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exact a heavy toll, ground zero, exáct scíence, deliver a blow, take its/their/a toll

It's really taking a toll.

The industry's worst job creation performance since the recession

The graphically explicit depiction of sexuality garnered the novel a notoriety in China akin toFanny Hill and Lolita in English literature, but critics such as the translator David Tod Roy see a firm moral structure which exacts retribution for the sexual libertinism of the central characters.[4]

Takata’s Faulty Airbags Still Exact Toll as Recalls Lag

Millions of people are still driving vehicles with Takata airbags that may pose a lethal danger because they have not been repaired or, in some cases, even recalled.

Sandy Exacts Toll on the Economy 
Sandy is delivering a blow to the U.S. economy that will reverberate for weeks, disrupting commerce in the nation's most-populous region, destroying billions of dollars' worth of property and likely boosting gasoline prices.

For Magazines, a Bitter Pill in iPad

The magazine industry is discovering that although Apple may offer new opportunities with its devices, it exacts a heavy toll.
French President Sarkozy outlined in more detail a stimulus program to counter the toll from the financial crisis.

death toll, ground zero

Pope offers prayer at Ground Zero
The Pope prays for peace and the victims of the 9/11 attacks as he visits Ground Zero at the end of his US trip.
China orders over 660 mines to be shut down

China has ordered all illegally-operated coal mines in northernShanxi province and over 660 legal mines in Heilongjiang province tobe shut down. The decision comes in response to a coal mine blastlast week in Shanxi province which killed at least 105 people. Thegovernment will also pay around 30,000 dollars in compensation tothe victims' families. China has forced many small mines to closeover the last two years, helping to reduce the death toll from coalmining to around 3,100 this year compared to some 4,700 in 2006.


Three Gorges Dam Exacts Its Toll

New Risks Emerge At Giant Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam Exacts Its Toll
China's Three Gorges Dam project is suffering from unforeseen problems including landslides and water pollution, raising new doubts about a project that has come to symbolize the country's effort to control its environment.

exact (OBTAIN)
verb [T] FORMAL
to demand and obtain something, sometimes using force, threats or persuasion, or to make something necessary:
to exact revenge on someone
The blackmailers exacted a total of $100 000 from their victims.
Heart surgery exacts tremendous skill and concentration.


1Demand and obtain (something) from someone:he exacted promises that another Watergate would never be allowed to happen
1.1Inflict (revenge) on someone:she exacts a cruel revenge for his rejection

demanding a lot of effort, care or attention:
an exacting training schedule
exacting standardstoll (SUFFERING)
noun [U]
suffering, deaths or damage:
Independent sources say that the death toll from the earthquake runs into thousands.

take its/their/a toll
If something takes its/their/a toll, it causes suffering, deaths or damage:
The problems of the past few months have taken their toll on her health and there are shadows beneath her eyes.
The deepening recession has also taken its toll in the south of the country, where unemployment is rife.

ground zero
noun1 [C usually singular] the exact place where a nuclear bomb explodes:
The blast was felt as far as 30 miles from ground zero.

2 [U] the site of the former World Trade Center in New York City, which was destroyed in an attack on September 11, 2002

death toll noun
[C usually singular]the number of people who die because of an event such as a war or an accident:
The day after the explosion the death toll had risen to 90.

  1. A fixed charge or tax for a privilege, especially for passage across a bridge or along a road.
  2. A charge for a service, such as a long-distance telephone call.
  3. An amount or extent of loss or destruction, as of life, health, or property: “Poverty and inadequate health care take their toll on the quality of a community's health” (Los Angeles Times).
  1. To exact as a toll.
  2. To charge a fee for using (a structure, such as a bridge).
[Middle English, from Old English, variant of toln, from Medieval Latin tolōnīum, from Latin telōnēum, tollbooth, from Greek telōneion, from telōnēs, tax collector, from telos, tax.]

(ĭg-zăkt') pronunciation
  1. Strictly and completely in accord with fact; not deviating from truth or reality: an exact account; an exact replica; your exact words.
  2. Characterized by accurate measurements or inferences with small margins of error; not approximate: an exact figure; an exact science.
  3. Characterized by strict adherence to standards or rules: an exact speaker.
tr.v., -act·ed, -act·ing, -acts.
  1. To force the payment or yielding of; extort: exact tribute from a conquered people.
  2. To demand and obtain by or as if by force or authority: a harsh leader who exacts obedience. See synonyms at demand.
[Latin exāctus, past participle of exigere, to weigh out, demand : ex-, ex- + agere, to weigh.]
exactable ex·act'a·ble adj.
exactness ex·act'ness n.
exactor ex·ac'tor or ex·act'er n.

1 正確な, 的確な
exact directions
an exact likeness
Will you tell me his exact words?
2 ((限定))〈数量などが〉正確な, かっきりの, ちょうどの
the exact time of departure
3 (…の点で)精密な, 厳密[綿密]な((in ...))
exact instruments
an exact man
She is very exact in her behavior.
4 〈法律・規則などが〉きびしい, 厳格な.
5 《数学》〈微分方程式が〉完全な.
to be exact
((話))正確には, 厳密に言うと.
1 …を(人に)求める, 要求する((from, of ...))
The leader exacted loyalty from his followers.
2 〈税金・作業・降伏などを〉(…から)強要する, 強制する;…を(人から)取り立てる((from, of ...))
exact money from [of] a person
exact payment of a debt
3 〈事情・仕事が〉…を要求する, (緊急に)必要とする.

exáct scíence[exáct scíence]精密科学(物理学・化学など).