2015年12月10日 星期四

emanate, chapel, mute, brutal, a cappella, psyche up

The Chai Notes, Cornell's Jewish, co-ed a cappella group, sang this evening at the White House Hanukkah party for President Obama and guests!

The Chai Notes 和 Sloane Applebaum 跟其他 16 個人
"Give it up for The Chai Notes." -President Barack Obama ‪#‎chainotestakedc‬

Oh God awaken
that which has slept so long
the buds are yearning for You
they want to emanate their perfume

 Connie Lim: I started when I was young. I started writing songs when I was five, and they were all piano-based. Then, I got into dance team in high school, I transitioned out of dance and started writing lyrics to chords, and then I got into a capella [at UC Berkeley]. The a capella group that I was part of was like the group from Pitch Perfect. [laughs] We did the ICCAs [International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella], and I won the regional soloist award, got addicted to songwriting, left my educational path and started doing freelance music.

The ecological vision: reflections on the American condition

 Peter Druckerby

這本書1993年出版時在東京的Okura Hotel 的書局見過 一念之差沒買
(評 很少加原文 注解有些錯誤 譬如說76頁 英國的特殊 chapel意思 原書中已指出那是給給非官員或貴族的商人用的 他們是國教........第14章The Unfashionable Kierkegaard 翻譯成"不入流的克爾凱郭爾"也是錯誤的.......)

FTC Chairman: Google Offers 'Brutal Choice' on Privacy Policies
National Journal
By Juliana Gruenwald The chairman of the Federal Trade Commission said on Sunday that Googlewas giving consumers a "binary and somewhat brutal" choice on whether they want to go along with the changes to the company's privacy policies set to go into ...

Low End Mutes Nokia Loss
Nokia swung to a second successive net loss in the third quarter, but reported better-than-expected results thanks to higher sales of its low-end cell phones.

A cappella (Italian for "in the manner of the church" or "in the manner of the chapel",[1] also see gospel music and choir) music is specifically solo or group singing without instrumental sound, or a piece intended to be performed in this way. It contrasts with cantata, which is accompanied singing.
沒有樂器伴奏,舞台上的人只要開口就有樂音,可以古典、可以爵士,音樂風格可以五花八門,就是阿卡貝拉(A Cappella)無樂器伴奏的純人聲音樂。台灣推廣阿卡貝拉超過10年,孕育出不少優秀團體,也培養了越來越多樂迷,今年夏天就有一場集合眾多阿卡貝拉 樂團共同演出的音樂會,讓人體會「純粹人聲」的十足魅力。

 a cappella
 (ä' kə-pĕl'əpronunciation
adv. Music
Without instrumental accompaniment.

[Italian : a, in the manner of + cappella, chapel, choir.]


1 無言の, 沈黙した;音[声]を出さない
(as) mute as a fish [a mouse, a poker, a stone]
2 ((古風))(障害のため)言葉をしゃべれない. ⇒DUMB 1
3 《音声学》
(1) 黙字の
a mute letter
黙字(▼hourの 〔h〕 など).
(2) 閉鎖音の
mute consonants
閉鎖子音(▼ 〔p〕 〔t〕 〔k〕 など).
4 《法律》〈被告が〉(法廷で)黙秘する, 答弁しない.
1 (楽器の)弱音器, ミュート.
2 《音声学》黙音, 閉鎖音;黙字.
3 ものが言えない人.
4 だんまり役者;《法律》(法廷で)答弁しない被告.
5 ((英・廃))(葬式の)嘆き屋.
1 〈音を〉消す, 弱める;〈楽器の〉音を弱める
Carpets muted the sound of footsteps.
2 〈物の色調を〉やわらげる, ぼかす.
3 〈感情を〉やわらげる.

《中英對照讀新聞》London commuters "psyche up" for the underground 倫敦通勤族搭地鐵要「做好心理準備」

London’s underground train system suffers from so much overcrowding that passengers have to "psyche" themselves up to cope with the stress of using it, according to a report on Tuesday.
A survey by the London Assembly’s Transport Committee found that 80 percent of travellers endured overcrowding which caused discomfort, while more than half were unable to board the first train at a station because it was packed.
The situation was so bad that "Tube" commuters had to prepare mentally themselves for their journey in order to cope, researchers found.
Their methods included "psyching oneself up for the ’struggle to clamber on board,’" a "dog-eat dog or survival of the fittest attitude" or suspending usual behaviour such as going for a seat even if a pregnant woman or someone with a baby wanted it.

psyche up︰片語,使心理上做好準備、使激動。例句︰He psyched himself up for the race.(他為賽跑做了充分的心理準備。)

psych, psyche

━━ vt. 〔話〕 精神分析をする; (相手の心を)読む; 心理療法[作戦]を用いる, 動揺させる.
 psych out (心理的に)動揺する.
 psych up 心構えをする, …に対して集中力を高める ((for)).

Excite emotionally, as in The chorus was really psyched up for performing in Symphony Hall. [Slang; c. 1970]
━━ n. 〔俗〕 確固とした心構え, 集中した精神.

cope with︰片語,應付、處理。例句︰There was more work than I could cope with.(工作多到我應付不來。)
dog-eat-dog︰名詞,原指會狗咬狗的狗,此喻為損人利己的人。例句︰The financial sector is reputedly a brutal dog-eat-dog world.(據說金融業是一個狗咬狗的殘忍世界。)


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[brúːtl]
1 残忍[粗暴, 非人間的]な;獣の(ような)
be brutal to dogs
2 〈気候が〉きびしい, 荒々しい.
3 〈事実が〉冷厳な;〈人間が〉冷酷なほど率直な.

(chăp'əl) pronunciation
    1. A place of worship that is smaller than and subordinate to a church.
    2. A place of worship in an institution, such as a prison, college, or hospital.
    3. A recess or room in a church set apart for special or small services.
    4. A place of worship for those not belonging to an established church.
    5. The services held at a chapel: Students attend chapel each morning.
  1. Music. A choir or orchestra connected with a place of worship at a royal court.
    1. A funeral home.
    2. A room in a funeral home used for conducting funeral services.
[Middle English chapele, from Old French, from Medieval Latin capella, chapel, canopy, cape (perhaps from a shrine containing the cape of St. Martin of Tours), diminutive of capa, from Late Latin cappa, hooded cloak.]


  • レベル:大学入試程度
  • 発音記号[tʃǽpəl]

1 (教区教会堂・大聖堂以外の)礼拝堂, 小教会堂;(施設・私邸内などの)付属礼拝堂, 礼拝室.
2 ((英))非国教徒の礼拝所 案此解釋待澄清 原指特定宗教團體;(chapelでの)礼拝(式);礼拝への出席
keep [miss] chapel
go to chapel
3 (教区教会の)分会堂.
4 (礼拝堂や宮廷などの)音楽隊.
5 葬儀場[室].
6 ((英))印刷所;印刷工組合.
[古フランス語←後ラテン語capella (cappa帽子+-ella指小辞=小さな帽子→ずきんのついた外套(がいとう)). 4世紀のToursの僧St. Martinの外套が保存されている聖所→同種の聖堂. △CHAPLAIN

記一次路思義教堂(The Luce Chapel)的禮拜

Word of the Day:
emanate (EM-uh-nayt)

verb tr., intr.: To emit or to come out.

From Latin emanare (to flow out), from ex- (out of) + manare (to flow).

"The head of the Vatican Museum has warned that dust and pollution from tourists visiting the Sistine Chapel could endanger its priceless artworks. 'Such a crowd... emanates sweat, breath, carbon dioxide, all sorts of dust,' he said." — Vatican Tourists 'Ruining Sistine Chapel'; The Independent (London, UK); Sep 10, 2010.


Pronunciation: /ˈɛməneɪt/
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Definition of emanate


[no object] (emanate from)
  • (of a feeling, quality, or sensation) issue or spread out from (a source):warmth emanated from the fireplace she felt an undeniable charm emanating from him
  • originate from; be produced by:the proposals emanated from a committee
  • [with object] give out or emit (a feeling, quality, or sensation):he emanated a powerful brooding air


mid 18th century: from Latin emanat- 'flowed out', from the verb emanare, from e- (variant of ex-) 'out' + manare 'to flow'


em • a • nate
emanated (過去形) • emanated (過去分詞) • emanating (現在分詞) • emanates (三人称単数現在)
emanative, (全1件)
[動](自)〈香り・光などが〉(…から)出てくる, 生じる, 発散する;〈うわさなどが〉広まる((from ...));〈資質・感情などが〉(人から)にじみ出る
A strong odor of sulphur emanated from the spring.
Warmth emanated from the embers.
━━(他)…を発する, 出す, 発散する(▼受身不可);〈人が〉〈資質・感情などを〉表す.