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There was no sugarcoating.

In Germany December’s machine-tool orders were 40% lower than a year earlier. Half of China’s 9,000 or so toy exporters have gone bust. Taiwan’s shipments of notebook computers fell by a third in the month of January. The number of cars being assembled in America was 60% below January 2008.

$0.00, not counting fuel and handling: that is the cheapest quote right now if you want to ship a container from southern China to Europe. Back in the summer of 2007 the shipper would have charged $1,400. Half-empty freighters are just one sign of a worldwide collapse in manufacturing.

Taiwan gravel shippers say China is killing their business
eTaiwan News - Taiwan
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – More than a hundred gravel shippers called on the government Monday to persuade China to lift a ban on their business despite direct ...


noun [U]
small rounded stones, often mixed with sand:
a gravel path

gravelled, US USUALLY graveled

gravelly soil


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ship (BOAT) Show phonetics
noun [C]
a large boat for travelling on water, especially across the sea:
a sailing ship
a merchant/naval ship
They boarded (= went on to) a ship that was sailing (= leaving) the next day.

ship Show phonetics
verb [T usually + adverb or preposition] -pp-
to send something, usually a large object or a large quantity of objects or people, to a distant place:
We ship books out to New York every month.

shipper Show phonetics
noun [C usually plural]
a person or company whose job is to organize the sending of goods from one place to another:
wine shippers

shipping Show phonetics
noun [U]
1 ships considered as a group:
This stretch of water is heavily used by shipping.

2 when goods are sent from one place to another, especially by ship:
The cost is $205 plus $3 for shipping.
The fruit is picked and artificially ripened before shipping.
  • gravel pit noun [C]
  1. a place where gravel is dug out of the ground

Sugar (not only sucrose, but also other varieties such as glucose) may cause some children to become hyperactive — giving rise to the terms "sugar high", "sugar rush" and "sugar buzz".

"The Myth of the Sugar Buzz" article from Skepticism.Net

川北 稔(KAWAKITA MINORU)的翻譯和著作並行:『砂糖の世界史』(岩波書店, 1996年)有兩漢譯

《砂糖的世界史》;陳惠文譯, 台北:玉山社 出版社 2005;鄭渠譯 天津:百花文藝, 2007

這本的取材,其實是他翻譯シドニー・W・ミンツ『甘さと権力――砂糖が語る近代史』(平凡社, 1988年)

砂糖又名白砂糖,含蔗糖95%以上的結晶體,比綿白糖含水率低,結晶顆粒較大,是一種常用的調味品,也是最常用的甜味劑。(Wikipedia article "Sugar"條的百分之一翻譯)。

The Sanskrit word for "sugar" (sharkara), also means "gravel". Similarly, the Chinese use the term "gravel sugar" (Traditional Chinese: 砂糖) for table sugar. 英語:sugar と、日本語:satou の頭部は、砂糖をあらわす梵語からきた、語源を同じくする言葉である。

  1. A sweet crystalline or powdered substance, white when pure, consisting of sucrose obtained mainly from sugar cane and sugar beets and used in many foods, drinks, and medicines to improve their taste. Also called table sugar.
  2. Any of a class of water-soluble crystalline carbohydrates, including sucrose and lactose, having a characteristically sweet taste and classified as monosaccharides, disaccharides, and trisaccharides.
  3. A unit, such as a lump or cube, in which sugar is dispensed or taken.
  4. Slang. Sweetheart. Used as a term of endearment.

v., -ared, -ar·ing, -ars. v.tr.
  1. To coat, cover, or sweeten with sugar.
  2. To make less distasteful or more appealing.
  1. To form sugar.
  2. To form granules; granulate.
  3. To make sugar or syrup from sugar maple sap. Often used with off.

[Middle English sugre, from Old French sukere, from Medieval Latin succārum, from Old Italian zucchero, from Arabic sukkar, from Persian shakar, from Sanskrit śarkarā, grit, ground sugar.]

中文(繁體) (Chinese (Traditional))
n. - 糖, 甜言蜜語, 糖塊
v. tr. - 加糖於, 粉飾, 使甜蜜
v. intr. - 製成糖


  • sugar beet 甜菜
  • sugar bowl 糖罐
  • sugar cane 甘蔗
  • sugar daddy 老色迷
  • sugar lump 方糖
  • sugar the pill 把苦藥裹上糖衣, 使苦事容易被接受
  • sugared almond 加糖衣的杏仁

━━ n. 砂糖; 【化】糖; 〔米話〕 ((好きな人への呼びかけ)) お前, きみ.
━━ vt. …に砂糖を入れる[かぶせる,ふりかける]; 甘くする, 甘いことばを使う; 不快さを和らげる.
━━ vi. 糖化する; 〔米〕 カエデ糖を造る; 〔米〕 糖液を煮つめる ((off)).
sugar basin (卓上用の)砂糖入れ.
sugar beet 【植】テンサイ, サトウダイコン.
sugar bowl =sugar basin.
sugar・cane サトウキビ.
sugar-coat ━━ vt. 糖衣をかぶせる; よく見せかける.
sugar・coated a. 糖衣を着せた; 不快さを包み隠した; よく見せかけた.
sugar daddy 〔俗〕 若い女にせっせと金をみつぐ年配の男.
sug・ared ━━ a. 砂糖をかけた, (ことばの)甘い, お世辞の.
sug・ar・less ━━ a. 無糖の.
sugar・loaf 棒砂糖 ((円錐形などの)); すり鉢山.
sugar maple 【植】サトウカエデ.
sugar of lead 【化】鉛糖.
sugar・plum 〔英古〕 キャンデー, ボンボン.
sugar snap pea =snap pea.
sugar tongs ━━ n.pl. 角砂糖ばさみ.
Sugar Twin 【商標】シュガー・ツイン ((米国Alberto-Culver社製の人口甘味料)).
sug・ar・y ━━ a. 〔けなして〕 甘い; へつらいの.