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The GOP’s declaration that it will block a Supreme Court nominee is not only unprecedented, but a remarkable act of legislative chutzpah.

Kodak is placing a new bet on a gadget from a simpler time.
Beyond its technical specs, the new Super 8 camera is impressive for its chutzpah.

In the Air | Space Age Style
This season, fashion looks to the heavens, taking inspiration from both space-age design and the wondrous immensity of the night sky.

America's most prominent legal mind and the #1 bestselling author of Chutzpah and The Best Defense, Alan Dershowitz, recounts his legal autobiography, describing how he came to the law, as well as the cases that have changed American jurisprudence over the past 50 years, most of which he has personally been involved in.

 Google's Incredible Chutzpah In Demanding A Tax Refund
This is a lovely little story, Google Google is demanding a tax refund from a transaction that took place all the way back in 2004. Given the way that the company busts a gut to run rings around the world's taxmen I think this is the most incredible ...

To address a letter to a city of any kind is folly. To send a letter to a metropolis of your immensity — 32 million residents! — shows, as we say here in New York, chutzpah. Also it’s a bit weird. And yet I’m writing anyway, because I don’t quite know how else to get a handle on the six days I spent with you in October — six days in which I felt embraced and ignored, beloved and rejected, entrapped and, in the end, liberated. Please let me explain:

A loss function could be very one sided. Consider the "William Tell"
loss function. If he shoots the apple off his son's head, the loss is
"zero". If he shoots too high, the loss is the cost of an arrow. If he
shoots too low, well, the cost might be incalculable.
Pessimists work with loss functions. Optimists work with value

Loss functions are not "scientific". Loss functions are highly
personal. To ascribe a loss function to society requires plenty of

Myron Tribus

get a fix on
Also, have a fix on; get or have a handle on; get or have a grasp of. Obtain (or have) a clear determination or understanding of something. For example, I was finally able to get a fix on the specifics of this problem, or No one in the press room had a handle on Balkan history, or Do you have a grasp of the situation? Similarly, give a fix means "provide a clear understanding," as in This briefing will give us a fix on the current situation. The usages with fix and handle are colloquialisms dating from the 1920s; those with grasp are more formal and date from the late 1600s.

猶太依地語裡有個字chutzpah,意謂蠻不講理的要求或辯解。例如:弒父殺母的人受審時乞求法官憐憫,理由是他已成為孤兒。 ... 真是chutzpah的上佳例子。chutzpah :ひどい厚かましさ,厚顔無恥,鉄面皮;chutzpa, hutzpa, hutzpah とも書く。 例stunning entrepreneurial chutzpah:驚くような企業の厚かましさ
chutzpah (KHOOT-spuh, HOOT-) noun, also chutzpa
Shameless impudence, brazen nerve, gall, effrontery.
[From Yiddish khutspe, from Late Hebrew huspa.]
"Bill Gates, the company's chairman, even had the chutzpah to say that this week's ruling was a challenge to `healthy competition in the software industry'." Leaders: Breaking Up Microsoft, The Economist (London), Jun 10, 2000.


also hutz·pah (KHʊt'spə, hʊt'-) pronunciationUtterve; effrontery: "has the chutzpah to claim a lock on God and morality" (New York Times).
iddish khutspe, from Mishnaic Hebrew ḥuṣpâ, from ḥāṣap, to be insolent.]

[名][U]((俗))何ともひどい厚かましさ, あくどさ, 鉄面皮, 厚顔無恥.
胡說八道 姑且聽之


im • men • si • ty
immensities (複数形)
1 [U]広大(さ), ばく大(さ), 計り知れないこと, 無限.
2 ((ときに-ties))広大な広がり;ばく大な数量
the immensities of outer space
Jewish Moms Are Behind Tech Success Of IsraelIsrael lives up to its reputation as the Start-up nation. Israeli start-ups are everywhere. It is what people aspire to. It is what they dream of.

It was Dan Senor and Saul Singer who nicknamed the country that has given birth to more start-ups than any country outside of the U.S. It is a nickname that it well deserves.

There are many reasons given for this success. Israel has little in the way of natural resources, so it has had to create its wealth from the one thing it does have, its people. Then there is the unique role of the Israeli Defense Forces, and in particular the elite intelligence unit, 8200. At one start-up, all of the coders had met there. It functions almost as a high-tech networking event.

And then there is the unique Israeli culture and spirit. Call it chutzpah, call it simply refusing to be told what to do. For some it would be determination, an admirable quality in an entrepreneur, for others it looks a lot like sheer stubbornness -- a less desired trait.

Everywhere you go in this Start-up nation, there is one name you hear time and again, and although he will deny it when you meet him, Yossi Vardi is the father of the start-up culture in Israel.

To prove the point about how deeply woven the start up culture is in the society, at lunch, the avuncular Mr. Vardi starts to chat with the young waitress, switching between Hebrew and English. What is she doing, he asks her? She is a linguist, in her first year at university. What does she want to do when she graduates, he asks? 'Oh, I want to work in voice recognition,' she says. 'Probably in a small company or a start-up.'

So what is his theory for the success of this country of only 7.5 million and its ability to punch way over its weight?

'Jewish mothers,' he says. 'We succeed because of the guilt we all feel. From birth we are told we have to be better, that we are such a disappointment.

'You know the difference between an Italian mother and a Jewish one? An Italian mother says to her son 'Eat this food or I will kill you.' A Jewish one says 'Eat this food or I will kill myself.'

'They are our secret.'



正是丹‧塞諾(Dan Senor)和索爾‧辛格(Saul Singer)給了以色列創業之國這個稱謂。作為美國以外孕育最多新興企業的國家﹐以色列當之無愧。

這 份成功得益於多方面的原因。以色列的自然資源儲量並不豐富﹐因此它若要創造財富就必須依賴它真正擁有的一樣東西──:以色列人。以色列國防軍 (Israeli Defense Forces)也發揮了的獨特的作用﹐特別是它的精英情報部門──“8200部隊”。這也是一個新成立的機構﹐所有的編碼人員都在那裡匯聚﹐看起來就像是 一場專門為高科技人員舉辦的社交活動。

另外﹐還應該提到的就是以色列獨特的文化和國民精神。有人稱這種精神為chutzpah(過度自信 又厚顏無恥)﹐乾脆點說就是不肯接受別人的安排。對於一些人來說﹐這意味著決心和毅力﹐是一個創業家應該具有的值得嘉許的品質﹔而對其他人而言﹐這簡直就 是冥頑不靈──這可不是什麼好品質。

在這個創業的國度里﹐不論你走到哪裡﹐你總會反復地聽到一個人的名字﹐儘管當你見到他的時候﹐他不會認賬。這個人就是以色列的創業文化之父──約西‧瓦爾迪(Yossi Vardi)。

為 了證明這種創業文化已經深刻地融入了以色列社會﹐午餐時分﹐慈祥和藹的瓦爾迪用希伯萊語和英語與年輕的女服務員攀談了起來。她是做什麼的?他問她。她是個 語言學專業的學生﹐今年上大學一年級。畢業後她想從事什麼工作?他問道。“哦﹐我想從事語音識別工作﹐”她說﹐“可能會找一家小公司或者新成立的企業 吧。”





Ben Rooney