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UNIVERSITY | Harvard, Princeton abolish "master"
At Yale, the University has yet to decide whether to replace the title of master, months after religious studies professor Stephen Davis sparked campus dialogue on the subject when he asked students in his college to refer to him as the “head” of Pierson College rather than the “master.”

Over the past two weeks, Harvard and Princeton have decided to stop using the word “master” in their residential college housing systems.


繆詠華 人同此心,心同此意。我希望別人尊重我的隱私,我也儘量尊重別人的隱私。生死不論。


Stone 上周趕末班車來---戴法國巧克力,所以沒入鏡頭。其實她談到我講the Bible的引用,馬上答,和合本,與我去年翻譯Deming博士採用的,不同:



 Szyk Haggadah
Illustrator: Arthur Szyk,
Translated into English by Cecil Roth
Jerusalem: Massada Press, 196?
On the left is Szyk's illustration of Moses striking the Egyptian taskmaster (Exodus 2:12)


  1. 過了許久梅瑟已經長大,有一次出去探望自己的同胞,看見他們作苦工,又見一個埃及人打他的一個同胞希伯來人;
  2. 他向四面一望,見沒有人,便將那埃及人打死,將他埋在沙土中。
Crime has been falling in Britain since the mid-1990s, with very few exceptions. Police fret about rising online fraud and phishing scams perpetuated by sophisticated global criminal networks. And then there's sheep rustling. Between 2010 and 2011 the cost of thefts of farm animals shot up by 170%, according to NFU Mutual, which insures three-quarters of Britain's farmers http://econ.st/1iDMpds

Skates, Squids and Dollies That Make Striking Video

The products from Cinetics might not be the first accessories a budding videographer should buy, but if you want to create some advanced dolly effects on a budget, they are worth a look.
Delhi Journal
For New Breed of Rustlers, Nothing Is Sacred
With meat eating on the rise in India, cows — considered sacred in Hinduism — are being stolen off the street by cattle rustlers and sold to illegal slaughterhouses.

Simon Legree (SY-muhn li-GREE)

A harsh taskmaster.

After Simon Legree, a brutal slave owner in the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896)

"In Brutal Bosses and Their Prey (1996, Riverhead Books), Harvey Hornstein identifies six variations on Simon Legree." — Sal Marino; Brutal Bosses From Hell; Industry Week; Jun 22, 1998.


táskmàster, ((女性形))-mìstress[tásk・màster, ((女性形))-mìstress] [名]仕事割り当て係;(きびしい)監督, 親方.

Definition of taskmaster in English:

noun (feminine taskmistress ˈtɑːskmɪstrɪs)

A person who imposes a harsh or onerous workloadon someone:he was a hard taskmaster

The rustle of language 作者:Roland Barthes,Richard Howard


1 〈木の葉・絹・紙などが〉サラサラ[カサカサ]いう[という音を立てる]
The gentle wind rustled in the reeds.
2 ((米略式))活発に動く[進む];せっせと働く.
3 ((米略式))家畜を盗む.
1 …をサラサラ[カサカサ]と動かす;…にきぬずれの音をたてさせる
He rustled pages.
2 ((米略式))…をてきぱきと動かす[持って来る, 手に入れる].
3 ((米略式))〈家畜(特に牛)を〉盗む.
rustle up ...
Rustle me up some more wood, will you?
━━[名]((a [the] 〜))サラサラ[カサカサ]いう音;きぬずれの音
the rustle of the leaves
a rustle of whispers
There was a soft rustle to her dress.


Working Paper: Securing Online Advertising—Rustlers and Sheriffs in the New Wild West

http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/6043.htmlDownload the paper. Online advertising remains a "Wild West" where users are faced with ads they ought not believe and where firms overpay for ads without getting the results they were promised. During the past five years, HBS professor Ben Edelman has uncovered hundreds of online advertising scams defrauding thousands of users, including all the Web's top merchants. This chapter summarizes some of what he has found, and what users and advertisers can do to protect themselves.

rustle (STEAL) verb [T] MAINLY US
to steal farm animals


━━ n. 〔米話〕 活動家; 家畜泥棒.


Pronunciation: /ˈrʌs(ə)l/

Definition of rustle


  • 1 [no object] make a soft, muffled crackling sound like that caused by the movement of dry leaves or paper:she came closer, her skirt swaying and rustling
  • [with adverbial of direction] move with a rustling sound:a nurse rustled in
  • [with object] cause (something) to make a rustling sound:Dolly rustled the paper irritably
  • 2 [with object] round up and steal (cattle, horses, or sheep): a murdered rancher whose cattle were being rustled (as noun rustling)horse rustling is a growing problem
  • 3 [no object] North American informal move or act quickly or energetically; hustle:rustle around the kitchen, see what there is


  • a soft, muffled crackling sound like that made by the movement of dry leaves or paper:there was a rustle in the undergrowth behind her

Phrasal Verbs

rustle something up

informal produce something quickly when it is needed:see if you can rustle up a cup of tea for Paula and me, please



late Middle English (as a verb): imitative; compare with Flemish rijsselen and Dutch ritselen. The noun dates from the mid 18th century

dolly zoom

A dolly zoom is aspecial effect on film where the camera lens zooms in, while the camera itself is pulled backward on a dolly. It creates a highly unsettling perspective shift that can be used to dramatic effect, for example in Hitchcock's Vertigo.
It's sweeps, and I've seen twenty dolly zooms this week alone. Stupid TV shows trying to be more dramatic...

Definition of dolly

noun (plural dollies)

  • 1a child’s word for a doll.
  • informal, dated an attractive but unintelligent young woman.
  • 2a small platform on wheels used for holding heavy objects, typically film or television cameras: [as modifier]:a dolly shot
  • 3 Cricket, informal an easy catch: he fumbled a dolly at slip
  • 4 historical a short wooden pole for stirring clothes in a washtub.

verb (dollies, dollying, dollied)

[no object, with adverbial of direction]
(of a film or television camera) be moved on a mobile platform in a specified direction:the camera dollies back to reveal hundreds of people