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How The Narratives Of Google And Facebook Come Undone Before Christmas
In 2017, the Dow set an all-time high 70 times, adding 5,000 points in a calendar year for the first time ever. Leading the pack as the world's most valuable companies are Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Twenty years ago, the most valuable were Exxon, General Electric, Citibank, and Walmart.

Some Seattle residents love to scuba dive amongst the giant Pacific octopus, but they also like it served with a dollop of smoked yogurt and lobster mushrooms: http://nyti.ms/16grxOx

Photo: Kyle Johnson for The New York Times

Dollop of Romance Is Added to Intrigue at Trial of Bo Xilai

The former elite Communist Party official said his former top deputy and his wife, both of whom provided evidence against him, had an affair.

Some poets suffer into truth; others get there by a less tortured path. Horace, the Roman poet of the late first century B.C., was one of the latter. He knew neither the agony of passionate love, like his predecessor Catullus, nor the ecstasy of revelation, like Lucretius. He never strove for a magnum opus, as did his close friend Virgil, preferring short, exquisitely crafted works in a variety of genres.
Horace came unscathed through the tumultuous era that brought to power Augustus, the first of what we now term the Roman emperors. In his late 20s he became a close ...

Google, FTC Close to a Deal
Google is close to emerging largely unscathed from a two-year federal probe of its Web-search business, a result likely to disappoint rivals that were hoping the Internet giant would become mired in antitrust litigation.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE: Stevens is the one left bruised and battered by the end of the nearly 3,000-word piece, but his boss doesn't escape unscathed. From the story: "But whatever Stevens’s shortcomings, presidential candidates get the campaigns they want. And Romney ... has taken a very active role running his own campaign. In a way, that’s the problem. Romney associates are baffled that such a successful corporate leader has created a team with so few lines of authority or accountability."

Much of Mr Bo’s economic strategy has been explicitly encouraged by the central leadership. In the end, in a party that prides itself on consensual, colourless leadership, it was Mr Bo’s highly visible efforts to boost his public image that hastened his undoing. Chongqing itself will carry on.

Heads-up on Google goggles
Scotland on Sunday
Google's “heads-up-display” glasses have been under development at the company's Googleplex laboratories and are believed to resemble Oakley's Thump MP3 player headset. But the new gadget – nicknamed the Google

Goggles – is expected to be the first to ...

Who Falls to Addiction, and Who Is Unscathed?
Genes, environment and psychology affect who uses drugs uneventfully and who is undone by them.


BEIJING, Aug. 25 — No country in history has emerged as a major industrial power without creating a legacy of environmental damage that can take decades and big dollops of public wealth to undo.

"Nothing that Obama can do can undo the damage quickly," Joseph Stiglitz, the Columbia University economist and Nobel laureate, told Bloomberg News.

Google Defends Dominance
Google's Eric Schmidt sparred with U.S. senators over whether his company has abused its growing dominance of the Web, but he emerged mostly unscathed.

Google (NSDQ: GOOG)'s Gmail Labs now offers yet another way not to send a message.
First there was Email Addict, a Gmail Labs experiment designed to force obsessive Gmail users to take a break after 15 minutes and to block access to instant messages.
Then there was Mail Goggles, which requires that Gmail users answer simple math problems before allowing them to send messages, in order to prevent e-mailing while intoxicated.
Gmail Labs also includes a Forgotten Attachment Detector, which will prevent messages that mention an attachment but don't actually include one from being sent.
And on Thursday, Google added Undo Send, a Gmail Labs experiment that prevents the transmission of an e-mail message for five seconds, to allow e-mail authors time to change their minds.
"Turn on Undo Send in Gmail Labs under Settings, and you’ll see a new 'Undo' link on every sent mail confirmation," explains Google user experience designer Michael Leggett in a blog post. "Click 'Undo,' and we'll grab the message before it's sent and take you right back to compose."
Leggett warns that Undo Send won't recall a message that has already been sent, it simply holds messages for five seconds to allow time for second thoughts.
Google has even dug up some metrics to justify the addition: A company spokesperson pointed to a study showing that 87% of executives reported they have mistakenly sent or received an e-mail or other electronic message.
Google launched another Gmail Labs addition on Wednesday: the ability to preview YouTube videos, Picasa and Flickr links, and Yelp reviews from within Gmail messages.
Grab Your Goggles: Will 3-D Be the Next Wave in Home Entertainment?

What is the difference between a motocross goggle and snowboarding goggle?
A: there is no differance. although some of the more expensive motocross goggles have tear-offs to keep the mud off their goggles.

serving up a dollop of warm nostalgia

A large diorama shows a street near Shinobazunoike pond in Tokyo's Ueno district in the late 1960s. (Photos by Azusa Ito) photoA reproduction of the previous building that housed the Izuei Honten eel restaurant
Izuei Honten, an eel restaurant in Tokyo's Taito Ward that has been in operation since the Edo Period (1603-1867), is serving up a dollop of warm nostalgia along with its old-fashioned tasty food.

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‘Fossilizing’ With a Camera
‘Fossilizing’ With a Camera

'Fossilizing' With a Camera

Hiroshi Sugimoto, the photographer and avid collector, shot several dioramas in one challenging day at the American Museum of Natural History.



Scientists Claim Australian Fossil Find Oldest on Record

Scientists Claim Australian Fossil Find Oldest on Record

The fossilized organisms suggest that life evolved soon after the period known as the Late Heavy Bombardment.

fossilize, ((主に英))-ise[fos・sil・ize, ((主に英))-ise]

  • 発音記号[fɑ'səlàiz | fɔ's-]

1 …を化石化する.
2 〈人・制度などを〉時代遅れに[古くさく]する;…を形骸(けいがい)化する.
1 化石化する.
2 〈人・制度などが〉時代遅れになる;形骸化する.
3 ((略式))化石捜しをする.
這 dollop 原翻譯成"大塊或團食物或小量飲料"A small glob of soft food, such as whipped cream or mashed potatoes. When referring to a liquid, dollop refers to a dash or "splash" of soda water, water and so on.

  1. A large lump or portion of a solid matter: a dollop of ice cream. a huge dollop of sour cream
  2. A small quantity or splash of a liquid: a dollop of whiskey.
  3. A modicum; a bit: not a dollop of truth to the story.


The curtain call, in a main course, was a dollop of light foie gras foam placed next to a juicy beef tenderloin under a piece of biscuitlike flatbread - a deliciously deconstructed Rossini, in other words.

A signpost for the neighborhood, screening off the playground, the fence is seamless with its surroundings, cheerful, a dollop of education, beloved by the community and also practical.

Simmering within the humid, dreamy, eucalyptus-scented haze at Les Bains du Marais is a veritable human tajine of yuppie couples, young things in bikinis and a healthy dollop of pot-bellied old men.

verb [T] undoing, undid, undone
to remove the good or bad effects of an action or several actions:
I did a really tough aerobics class and then went out for a meal and undid (all) the good work!
It's very difficult to undo the damage that's caused by inadequate parenting in a child's early years.

verb [T] undoing, undid, undone
to unfasten something that is fastened or tied:
Can someone help me to undo my seat belt?

Why didn't you tell me my zip was undone!
Damn, my shoe-laces have come undone again.


adjective OLD USE
be undone to be without hope for the future, having experienced great disappointment, loss of money, etc.
See also undone at undo (UNFASTEN).goggle
v., -gled, -gling, -gles. v.intr.
  1. To stare with wide and bulging eyes.
  2. To roll or bulge. Used of the eyes.
To roll or bulge (the eyes).

  1. A stare or leer.
  2. goggles A pair of tight-fitting eyeglasses, often tinted or having side shields, worn to protect the eyes from hazards such as wind, glare, water, or flying debris.

come undone は「(謎、紐などが)ほどけた、解けた、失敗した、破滅した」という意味で undone は undo 「(一度したことを)元に戻す、はずす、ほどく」の過去分詞です。 ここではレッド・ジョンが過去の自分のミスに気づき、それを繕ったものの上手く出来ず、 それが繕う前に戻った、失敗を包み隠した覆いが外れてしまった=計画失敗、という解釈だと思います。 また人に対してこの表現を ...

(verb) Look with amazement; look stupidly.
Synonyms:gape, gawk, gawp
Usage:He goggled at her in astonishment.

 [Middle English gogelen, to squint.]
goggly gog'gly adj.

(ŭn-skāTHd') pronunciation
Not injured or harmed: escaped the hurricane unscathed.


without suffering any injury, damage, or harm:I came through all those perils unscathed

Definition of suffer


[with object]
  • 1experience or be subjected to (something bad or unpleasant):he suffered intense pain [no object]:he’d suffered a great deal since his arrest
  • [no object] (suffer from) be affected by or subject to (an illness or ailment):his daughter suffered from agoraphobia
  • [no object] become or appear worse in quality:his relationship with Anne did suffer
  • [no object] archaic undergo martyrdom or execution.
  • 2 archaic tolerate:France will no longer suffer the existing government
  • [with object and infinitive] allow (someone) to do something:my conscience would not suffer me to accept any more