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to polish, sheen, coarsen into triviality, in a bind, personal touch, humanity

"The Road Was Lit With Moon And Star" by Emily Dickinson, who was born 185 years ago today in 1830.
The Road was lit with Moon and star -
The Trees were bright and still -
Descried I - by the distant Light
A Traveller on a Hill -
To magic Perpendiculars
Ascending, though Terrene -
Unknown his shimmering ultimate -
But he indorsed the sheen -

Today’s tech billionaires have a lot in common with a previous generation of capitalist titans—perhaps too much for their own good. They have been diversifying into businesses that have little to do with computers, while egotistically proclaiming that they alone can solve mankind’s problems, from ageing to space travel. These new capitalists are losing their sheen http://econ.st/1xyUTdI

The instances in which Veriaine employs asso- 
ciation, this first device of intimacy, are without 
number, and in his later poems they multiply and 
coarsen into triviality.

A Campaign Seeks to Infuse a Bank With Humanity

TD Bank is trading the celebrity endorsement of Regis Philbin for an approach reflecting its slogan as "America's Most Convenient Bank," focusing on personal touch in a new campaign.

The Genteel Nation
A recent poll found that the majority of Americans believe the nation is in decline. That is debatable. But a shift under way from industry to polish is real.
Electric cars risk losing green sheen in Japan
By YURI KAGEYAMA Electric car owners who prided themselves on being green now find themselves in a bind as Japan's government maneuvers to restart dozens of nuclear power plants idled after last year's meltdowns. For decades, nuclear generation has ...

1 束縛, 強制;束ねること;装本;便秘.
2 縛るもの(ひもなど);縫い目.
3 《音楽》結合[連結]線.
4 (ホップなどの)つる(bine).
5 ((略式))退屈な人[もの];((米略式))苦境, 困った状態
in a bind
help a person out of the bind


Line breaks: coars¦en
Pronunciation: /ˈkɔːs(ə)n/


  • 1Make or become rough: [with object]: her hands were coarsened by outside work [no object]: his facial features appeared to coarsen with age
2Make or become vulgar or unpleasant: [with object]: her experience has not coarsened her or made her cynical More example sentencesSynonyms

v., -ished, -ish·ing, -ish·es. v.tr.
  1. To make smooth and shiny by rubbing or chemical action.
  2. To remove the outer layers from (grains of rice) by rotation in drums.
  3. To free from coarseness; refine: polish one's manners.
  4. To remove flaws from; perfect or complete: polish one's piano technique; polish up the lyrics.
  1. To become smooth or shiny by or as if by being rubbed.
  2. To become perfect or refined.
  1. Smoothness or shininess of surface or finish.
  2. A substance containing chemical agents or abrasive particles and applied to smooth or shine a surface: shoe polish.
  3. The act or process of polishing.
  4. Elegance of style or manners; refinement.
phrasal verb:
polish off Informal.
  1. To finish or dispose of quickly and easily.
[Middle English polisshen, from Old French polir, poliss-, from Latin polīre.]
polisher pol'ish·er n.

1 〈靴・家具・ガラスなどを〉磨く, 光らせる, …のつやを出す((up));[V[名][形]]…を磨いて…の状態にする
polish rice
polish (up) the floor
polish table silver gleaming
2 〈態度などを〉上品にする, 洗練する;〈文章などに〉磨きをかける, …の仕上げをする((up))
polish one's verses
3 …をこすり取る;((比喩))…を取り去って洗練する((away, out)).
━━(自)(磨いて)つやが出る, なめらかになる.
polish ... off/polish off ...
(1) 〈食べ物などを〉さっと平らげる;〈仕事を〉す早く仕上げる.
(2) 〈相手を〉(楽々と)やっつける;殺す, 「ばらす」.
(3) 〈文章などに〉磨きをかける(⇒(他)2).
1 [U]磨く材料, つや出し, 磨き粉.
2 [U][C]磨く[つやを出す]こと;光沢, つや, なめらかさ
leather with a high polish
3 [U][C]洗練, 上品さ.

[類語]polish磨きをかけて出したつや. gloss表面のなめらかさ, 光沢:the gloss of enamelwareほうろう鉄器のつや. luster, sheen光沢を反射する光としてとらえた言い方:the luster of gold金の光沢/a silky sheen絹の光沢. 比喩的にpolishは「洗練された美しさ」, glossは「うわべだけの魅力」, lusterは「名声などからくる栄光」.

[中フランス語←ラテン語polīre(磨く)+-ISH=なめらかにする][名]磨く人, つや出し器.

Line breaks: sheen
Pronunciation: /ʃiːn /

Definition of sheen in English:


A soft lustre on a surface:black crushed velvet with a slight sheenfigurative he seemed to shine with that unmistakable show biz sheen


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Shine or cause to shine softly:[WITH OBJECT]: men entered with rain sheening theirsteel helms[NO OBJECT]: her black hair sheened in the sun


early 17th century: from obsolete sheen 'beautiful, resplendent'; apparently related to the verb shine.

  • [ʃíːn]
1 [U]((時にa〜))(柔かい)光沢, つや;輝き. ⇒POLISH[類語]
2 ((詩))華麗な衣装.