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attack, acid attacks, fulminate, thin-skinned, thick-skinned, get under someone's skin

Then Al Gore called. Mr. Dean fulminated, uninterrupted, for 10 minutes, “ranting and raving,” he recalled. But Mr. Gore, schooled in the art of painful concessions, was blunt. “You know, Howard,” he said, “This is not really about you. This is about the country.”

 "With a litre of sulphuric acid..he poured it on me...it burned my entire face, my arms and my abdomen". We hear from an acid attack survivor in Colombia who has inspired lawmakers to invoke harsher penalties.

The BBC's Natalio Cosoy meets acid attack survivor, Natalia Ponce de…

Saul Leiter was famed for his richly-hued color photographs. Yet when he first came to Howard Greenberg’s attention, it was his black and white street photos that stunned the New York gallery owner, who immediately gave him a one-man show.
“His picture making was filled with a lyrical romanticism without being sentimental,” Mr. Greenberg recalled. “It’s poetic, it’s very emotional and it’s also very smart,” Mr. Greenberg said. “It gets under your skin."

Saul Leiter’s Black-and-White World

Though he was famed for his color photography, Saul Leiter’s earliest work was in black-and-white, and just as personal and powerful as his later images.


'Fake' Van Gogh in Attack Turns Out to Be Real4

Norway pauses to remember attacks, one year on

One year after attacks that claimed the lives of 77 people, Norwegians took part in ceremonies of remembrance across the country. The man who has confessed to the killings still awaits his verdict.

NYT: Assange is "Arrogant, Think-Skinned"
The New York Times editor writes a first-hand account detailing the paper's saga with the Wikileaks documents, harshly criticizing the group's founder but insisting he shouldn't be prosecuted.


此Think-Skinned 似乎是parody thin-skinned

 * Feisty heavyweight set to lead German Social Democrats

The TV Watch

A Throwback Is True to Form, Feisty Right to the End

Regis Philbin promised not to cry amid all the tributes on his "Live! With Regis and Kelly" finale, and he didn't.
Almost daily, angry postings to this open forum fulminate over every new outrage and make the usual calls of victimhood: for boycotts, for petitions, for a general uprising against...



  1. To issue a thunderous verbal attack or denunciation: fulminated against political chicanery.
  2. To explode or detonate.
  1. To issue (a denunciation, for example) thunderously.
to fulminate against the crime wave. 严厉攻击猖厥的犯罪行为
  1. To cause to explode.
An explosive salt of fulminic acid, especially fulminate of mercury.
[Middle English fulminaten, from Latin fulmināre, fulmināt-, to strike with lightning, from fulmen, fulmin-, lightning that strikes.]



━━ v. ぴかっと光る, 雷が鳴る; どなる ((against)); 爆発する[させる]; 非難を浴びる[せる].
━━ n. 【化】雷酸塩 ((爆発性を有する化合物)).
 ful・mi・na・tion ━━ n.

get under someone's skin

1Annoy or irritate someone intensely:it was the sheer effrontery of them which got under my skin

thin-skinned (adjective) Quick to take offense.
Synonyms:huffy, touchy, feisty
Usage:My thin-skinned students often mistake my constructive criticism for personal attacks.


Syllabification: (at·tack)
Pronunciation: /əˈtak/
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[with object]
  • take aggressive action against (a place or enemy forces) with weapons or armed force, typically in a battle or war:in December, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor [no object]:Italian forces attacked in October
  • (of a person or animal) act against (someone or something) aggressively in an attempt to injure or kill:a doctor was attacked by two youths
  • (of a disease, chemical substance, or insect) act harmfully on:HIV is thought to attack certain cells in the brain
  • criticize or oppose fiercely and publicly:he attacked the government’s defense policy
  • begin to deal with (a problem or task) in a determined and vigorous way:a plan of action to attack unemployment
  • [no object] make an aggressive or forceful attempt to score a goal or point, or gain or exploit an advantage in a game against an opposing team or player: (as adjective attacking)the home team showed some good attacking play
  • Chess move into or be in a position to capture (an opponent’s piece).


  • an aggressive and violent action against a person or place:he was killed in an attack on a checkpoint three classrooms were gutted in the arson attack
  • destructive action by a disease, chemical, or insect:the tissue is open to attack by fungus
  • a sudden short bout of an illness or stress:an attack of nausea an asthma attack
  • an instance of fierce public criticism or opposition:he launched a stinging attack on the White House
  • a determined attempt to tackle a problem or task:an attack on inflation
  • Music the manner of beginning to play or sing a passage.
  • forceful and decisive style in performing music or another art:the sheer attack of Hendrix’s playing
  • an aggressive attempt to score a goal, win points, or gain or exploit an advantage in a game.
  • Chess a threat to capture an opponent’s piece.


under attack

subject to aggressive, violent, or harmful action:his paintings have come under attack for their satanic content


early 17th century: from French attaque (noun), attaquer (verb), from Italian attacco 'an attack', attaccare 'join battle', based on an element of Germanic origin (see attach)


  • レベル:最重要
  • 発音記号[ətǽk]
1 〈人・場所に〉(敵意をもって激しく)襲いかかる, を攻撃する(⇔defend)
attack a city
Our dog attacked the burglar and drove him off.
2 〈人・意見・行為などを〉(…のことで)非難する, こきおろす((for ...))
attack (the views of) the Government
3 〈仕事などに〉(精力的に)取りかかる, 着手する
attack a lunch
attack a problem in electronics
4 〈病気・化学物質などが〉〈人・物を〉冒す
be attacked by a fit of rheumatism
Acid attacks metal.
5 《スポーツ》〈相手ゴールに〉襲いかかる, を攻撃する.
6 〈女性を〉襲う, 強姦(ごうかん)する.
━━(自)襲う, 攻撃を始める.
1 (…への)攻撃, 襲撃;非難((on, upon, against ...))
an air attack
a frontal [a flank] attack
launch an attack
make a vigorous [a violent] attack onagainst] ...
becomeunder attack
2 ((しばしばan 〜))発病, (…の)発作((of ...))
an attack of rage
have a heart attack
He had an attack of conscience.
3 (仕事などへの)取り組み, 着手, 開始;《音楽》アタック(音楽の出のきっかけ).
4 (サッカーなどの)攻撃;攻撃陣.
5 強姦(未遂).