased the face of Russia that President Vladimir Putin wants the world to see—spanking new, an international crossroads, and a revived global power. This is a comely veneer.

Revolution Redux
In two retellings, the War for Independence has a modern veneer.

Taylor must have a series of fillings and cosmetic surgery, and Lewis’s father, Dr Philip Lewis, even made him wear a ’snap-on smile’ cosmetic denture for the wedding.
In the United States, A.I.G. has more than 375 million policies with a face value of $19 trillion. And if policyholders lost faith in A.I.G. and rushed to cash in their policies all at once, the broader insurance industry could falter.

It's a scenario laid out in a confidential document prepared by A.I.G. for regulators, which is getting a lot of attention in Washington.

Cheap dental crowns from China may contain dangerous levels of LEAD

By DAVID DERBYSHIRE and LIZ HAZELTON - More by this author » Last updated at 00:00am on 8th March 2008
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Dental experts say the crowns can contain dangerous levels of lead
Dentists who use cut-price and potentially deadly crowns and dentures from China are putting their patients at risk, it was claimed today.
The products are often made in unregulated laboratories and can contain dangerous levels of lead, dental experts warned.
In the U.S., four cases of lead poisoning have been linked to Chinese dental fixtures. A laboratory test revealed that some contained 210 times the acceptable amount of the toxic metal.
Richard Daniels, the chief executive of the Dental Laboratories Association, said the number of potentially dangerous imports was rising.
"At this point nobody knows what the health risks are," he said.
"The fact is the majority of NHS work will be coming from China or India in the next five years. We need to be moving towards proper regulation of the industry.
"It's not just a matter for the NHS either - many of the big corporate groups also have agreements with factories in China to make their fixtures."
Fears over the toxic metal content of crowns, veneers, bridges and dentures were raised when a 73-year- old Ohio woman became sick after being given a new crown made in China.
Subsequent tests on other Chinese crowns revealed that some had dangerous levels of lead, forcing the U.S. National Association of Dental Laboratories to issue a warning to patients.
Dangerous crowns and dentures have yet to be reported in Britain. However, there has recently been a huge surge in the number of dental fixtures imported from China into the UK.
These now make up five per cent of the market, compared with less than one per cent three years ago.
There have been concerns about other products made in the country, which is widely regarded as an emerging economic powerhouse.
Last year, toy manufacturer Mattel launched a massive product recall after some of its products made in China were found to have high levels of lead.
David Smith, a board member of the Association, said: "The worst case scenario is we'll end up with a large number of people in the UK with mouths full of lead and they've got no idea that that's the case.

It may have invented trust-busting, but for decades America has tolerated an insidious cartel. Unlike most price-fixers, who seek to inflate their products' value, this one acts as a monopsony, using market power to obtain cheaper inputs, to squeeze its vulnerable employees. The name of this syndicate is the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the governing body for American college sports http://econ.st/1vOcAVs

Microsoft's hostile takeover attempt against Yahoo may encounter an unexpected hurdle in August after a Chinese antimonopoly law takes effect that will extend the nation's economic influence far beyond its borders.

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anti- Show phonetics
opposed to or against; opposite of or preventing
Compare pro-.

anti Show phonetics
adjectiveprepositionnoun [C] plural antis INFORMAL
We've received a lot of anti letters about (= letters opposing) that newspaper article.
Just because I won't join you, it doesn't mean that I'm anti (= against) you.
So what do you think about smoking in public places - are you (a) pro or (an) anti? (= do you support or oppose it)?

noun [C or S]
(an organization or group which has) complete control of something, especially an area of business, so that others have no share:
The government is determined to protect its tobacco monopoly.
Is Microsoft a monopoly?
The drafting of a new constitution cannot be a monopoly of the white minority regime (= other people should do it too).
He does not have a/the monopoly on (= He is not the only one who has) good looks.


monopolizeUK USUALLY monopolise Hide phonetics
verb [T]
1 in business, to control something completely and to prevent other people having any effect on what happens:
The company had monopolized the photography market for so many decades that they didn't worry about competition from other companies.

2 If someone monopolizes a person or a conversation they talk a lot or stop other people being involved:
She completely monopolized the conversation at lunch.

monopolizationUK USUALLY monopolisation
noun [U]

The New York Times leads with, and the LAT and WP front, news that the Senate approved legislation that will give vast new powers to the federal government to regulate tobacco products. The legislation was approved 79 to 17 and is expected to easily make it through the House. It would enable the Food and Drug Administration to impose new controls on how cigarettes, along with other tobacco products, are made and marketed.

n.pl. -nies.
A market situation in which the product or service of several sellers is sought by only one buyer.
[MON(O)– + Greek opsōniā, purchase of food; see duopsony.]
Situation in which one buyer dominates, forcing sellers to agree to the buyer's terms. For example, a tobacco grower may have no choice but to sell his tobacco to one cigarette company that is the only buyer for his product. The cigarette company therefore virtually controls the price at which it buys tobacco. The opposite of a monopsony is a Monopoly.

━━ n. 【経済】(市場における)買い手独占.

noun [C] plural scenarios
a description of possible actions or events in the future:
There are several possible scenarios.
a horrific/nightmare scenario such as a Third World War

worst case scenario noun [S]
the most unpleasant or serious thing which could happen in a situation:
The study concludes that in a worst case scenario there might be up to 80, 000 human infections in Britain arising from BSE beef.

"It's a ridiculous situation. Mattel could simply pull its toys off the shelves when they realised there was a problem. It's nowhere near as simple if the contaminated product is a dental fixture in someone's mouth.

nowhere near
not close in distance, time, amount or quality:
The house was nowhere near the sea.
It's nowhere near time for us to leave yet.
I'm nowhere near finishing the book - I'm only half-way through it.
He's nowhere near as tall as his sister.

"In theory what happened in America should never happen here as there are regulatory bodies which should prevent these problems in the UK.
"But the truth is, if the situation isn't addressed then it is only a matter of time before there is a similar case as in the States. We've watered down all the rules in such a way that you could drive a bus through them.

water sth down (OPINION) phrasal verb [M]
to intentionally make an idea or opinion less extreme or forceful, usually so that other people will accept it:
The party has watered down its socialist ideals in order to appeal to the centre ground.

watered down adjective [before noun]
They have returned with a watered down and more acceptable version of the proposal.

此處有翻譯問題 請參考

"譯場(su)報告" No.38

"In the end, the whole system is profiteering. Any savings made by outsourcing the work to China are never passed on to the patient."
British dentists can now take an impression of a patient's tooth, send it to a Chinese lab by express post and get a crown back within four days.
Suppliers of imported fixtures ask for around £10 per crown, compared to the £100 fee charged by British labs. The cost of a crown on the NHS is around £193.
Medical devices in this country are tightly regulated, but the supply of dental fixtures is harder to control.
Although the materials used to make crowns, bridges and dentures must carry a CE safety mark, there is no way of checking whether the manufacturer has used the correct materials.
Mr Daniel said: "A British laboratory gets routine, unannounced inspections, but outside the EU no one is checking to see what is going into these products."

crowns and dentures

crown:【歯科】(歯の)金冠; (いかりの)下端部.

━━ n. 歯列; (pl.) (一そろいの)義歯; =dental plate.
 ━━ n. 歯科技工士.

中國製補牙材料 含鉛量破表
中 國製補牙材料,包括牙冠、補片、牙橋、假牙等,所隱含的問題同樣在英國引起重視。以牙冠為例,英國當地製造的需要一百英鎊(約台幣六千兩百元),但外包給 中國製造只要十英鎊;而且英國牙醫在打好齒樣、寄給中國廠商後,最快在四天內就可以拿到成品。綜合這些因素,中國製補牙材料在英國的市佔率已經由三年前的 一%上升到現在的五%。
〔記 者胡清暉/台北報導〕美國發生四起牙科患者使用來自中國的補牙材料,卻導致鉛中毒事件。衛生署藥政處長廖繼洲強調,假牙、植牙、牙套、補牙材料屬醫療器 材,國外業者需領有衛生署核准許可證才能進口,目前台灣主要進口國家為美、日,衛生署並未核准中國製造假牙及補牙材料廠商的許可證,若有醫療院所從中國進 口,即觸犯藥事法。

before the feet of the Crown

譚教授說,所謂「東印度公司」實際上一開始就把掠奪中國財富包括在其宗旨中的。 東印度公司墻上的銅牌刻字說要「pour the wealth of India and China before the feet of the Crown」,東印度公司的遠洋船(叫作“East Indiaman”),它的航行最終目的地是中國海岸,這“East Indiaman”是世界上火力最強的強盜船,看到外國船就打信號要其投降,不然就把它擊沉,投降了就把外國船洗劫一空。每一次東印度的船在海上都是滿載 而歸,很多財富都是這樣搶來的。譚教授的英國、印度、中國的三角貿易理論受到廣泛的欣賞。中國把茶葉輸給英國,英國沒銀子去買,就把鴉片輸給中國,東印度 公司自己在加爾各答拍賣鴉片,賣了以後送到廣州,在廣州交錢,把錢交給廣州的東印度公司。英國給予印度的只是殖民政府統治(譚教授說的三角貿易平衡的公式 是:“Chinese tea for Britons, Indian opium for Chinese, British Raj for Indians”)。孫中山曾經針對這種情形,說過「沒有印度,英國就是第三流的國家」的話。英國在廣州茶葉貿易上也採取帝國主義態度,把壟斷者打垮以後 壟斷了中國茶葉出口,這就是monopsony(monopoly是賣家壟斷,monopsony是買家壟斷),英國把中國茶葉都壟斷起來不讓其他國家 買,而由英國自己賣給全世界,對茶葉的壟斷也是導致美國獨立的原因,波士頓茶葉事件便是美國獨立運動的開端。


crowns (複数形) • crowned (過去形) • crowned (過去分詞) • crowning (現在分詞) • crowns (三人称単数現在)
to crown all, (全1件)
1 (王位・帝位などを示す)王冠;(競技の勝利者がかぶる)かんむり;(古代人の)花冠;栄誉
a crown of thorns
2 ((the 〜, しばしばthe C-))王権, (君主国の)統治(権);((the 〜))王位, 君主, 国王;((略式))《スポーツ》王座, チャンピオン
an officer of the crown
relinquishsucceed tothe crown
(1) (北欧諸国などの)貨幣単位:クローナ, クローネ. ⇒KRONA, KRONE1
(2) (紋章・図案などの)王冠;王冠の描かれた貨幣;(昔英国で使われた5シリング相当の)クラウン貨幣.
(3) クラウン紙(15×20インチの印刷紙).
4 (帽子・山などの)最も高い部分, 頂, 頭のてっぺん, 脳天;(鳥の)とさか
the crown of a hill
from crown to toe
5 ((the 〜))(名誉・優秀さ・美などの)絶頂, 極致((of ...))
the crown of womanhoodliterature
6 王冠の形をしたもの;(瓶の)王冠;《時計》竜頭(りゅうず).
7 《植物》
(1) 樹冠.
(2) (ラッパズイセンなどの)副花冠.
8 《歯学》
(1) 歯冠.
(2) 人工歯冠
a gold crown
9 《宝石》冠部.
10 《海事》アンカークラウン;《機械》クラウン歯車.
1III[名]/V[名][名]]〈人に〉王冠[花冠, 頭飾り]をいただかせる;〈人を〉(王位に)つかせる
crown a person king
2 〈人・業績に〉(栄誉などを)授ける, (栄誉などで)報いる((with ...))
be crowned with success
3 ((文))…の頂に(…を)載せる, に冠する;〈歯に〉人工歯冠をかぶせる((with ...))
a mountain crowned with snow
A monument crowns the hill-top.
4 …の最後を(…として)飾る((as ...))
The Pulitzer Prize crowned his career as a journalist.
5 ((俗))〈人の〉頭を殴る.
6 〈構築物に〉凸状の面を与える;〈ロープの端に〉クラウン結びを作る.
7 《チェッカー》〈駒を〉キングに変える.
to crown (it) all
To crown all, he insulted my wife.
[アングロフランス語←ラテン語crōna(花輪). △CORONA


Syllabification: come·ly
Pronunciation: /ˈkəmlē

adjective (comelier, comeliest)





Middle English: probably shortened from becomely 'fitting, becoming', from become.


Pronunciation: /vɪˈnɪə/

Definition of veneer


  • 1 a thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to a coarser wood or other material:a fine-grained veneer [mass noun]:the ceiling was of maple veneer
  • a layer of wood used to make plywood.
  • [in singular] an attractive appearance that covers or disguises someone or something’s true nature or feelings:her veneer of composure cracked a little
  • 2 (also veneer crown) Dentistry a crown in which the restoration is placed over the prepared surface of a natural crown.


[with object] (usually as adjective veneered)
  • cover (something) with a decorative layer of fine wood: a veneered cabinet (as noun veneering)he came here to learn veneering
  • cover or disguise (someone or something’s true nature) with an attractive appearance: he exuded an air of toughness, lightly veneered by the impeccably tailored suit


early 18th century (earlier as fineer): from German furni(e)ren, from Old French fournir 'furnish'