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"I lingered round them, under that benign sky; watched the moths fluttering among the heath and harebells; listened to the soft wind breathing through the grass; and wondered how any one could ever imagine unquiet slumbers for the sleepers in that quiet earth."
--Mr. Lockwood from WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1847) by Emily Brontë

Steinway & Sons is saying goodbye to the room where Rachmaninoff practiced and the famous basement where up-and-coming virtuosos once catnapped under the pianos.
The piano company Steinway & Sons, which sold its building on West 57th Street, is close to signing a 15-year lease for space at 1133 Avenue of the...

Smart Ticks
Ticks have inbuilt guidance systems, honed by evolution, for reaching the ideal attachment points to suck blood — in mammals that is often the thin-skinned area behind the ear.
urbanisation 市鎮化

Some are more equal than others

China’s need for a new urbanisation policy reaches a critical point 

Humane Society
A novel and essay collection by Elinor Lipman showcase her urbanity and optimism.

 Batting Slumber Over, Japan Moves to Semifinals
New York Times
Batting Slumber Over, Japan Moves to Semifinals. By BRETT BULL. Published: March 10, 2013. TOKYO — As the jubilant Tokyo Dome crowd roared, Japan's manager, Koji Yamamoto, stood on the field and raised his arms in triumph amid camera flashes.

Mass. firm with ties to outbreak-linked pharmacy issues voluntary recall of ...
Washington Post
BOSTON — A company with the same founders as the specialty pharmacy linked to deadly meningitis outbreak said Wednesday that it's recalling all its products after federal inspectors said it must improve its sterility testing process. Dr. Janet ...

《中英對照讀新聞》NYC caught napping among world’s most 24-hour cities 全球不夜城排行榜表現不佳 紐約市措手不及
So New York is the city that never sleeps? Tick that off as just another urban myth.
A new study about the world’s most 24-hour cities ranks New York 32nd on the list, well behind Cairo, Montevideo, Beirut and Malaga and Zaragoza, both in Spain, which captured the top five spots.
Almost every European capital came ahead of New York, with London ranking 17th, Paris 18th, Rome 27th, Lisbon 15th, and even Brussels, commonly thought of as being a sleepy bureaucratic town, came in 11th place in the ranking by the social networking site Badoo.com.
"This will confirm the fears of those who say that New York has grown sterile and sleepy," said Lloyd Price, Badoo’s director of marketing. "Some will call it a humiliation."
The ranking is based on an analysis of 120 million online chats spanning 122 million people in 180 countries, which showed activity peaked in Cairo at nearly 1 a.m., which is much later than New York.

slumber party noun [C] US
a party when a group of children spend the night at one child's house
See also sleep-over at sleep over.

On Monday, Apple had issued a press release warning of “irreparable damage” to iPhones that have been modified or unlocked from the AT&T network. It also threatened users that “the permanent inability to use an iPhone due to installing unlocking software is not covered under the iPhone’s warranty.”
This caused a scurry by hackers to develop software that will relock iPhones before software updates. It’s like kids at the slumber party turning out the lights and jumping under the covers each time mom thumps up the stairs.

Steve Jobs Girds for the Long iPhone War


Japan drops humpback whale hunt
2007/12/21 清晨還在看bbc的相關特別節目日本外交部一位眉目清秀的發言者還信誓旦旦他們所作所為都"合法"不過真搞不清楚他們的"世情"--世界輿論--之了解.......

Japan's whale backdown 'significant
'The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia"

I think this is a significant climbdown for the Japanese Government," he said. "This would not have been easy for them." Mr Shallhorn said a protest signed ...

鎮上的其他人在停在綠地或路邊的汽車里過夜。雖然這裡的氣氛有時就像全城的人在開睡衣晚會(slumber party)﹐但週邊鄉村的破壞景象還是讓人感到了災難的氣息。該市最大的一家醫院外面已搭起帳篷﹐救治源源不斷涌入的傷者。一位母親被人帶走時止不住地 抽泣。醫生們說﹐自地震發生以來他們沒有休息過﹐一直在工作。

slumber party noun [C] US
a party when a group of children spend the night at one child's house
sleep over phrasal verb INFORMAL
to sleep in someone else's home for a night:
If you don't want to catch a train home at that time of night, you're welcome to sleep over.

noun [C]
(a type of party) when a young person or a group of young people stay for the night at the house of a friend

noun [C or U] LITERARY
I fell into a gentle slumber.
I didn't want to rouse you from your slumbers.
FIGURATIVE Sharp cuts in interest rates have failed to bring the economy out of its slumber.

to sleep
back down phrasal verb
to admit that you were wrong or agree not to do something
The council backed down over rent increases. (from Cambridge Learner's Dictionary)

climb down phrasal verb UK
to change your opinion or admit that you were wrong:
The government has been forced to climb down over the issue of increased taxes.

climbdown Show phonetics
noun [C] UK Saying she was wrong was a difficult climbdown for Sarah.

bridge was found in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary at the entries listed below.

━━ n. 橋; 船[艦]橋; 鼻柱; 歯橋; (バイオリンなどの)こま; (めがねの)橋梁(りょう)部; (放送劇などの場面間の)つなぎ音楽; 【トランプ】ブリッジ; (ビリヤードの)キュー架; 【化】架橋; 【石油】棚; 【電気】ブリッジ(回路); 【コンピュータ】ブリッジ ((ネットワークの橋渡し)); 【服】ブリッジ ((最高級品と一般の顧客を橋渡しするためのやや安価に設定した商品)).
 build bridges (between) (…の)橋渡しをする.
Japanese PM returns from bridge-building trip to China
CNN International - USA
BEIJING, China (AP) -- Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda returned home Sunday after a highly symbolic trip to the birthplace of the ancient Chinese ...

 burn one's bridges (behind one) 背水の陣を敷く.
 cross one's bridges when one comes to them / not cross one's bridges before one comes to them 取り越し苦労をしない.
━━ vt. 橋をかける; 橋渡しをする.
 bridge over (一時的に)しのがせる.
 bridge・head 橋頭堡(ほ); 足がかり ((for)).
 bridge loan つなぎ融資 (bridging loan).
 bridge of boats 浮き橋, 舟橋.
 Bridge of Sighs (the ~) 嘆きの橋 ((Veniceにある橋;昔罪人が刑務所に入るときに渡った)).
 bridge rectifier 【電子工】ブリッジ整流器.
 bridge・ware 【コンピュータ】ブリッジウェア ((「橋渡し」用のソフトウェア)).
 bridge・work 架橋工事; 架工義歯.
 bridg・ing ━━ n. 【コンピュータ】ネットワークを橋渡しすること.
bridge loan (銀行の)つなぎ資金融資.
bridge product 【コンピュータ】=bridgeware.

bridging loan UK noun [C] (US bridge loan)
an arrangement by which a bank lends a person some money for a short time until that person can get the money from somewhere else, often so that they can buy another house before they sell their own(from Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

过桥贷款经常用于商业性的房地产购置,很快地出售一笔财产,从丧失赎回权的抵押品中重新得到房地产,利用短期融资的机会为获得长期融资提供担保.从房地产市场来看, .


Remaining as an unused portion or amount.
  1. A remnant or an unused portion.
  2. leftovers Food remaining from a previous meal.


  1. An instance of spending the night as a guest at another's home.
  2. An overnight guest.
A sleepover, also known as a pajama party or a slumber party (or less commonly, a snoozer), is a party where a guest or guests are invited to stay overnight. They are most frequently combined with a birthday party or other special occasion. Another common type of a sleepover is a lock-in, where the participants stay at a public place.

be caught napping:慣用語,事發時未預先做好準備;措手不及。例句:As the investigations into the serial blasts progress, it becomes clear that the police were caught napping despite warnings and alerts from the Intelligence bureau over the past couple of months.(隨著連續爆炸案的調查工作持續進展,儘管情報局過去2個月來曾提出警告與警戒,爆炸案顯然令警方措手不及。)

(năp) pronunciation
A brief sleep, often during the day.

intr.v., napped, nap·ping, naps.

  1. To sleep for a brief period, often during the day; doze.
  2. To be unaware of imminent danger or trouble; be off guard: The civil unrest caught the police napping.
[Middle English, from nappen, to doze, from Old English hnappian.]
napper nap'per n.
WORD HISTORY The famous verse 4 of Psalm 121, rendered in the King James Version as "Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep," 看,那保護以色列者,不打盹也不會睡著。 is rendered in a Middle English translation as "Loo, ha shal not nappen ne slepen that kepeth ireal." The word nappen is indeed the Middle English ancestor of our word nap. Lest it be thought undignified to say that God could nap, it must be realized that our word nap was at one time not associated only with the younger and older members of society nor simply with short periods of rest. The ancestors of our word, Old English hnappian and its descendant, Middle English nappen, could both refer to prolonged periods of sleep as well as short ones and also, as in the quotation from Psalm 121, to sleepiness. But these senses have been lost. Since the word has become less dignified, we would not find nap used in a modern translation of Psalm 121.


Line breaks: cat¦nap
Pronunciation: /ˈkatnap


A short sleep during the day.

VERB (catnapscatnappingcatnapped)

[NO OBJECT]Back to top  
Have a catnap:Carradine catnapped in a hammock between two chairs

A tipple before bedtime may get you off to sleep faster but it can disrupt your night’s slumber.
The famous verse 4 of Psalm 121, rendered in the King James Version as "Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep," 看,那保護以色列者,不打盹也不會睡著。

((文))[動](自)まどろむ, うとうとする, 無活動状態にある, 〈火山などが〉休止している.━━(他)1 〈時・生涯などを〉うとうとして[無為に]過ごす((away, out, throu...
slumber party
((米))パジャマパーティー:10代の少女たちが友人の家で一晩, 寝巻き姿で過ごす.
Global alcohol consumption is stable. But some people are tippling more, in ways that hurt themselves and others. At stake are not just vomit-drenched streets. Deaths linked to drinking have tripled since 1990; in that time alcohol has gone from the sixth to the third leading cause of death and disability worldwide http://econ.st/IYXGoP

Definition of tick


  • a parasitic arachnid that attaches itself to the skin of a terrestrial vertebrate from which it sucks blood, leaving the host when sated. Some species transmit diseases, including tularemia and Lyme disease.
    • Suborder Ixodida, order Acarina (or Acari)
  • informal a parasitic louse fly.
tick something off:慣用語,列清單。例句:He had lots of objections, and he ticked them off one after another.(他有很多異議,並逐一列舉。)

phrasal verb - tick off
    To name or specify one by one: enumerate, itemize, list1, numerate. Seecount, specific/general.
An urban legend, urban myth, urban tale, or contemporary legend, is a form of modern folklore consisting of stories usually believed by their tellers to be true.


Pronunciation: /əːˈbanɪti/

Definition of urbanity


[mass noun]
  • 1courteousness and refinement of manner: that polished urbanity of his
  • 2urban life: a picture of banal urbanity


mid 16th century: from French urbanité or Latin urbanitas, from urbanus 'belonging to the city' (see urban)


(stĕr'əl, -īl') pronunciation
  1. Not producing or incapable of producing offspring.
    1. Not producing or incapable of producing seed, fruit spores, or other reproductive structures. Used of plants or their parts.
    2. Producing little or no vegetation; unfruitful: sterile land.
  2. Free from live bacteria or other microorganisms: a sterile operating area; sterile instruments.
  3. Lacking imagination, creativity, or vitality.
  4. Lacking the power to function; not productive or effective; fruitless: a sterile discussion.
[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin sterilis.]
sterilely ster'ile·ly adv.
sterileness ster'ile·ness or ste·ril'i·ty (stə-rĭl'ĭ-tē) n.


  • 発音記号[stəríləti]


Definition of urban


  • 1in, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city:the urban population
  • 2 (also urban contemporary) denoting or relating to popular dance music of black origin:hip-hop’s traditionally urban vibe







early 17th century: from Latin urbanus, from urbs, urb- 'city'