2018年3月17日 星期六

recant, hamstring, pronounced drop-off, cocktail, indie stalwart, plug (ADVERTISE), shrink, slow, arrives in, arrived at

U.S. EPA chief Scott Pruitt is expected to roll out plans soon to restrict the agency’s use of science in rulemakings, pitting him against critics who say it would threaten public health and environmental protections.
Plan would hamstring agency’s mission, environmental advocates warn

Two months later, Hakamada, then 30, was arrested and charged based on a confession and a pair of his pajamas that contained tiny amounts of blood and gasoline. He recanted the confession and pleaded not guilty at his trial. Prosecutors discarded the pajamas and presented a separate set of blood-soaked clothes they said he wore for the killings.

'Holocaust bishop' told to recant

The Vatican orders a bishop to recant his views denying the Holocaust if he wants to serve in the Roman Catholic Church.



The weak economy and tight credit market have slowed buying in all sorts of media, but the drop-off is especially pronounced in newspapers.

The election of Fernando Lugo was a dramatic break with the past for a country that is hamstrung by inequality and poverty.

Indeed, since August 2008 when developers started filling the lake in, some houses have already started sinking. An independent report released earlier this month by an Australian assessment team gave a strong warning against the project. It concluded it would lead to an increase in flooding, and would endanger water quality and public health.
Two decades ago, children paddled boats on the lake, families enjoyed picnics, and Mr Hun Sen used to entertain foreign visitors at a modest but picturesque bamboo restaurant. But today, as the bulldozers are poised to raze old Phnom Penh and plug its favourite lake, the urban poor are starting to feel nostalgic for a time when a park really was a park and not a so-called “state-private development zone”.

Clinton arrives in China
US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has arrived in Beijing for talks with Chinese leaders that are expected to focus on bilateral ties as well as international issues such as North Korea's nuclear programme.

Welfare Aid Not Growing as Economy Drops Off By JASON DEPARLE
Despite soaring unemployment, the number of people receiving cash assistance remained at or near the lowest in more than 40 years.
Manufacturing Slowed in August

The economies of Europe and Japan shrank in the second quarter, while US gross domestic product expanded at a 3.3 percent annual pace. ...

Indie Films Suffer Drop-Off in Rights Sales
Independent films are suffering a slide in sales of foreign-distribution rights amid the credit crunch.

Afterward, the party moves back to the main square, where lines form early outside L’Espace Julien (39, cours Julien; 33-491-24-34-10; www.espace-julien.com), a timeworn club and concert spot where the live music is as likely to be French indie as it is Senegalese rap or even Balkan ska.

Dear Reader Bringing Endearing and Intimate Music to Europe

Recently signed to Berlin music label City Slang, Dear Reader have been
quickly making a name for themselves supporting indie stalwarts, Lamb
Chop, with tour dates across Europe.

The DW-WORLD Article

And in certain artistic and architectural social circles, a pilgrimage to Bilbao became de rigueur, with the question "Have you been to Bilbao?" a kind of 
cocktail party game that marked someone either as a culture vulture or a clueless rube.

No, Really, It Was Tough: 4 People, 80 Martinis 
The Times tasting panel sorts out which gins produce classic martinis, which add welcome nuances and which really ought to seek another line of cocktail.


Countdown to Fun

Blast off to Williamsburg tomorrow night for an event that unites space exploration and partying (why not?). “Saving Hubble,” an indie documentary, charts the search for funds to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. The film itself needs some extra cash as well, to make it into distribution. NASA can’t throw a bake sale, but the filmmakers can throw a benefit party, complete with D.J.s, a makeshift planetarium (a 10-foot dome to dance in), a “make-your-own-Hubble” contest and a crowning of a King and Queen Hubble. Bring your own helmet and aim for weightlessness via cocktail.

the cocktail of chemical preservatives and colourings

cocktail (MIXTURE) Show phonetics
noun [C usually singular]
a mixture of different things, often an unexpected, dangerous or exciting one:
The inquest heard that the guitarist died from a cocktail of drink and drugs.
Cars produce a lethal cocktail of gasses.

cocktail (DRINK)
noun [C]
a drink, usually an alcoholic one, made by mixing two or more drinks together:
We were all in the bar sipping cocktails.
a champagne cocktailSpecial Offers at the Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa,Gold Coastone
cocktail of the day per person at the Breakers Bar.



n. Informal.
  1. One, such as a studio or producer, that is unaffiliated with a larger or more commercial organization.
  2. An artistic work produced by an independent company or group: [His film] showed that indies could . . . take in millions at the box office” (Liesl Schillinger).
Of, relating to, or being an indie: an album of indie rock; an indie film company.

describes music or films made by small companies which are not owned by larger companies:
an indie movie/film/record label
The popularity of indie bands has soared in recent years.

noun [C]
1 a small music, film or television company that is not owned by a larger company:
She made five records with indies in the early 90s.

2 a film or recording made by a small company which is not owned by a larger company

stalwart (LOYAL)
loyal, especially for a long time; able to be trusted:
She has been a stalwart supporter of the party for many years.

noun [C]
a person who has been loyal for a long time:
Let me introduce Bob, one of the club's stalwarts.

drop off phrasal verb
1 SLEEP INFORMAL to start to sleep
She dropped off in front of the TV.

2 BECOME LESS If the amount, number, or quality of something drops off, it becomes less.
The demand for mobile phones shows no signs of dropping off.

drop off (DECREASE) phrasal verb
If the amount, number or quality of something drops off, it becomes less:
The demand for mobile phones shows no signs of dropping off.


shrink (BECOME SMALLER) Show phonetics
verb [I or T] shrankshrunk
to become smaller, or to make something smaller:
Your sweater will shrink if you wash it at too high a temperature.
The company's profits have shrunk from £5.5 million to £1.25 million.
The productivity improvements have shrunk our costs by 25%.
See also shrunken.

shrinkage Show phonetics
noun [U]
Synthetic fabrics are less susceptible to shrinkage than natural ones.

arrive Show phonetics
verb [I]
to reach a place, especially at the end of a journey:
What time will your train arrive?
It was dark by the time we arrived at the station.
We arrived in Prague later that day.
I arrived back to find that my room had been burgled.
What time does the mail usually arrive (= is it delivered)?
I ordered some CDs over a month ago, but they still haven't arrived (= I have not received them).
The leaves starting to turn brown is a sign that autumn has arrived (= begun).
Their baby Olivia arrived (= was born) on the date she was expected.

arrival Show phonetics
1 [C or U] when someone or something arrives somewhere:
Hundreds gathered to await the boxer's arrival at the airport.
On arrival at the police station, they were taken to an interview room.
We regret the late arrival of Flight 237.
New arrivals (= people who have just come to a place) were being housed in refugee camps.
Sue and Michael are delighted to announce the arrival (= birth) of Emily, born on August 21.
The arrival (= introduction) of satellite television changed the face of broadcasting.

2 [C] INFORMAL a baby which has recently been born:
Their new arrival was keeping them busy.

verb [T] -gg-
to advertise something by talking about it a lot or praising it, especially on the radio or television:
That interview was just a way for him to plug his new book.
They're plugging this new chocolate bar everywhere at the moment.

noun [C]
the act of telling people publicly about a product, event, etc:
She never misses an opportunity to get in a plug for her new film.

hamstring (LIMIT)  [T often passive] hamstrunghamstrung
to limit the amount of something that can be done or the ability or power of someone to do something:
The company was hamstrung by traditional but inefficient ways of conducting business.

drop off phrasal verb
1 SLEEP INFORMAL to start to sleep
She dropped off in front of the TV.

2 BECOME LESS If the amount, number, or quality of something drops off, it becomes less.
The demand for mobile phones shows no signs of dropping off.

very noticeable or certain:
I'm told I have a very pronounced English accent when I speak French.
She's a woman of very pronounced views which she is not afraid to air.

verb [I or T] FORMAL
to announce in public that your past beliefs or statements were wrong and that you no longer agree with them:
After a year spent in solitary confinement, he publicly recanted (his views).

recantation Show phonetics
noun [C or U] FORMAL