2015年12月3日 星期四

mete sth out, spawn, tout, casualties, fatalities

Undamming the Penobscot

Latest updates on San Bernardino, California, shooting:
-- "There are multiple casualties and confirmed fatalities" in the shooting at Inland Regional Center, a San Bernardino Police spokeswoman says
-- The three suspects are believed to be armed with AK-47-type weapons, a local law enforcement official told CNN

Latest updates: http://cnn.it/1QUMjyr

When the dams on Maine’s Penobscot River come down, a thousand miles of river will be open to spawning fish.

China jails 30 for Tibetan riots

A Chinese court has jailed 30 people for terms ranging from three
years to life, for their roles in riots in Tibet's capital Lhasa
last month. The unrest triggered anti-China protests across the
globe ahead of the Beijing Olympics. China has blamed Tibet's
spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, and his government-in-exile for
plotting the riots, in which Beijing says at least 18 innocent
civilians were killed by Tibetan mobs. The sentences were the first
meted out since the March 14 violence and the Chinese military
crackdown that followed. That spawned protests in several European,
US and Asian cities along the route of the global Olympic torch

LONDON (Reuters) - The digital revolution might be making it harder for record labels and retailers to make money out of music, but the decline in album sales has spawned a new type of investment that is attracting fans and investment banker types alike.

A lot of people have talked about selling stock in bands as a means to help finance promising musicians. In Britain, a company called Slicethepie.com is enabling fans to trade shares of music acts the way they would a publicly traded company.

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中國官方新華社稱,27日發生的兩次強烈餘震造成大約42萬間房屋倒塌,數十人受傷。 美國地質調查局的結果顯示,27日16時03分在四川青川縣發生的餘震達5.7級。 16時38分在與青川縣毗鄰的陝西寧強縣發生的也達5.7級。

堰塞湖搶險 陝川再有餘震


Up to 420,000 houses collapse in aftershocks in China

Chinese Xinhua news agency is reporting that two aftershocks have
caused more than 420,000 houses to collapse in Qingchuan county. The
tremors reportedly measured 5.4 and 5.7 on the Richter scale, and
came within half an hour of one another. No other details including
possible casualties were given. Meanwhile Chinese officials say they
have evacuated some 80,000 people in the path of potential
floodwaters building up behind a quake-spawned dam in Sichuan
province. The official death toll from the May 12 earthquake has
been raised to more than 67,000, with another 20,000 listed as
missing. Over 5 million people are said to be homeless.

spawn (START) [T]
to cause something new, or many new things, to grow or start suddenly:
The new economic freedom has spawned hundreds of new small businesses.
Her death spawned countless films and books.
Microsoft Touts Touch-Screen
Microsoft unveiled the next version of its Windows operating system, demonstrating a touch-screen technology that could spawn a new class of personal computers in coming years.

tout (MAKE KNOWN) Show phonetics
1 [T] to advertise, make known or praise something or someone repeatedly, especially as a way of encouraging their sale, popularity or development:
As an education minister, she has been touting these ideas for some time.
He is being widely touted as the next leader of the Social Democratic party.
Several insurance companies are now touting their services/wares on local radio.

2 [I] to repeatedly try to persuade people to buy your goods or services:
There were hundreds of taxis at the airport, all touting for business/custom.

mete sth out phrasal verb [M often passive] FORMAL
to give or order a punishment or make someone receive cruel or unfair treatment:
Victorian schoolteachers regularly meted out physical punishment to their pupils.

spawn (EGGS) Show phonetics
noun [U]
the eggs of fish, frogs, etc.
See also frogspawn.

verb [I]
The frogs haven't spawned (= produced eggs) yet.spawning ground noun [C usually singular]
a place where fish leave their eggs for fertilization:
Salmon and sea trout use the upper river as a spawning ground.