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offset, counteract, outset, untrammelled, ordinance

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Ordinance on vertical in yellow

 The title of this book may strike the reader as strange and even dissonant. What have art and ritual to do together? The ritualist is, to the modern mind, a man concerned perhaps unduly with fixed forms and ceremonies, with carrying out the rigidly prescribed ordinances of a church or sect. The artist, on the other hand, we think of as free in thought and untrammelled by convention in practice; his tendency is towards licence. Art and ritual, it is quite true, have diverged to-day; but the title of this book is chosen advisedly. Its object is to show that these two divergent developments have a common root, and that neither can be understood without the other. It is at the outset one and the same impulse that sends a man to church and to the theatre.

A way to counteract part of the process of growing old(54)

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香港政府現時提供兩個非供款型的法定退休計劃,即:(1)受《退休金條例》(Pensions Ordinance)規管的舊退休金計劃,適用於8771日前獲委任的可享退休金公務員。(2)受《退休金利益條例》(Pension Benefits Ordinance)規管的新退休金計劃,適用於8771日至2000531日期間獲委任的可享退休金公務員。


  1. 1.
    an authoritative order.
  2. 2.
    a religious rite.

    "his strict observance of religious ordinances was no doubt quickened by the remorse he felt"


  • 発音記号[trǽməl]
1 ((通例〜s))(自由な行動に対する)妨害, 障害, 制約, 束縛
cast off [=escapethe trammels of ...
2 調整器:機械の部分をそろえたり取りつけたりする道具.
3 ((a pair of 〜sで))楕円(だえん)コンパス.
4 鳥網, かすみ網.
5 自在かぎ.
6 馬かせ:馬に側対歩(amble)を訓練するときに用いる.
━━[動](〜ed, 〜・ing;((英))〜led, 〜・ling)(他)
1 ((通例受身))…の自由な動き[行動]を妨害する, 束縛する.
2 〈魚・鳥を〉網で捕える;〈人の心などを〉捕える((up)).


[動](他)…に反対に作用する, 対抗する, …を妨害する, くじく, …を相殺する, 無効にする;〈薬などが〉…を中和する
counteract the effects of a medicine

[名]((the 〜))着手, 手始め
atfromthe outset
最初は[に, から].
off·set (ôf'sĕt', ŏf'-) pronunciation
  1. An agent, element, or thing that balances, counteracts, or compensates for something else.
  2. One thing set off or developed from something else.
  3. The start or initial stage; the outset.
  4. Architecture. A ledge or recess in a wall formed by a reduction in thickness above; a setoff.
  5. Botany. A shoot that develops laterally at the base of a plant, often rooting to form a new plant.
  6. Geology. A spur of a mountain range or hills.
  7. A bend in a pipe, bar, or other straight continuous piece made to allow it to pass around an obstruction.
  8. A short distance measured perpendicularly from the main line in surveying, used to help in calculating the area of an irregular plot.
  9. A descendant of a race or family; an offshoot.
  10. Printing.
    1. An unintentional or faulty transfer of wet ink from a printed sheet to another surface in contact with it. Also called setoff.
    2. Offset printing.

v., -set, -set·ting, -sets. (ôf'sĕt', ŏf'-, ôf-sĕt', ŏf-) v.tr.
  1. To counterbalance, counteract, or compensate for: fringe benefits designed to offset low salaries.
  2. Printing.
    1. To cause (printed matter) to transfer or smear onto another surface.
    2. To produce by offset printing.
  3. To make or form an offset in (a wall, bar, or pipe).
  1. To develop, project, or be situated as an offset.
  2. Printing. To become marked by or cause an unintentional transfer of ink.
offset off'set' adv. & adj.