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sway, jolt, special-seeming tapas, shrunken-seeming, tension, tantrism, tantric, efficacious

La Cité du Vin — which is housed in a stunning structure that puts Disneyland to shame — also has two restaurants on-site. One offers dishes made from in-season regional produce, while the other boasts 800 bottles of wine from around the world and some special-seeming tapas.

 At most performances he also plays the last unrequited love of Johnson’s life, Mrs Thrale, but on press night the part was taken by Trudie Styler. Those tantric sex sessions with her husband Sting are clearly efficacious, for she looked terrific and after a hesitant start proved a proficient actress, too.

“Everyone has his or her own views and is unlikely to be swayed by the views of any single media group.”

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books.google.com/books?isbn=0521584310...David Herbert Lawrence, James T. Boulton - 2004 - Literary Collections - 425 頁
But it was black with age, and shrunken-seeming. I shivered. "How old is that chair?" I said. "It is just about a thousand years! a case of special ...

China's growing sway felt in north Japan ski town
BusinessWeek By MALCOLM FOSTER A new language can be heard on the slopes of this popular ski resort in northern Japan: Chinese. Foreign tourists and investors have flocked to scenic Niseko in recent years, giving this rural region a badly needed economic jolt. ...

Buffett Bets $5 Billion on BofA
Bank of America said it will get a $5 billion infusion from Warren Buffett, giving the nation's biggest bank a desperately needed jolt of confidence at a time when investors are questioning its health.

In Bid to Sway Sales, Cameras Track Shoppers
Retailers say they are using video cameras to watch customers as a way to make shopping in stores more enjoyable, but privacy advocates are skeptical.

Calculating Consumer Happiness at Any Price By JOHN TIERNEY
Could it be that humans are not quite as gullible as advertised? Researchers can’t always sway diners with the lure of a bargain.

At least 25 artifacts have lately come back to Greece, including fragments from the Parthenon frieze that were displayed for decades at museums in Italy, Germany and the Vatican.
So far the British Museum trustees have not seemed to be swayed, beyond the offer of the three-month loan.
Late on Friday, about 50 Greek demonstrators marched at the base of the Acropolis to protest the British Museum’s defiance.

Russia, Testing U.S. Sway, Offers Lebanon 10 Warplanes

The 10 MIG-29 fighter jets would significantly upgrade their antiquated air force and serve as a slap to the United States, Lebanon’s main military partner.

China Tensions Could Sway Vote in Taiwan

Suppression of protests in Tibet has hurt the Nationalist Party, which aims for closer relations with mainland China.


Pronunciation: /ˈtapas/ 


Small Spanish savoury dishes, typically served with drinks at a bar:[AS MODIFIER]: a tapas bar


Spanish tapa, literally 'cover, lid' (because the dishes were given free with the drink, served on a dish balanced on, therefore ‘covering’, the glass).


Pronunciation: /ˈsiːmɪŋ/ 


1Appearing to be real or true, but not necessarily being so; apparent:Ellen’s seeming indifference to the woman’s fate
1.1[IN COMBINATION] Giving the impression of having a specified quality:an angry-seeming man


[MASS NOUN] literary
The outward appearance or aspect of someone or something, especially when considered as deceptive or as distinguished from reality:that dissidence between inward reality and outward seeming


  1. To move or dislodge with a sudden, hard blow; strike heavily or jarringly: jolted his opponent with a heavy punch; an impact that jolted the mailbox loose.
  2. To cause to move jerkily: stops and starts that jolted the passengers.
  3. To put into a specified condition by or as if by a blow: "Now and then he jolted a nodding reader awake by inserting a witty paragraph" (Walter Blair).
  4. To make suddenly active or effective: The remark jolted my memory.
  5. To disturb suddenly and severely; stun: She was jolted by the betrayal of her trusted friend.
To proceed in an irregular, bumpy, or jerky fashion.

  1. A sudden jarring or jerking, as from a heavy blow or an abrupt movement. See synonyms at collision.
    1. A sudden, strong feeling of surprise or disappointment; a shock.
    2. The cause of such a feeling: The news came as a jolt.
  2. A brief strong portion: a jolt of electricity; a jolt of whiskey.
[Origin unknown.]
jolter jolt'er n.
joltily jolt'i·ly adv.
jolty jolt'y adj.

1 〈物・人が〉(前後[左右]に)揺れる, 〈人が〉ふらつく
the tree swaying in the wind
2 〈車などが〉(ある方向に)傾く, 動く((to ...)).
3 〈人・意見が〉(ある傾向に)傾く((to, toward ...));〈意見が〉ぐらつく;〈人が〉(…の間で)思い迷う((about/between ...))
He was swaying toward idealism.
She was swaying between several distinct viewpoints.
1 …を(前後[左右]に)動かす, 揺すぶる, …を(ある方向に)動かす, 傾ける((to, into ...)). 
2 〈決心などを〉ぐらつかせる;((通例受身))〈人・言葉などが〉〈人・心などを〉傾かす, …に影響を与える;〈人の〉(目的・方針などを)変えさせる((from ...))
He swayed his son away from entering college.
3 ((詩))…を支配[左右]する.
1 揺れること, 動揺
the sway and saw of the bus
2 ((文))統治(権), 支配(権);((時にa 〜))支配力, 影響力
exert one's full sway
be under the sway of foreign powers
He held all Europe in his sway. [=He held sway over all Europe. ]
3 ひいき, 偏向.
4 動き
the sway of things
時勢, 時流.

Tantra (Sanskritतन्त्र , "loom, warp"; hence "principle, system, doctrine", from the two root words tanoti "stretch, extend, expand", and trayati "liberation"), anglicised tantricism or tantrism or tantram, is the name scholars give to an inter-religious spiritual movement that arose in medieval India, expressed in scriptures (called "Tantras").
An important characteristic of this movement was that it is a radically positive, world-embracing vision of the whole of reality as an expression of a joyous Divine Consciousness (for example, as the divine play of Shakti and Shiva.[1]). Tantric spiritual practices and rituals aim to bring about an inner realization of this truth, bringing freedom from ignorance and rebirth in the process.[1] Though not the case with most Tantric practices, in some schools of "left-handed" Tantra (Vamachara), ritual sexual practice is employed as a way of entering into the underlying processes and structure of the universe.[2]

周一良唐代密宗 Tantrism in China / 天地一書生/ 魏晉南北朝史論集/魏晉南北朝史札記

sway (CONTROL) Show phonetics
noun [U] FORMAL
control or influence:
In the 1980s, the organization came under the sway of (= became strongly influenced by) Christian fundamentalism.
Her parents no longer seem to have much sway over her.v., swayed, sway·ing, sways. v.intr.
  1. To swing back and forth or to and fro. See synonyms at swing.
  2. To incline or bend to one side; veer: She swayed and put out a hand to steady herself.
    1. To incline toward change, as in opinion or feeling.
    2. To fluctuate, as in outlook.
  1. To cause to swing back and forth or to and fro.
  2. To cause to incline or bend to one side.
  3. Nautical. To hoist (a mast or yard) into position.
    1. To divert; deflect.
    2. To exert influence on or control over: His speech swayed the voters.
  4. Archaic.
    1. To rule or govern.
    2. To wield, as a weapon or scepter.
  1. The act of moving from side to side with a swinging motion.
  2. Power; influence.
  3. Dominion or control.
[Middle English sweien, probably of Scandinavian origin.]
swayer sway'er n.
swayingly sway'ing·ly adv.

tension Show phonetics
1 [U] a feeling of nervousness before an important or difficult event:
You could feel the tension in the room as we waited for our exam results.
See also tension at tense (STRETCHED).

2 [C usually plural; U] a feeling of fear or anger between two groups of people who do not trust each other:
ethnic/racial tension
There are growing tensions betweeen the two countries.

(MOVE) Show phonetics
1 [I] to move slowly from side to side:
The trees were swaying in the wind.
The movement of the ship caused the mast to sway from side to side/backwards and forwards.
A drunk was standing in the middle of the street, swaying uncertainly and trying hard to stay upright.

2 [T] to cause something to move or change:
Recent developments have swayed the balance of power in the region.sway (PERSUADE) Show phonetics
verb [T]
to persuade someone to believe or do one thing rather than another:
Her speech failed to sway her colleagues into supporting the plan.


ef • fi • ca • cious
[形]((形式))〈措置・薬などが〉(…に)有効な((against ..., in doing)). ⇒EFFECTIVE[類語]
an efficacious remedy
efficacious againstin combating] fever