2014年9月29日 星期一

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Fox News
Volcano erupts in Japan; 7 missing, 40 injured
TOKYO – A volcano in central Japan erupted in spectacular fashionon Saturday, catching mountain climbers by surprise and stranding at least 40 ...

Japan Airlifts Supplies to Typhoon-Stranded Residents
Voice of America
September 06, 2011 Japan Airlifts Supplies to Typhoon-Stranded Residents VOA News Military crews are airlifting relief supplies to thousands of people in western Japan who have been cut off from the world since a powerful typhoon struck the region last ...

An operation is under way to fly back to the UK thousands of people left stranded after Flyglobespan, Scotland's biggest airline, collapsed.
Its parent company, Globespan, entered administration on Wednesday, with all flights cancelled and 800 jobs going.
About 4,500 passengers are stranded - mostly in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Egypt. The Civil Aviation Authority will be repatriating about 1,100.

Flash Floods in Istanbul Kill at Least 20

By SEBNEM ARSU 27 minutes ago
ISTANBUL — Flash floods rushed across Istanbul and surrounding areas on Wednesday, stranding dozens of people in their vehicles and on rooftops.

Their Ranks Bolstered, and With Big Issues Ahead, Democrats Stumble
The Republican-led blockade of overdue spending bills in the Senate is providing Congressional Democrats a quick and humbling lesson in the limits of their new power.

Thai police say they are in talks with anti-government protestors to lift the siege of Bangkok's passenger airports. However, protest leaders deny that negotiations are talking 原文錯誤 place, and insist that their demands remain unchanged. The Peoples Alliance for Democracy wants Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat and his government to resign. The prime minister has authorised police to use force to disperse the protestors at the airports, but they have so far been reluctant to crush the blockade. As many as 100,000 tourists remain stranded.

Heavy fog adds to China's winter travel woes
AFP - GUANGZHOU, China (AFP) — Heavy fog descended Monday on southern China, complicating the task of helping millions of travellers stranded by winter weather ...

《中英對照讀新聞》Gaza calling:ringtone exports evade blockade Gaza calling:ringtone exports evade blockade 加薩呼喚:出口手機鈴聲來規避封鎖
Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip not only restricts imports to the enclave but has also crushed traditional exports like fruit, flowers, furniture and ceramics.
But a year after a war between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas Islamist rulers and the 4-year-old blockade firmly in place, some Palestinian entrepreneurs are turning to the Internet to gain access to new foreign markets.
Haitham Abu Shaaban of Tatweer Business Services, working with a local recording studio, has a new contract with Dubai telecoms company du to make personalized cell phone ringtones that he hopes will sell well across the Arab world.
"The fact that Gaza has been under siege has stopped us from developing exports. But we thought there was a way around this," said Abu Shaaban. Gaza singers are lining up at the studios to record ringtone songs in a variety of styles, from rap to jazz.
"We have taken forward the export of services through contracting local companies to export their work to other companies in the Middle East through the available tools, which is mainly, currently the Internet," Abu Shaaban said.

blockade:名詞,指封鎖、阻礙,如The Soviet blockade of Berlin was lifted in May 1949.(蘇聯對柏林的封鎖於1949年5月解除。)亦可做動詞。
enclave: 名詞,飛地(指在本國境內、隸屬另一國的一塊領土),如The republic of San Marino is an enclave of Italy.(聖馬利諾共和國位於義大利境內。)或指在更大範圍內一塊界線分明的較小區域,如an ethnic enclaves in a large city.(大城市裡的各種族聚集地)
siege:名詞,指圍攻、圍困,The soldiers laid siege to (= started a siege of) the city.(士兵們開始包圍這座城市。)亦可指(疾病等)長期折磨,如a siege of asthma.(長期為氣喘所苦)。

noun [C]
when a country or place is surrounded by soldiers or ships to stop people or goods from going in or out:
an air and sea blockade
The Soviet blockade of Berlin was lifted in May 1949.
There is still some hope that the economic blockade will work and make military intervention unnecessary.

verb [T]
The Estonian port of Tallinn was blockaded for a time by Soviet warships.


━━ n. 〔詩〕 岸.
━━ v. 座礁させる[する]; 立ち往生する; 困(らせ)る.
strand・ed ━━ a. どうしようもなくなって.


unable to leave somewhere because of an inconvenience such as a lack of transport or money:
He left me stranded in town with no car and no money for a bus.
If the tide comes in, we'll be stranded on these rocks.

The land bordering a body of water; a beach.

v., strand·ed, strand·ing, strands. v.tr.
  1. To drive or run ashore or aground.
  2. To bring into or leave in a difficult or helpless position: The convoy was stranded in the desert.
  3. Baseball. To leave (a base runner) on base at the end of an inning.
  4. Linguistics. To separate (a grammatical element) from other elements in a construction, either by moving it out of the construction or moving the rest of the construction. In the sentence What are you aiming at, the preposition at has been stranded.
  1. To be driven or run ashore or aground.
  2. To be brought into or left in a difficult or helpless position.
[Middle English, from Old English.]

strand2 (strănd) pronunciation
  1. A complex of fibers or filaments that have been twisted together to form a cable, rope, thread, or yarn.
    1. A single filament, such as a fiber or thread, of a woven or braided material.
    2. A wisp or tress of hair.
  2. Something that is plaited or twisted as a ropelike length: a strand of pearls; a strand of DNA.
  3. One of the elements woven together to make an intricate whole, such as the plot of a novel.
tr.v., strand·ed, strand·ing, strands.
  1. To make or form (a rope, for example) by twisting strands together.
  2. To break a strand of (a rope, for example).
[Middle English strond.]