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intrigue ,reproof, castigate, hastened,"hasten slowly"

image: http://public.media.smithsonianmag.com//filer/7c/26/7c26a7e3-1eed-41b2-a62d-6db8c7751542/dec356-01-web-resize.jpgThe emblem of the Aldine Press—a dolphin wrapped around an anchor, inspired by the Latin motto festina lente, or "hasten slowly"—is still used by Doubleday Books. (© Corbis)

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He told me that when he was younger 
he had been very fond of theatre-going, but, later, when he 
thought things over and considered that in almost every 
number of his weekly paper he read of cases of people 
whose death was hastened by lack of good food, he felt it 
was not right that so much labour should be spent on 

Bishops castigate African leaders

More than 200 Roman Catholic bishops from across Africa tell corrupt political leaders in the continent to repent or step down.

An elderly relative of Zhou Enlai, a prime minister under Mao, got some help navigating Beidaihe, a resort town where dignitaries gather in the summer and maneuver for power for their allies.
Sim Chi Yin for The New York Times
Changing of the Guard

China’s Elders Take Intrigue to the Beach

Communist party elites and their families congregate in the resort town of Beidaihe, above, to swim and dine and shape the future of the world’s most populous nation.
Broadcaster Distances Itself From News Corp.
A day after a British panel castigated Rupert Murdoch, BSkYB insisted that it was a “fit and proper” company.

"Obama did not mention his predecessor by name, but there were harsh words for George W. Bush, who was castigated for funding two wars and several tax cuts through borrowing rather than cutting spending elsewhere." — Kevin Connolly; Obama's Deficit Dilemma; BBC News (London, UK); Feb 1, 2010.

Another pleasurable home activity is listening to Radio Classique as it comes from Paris through the Internet. The music is agreeable, but I am intrigued over and over by the commercials, the discussions, and the news reports. What fluent French! What wonderful French accents! How rapid! I thought I knew French. I listen to it now, attentive, and chastened but hopeful.
Diary of a 100-Year-Old Man


Pronunciation: /ˈheɪs(ə)n/


[no object, with infinitive]
  • be quick to do something:he hastened to refute the assertion
  • [with adverbial of direction] move or travel hurriedly:we hastened back to Paris
  • [with object] cause (something, especially something undesirable) to happen sooner than it otherwise would:this tragedy probably hastened his own death from heart disease


mid 16th century: extended form of haste, on the pattern of verbs in -en1
castigatetr.v., -gat·ed, -gat·ing, -gates.
  1. To inflict severe punishment on. See synonyms at punish.
  2. To criticize severely.
[Latin castīgāre, castīgāt-, from castus, pure.]
castigation cas'ti·ga'tion n.
castigator cas'ti·ga'tor n.
參考blast:  blow up, blasted, blow-by-blow

intrigue (INTEREST)
verb [T]
to interest someone a lot, especially by being strange, unusual or mysterious:
Throughout history, people have been intrigued by the question of whether there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

an intriguing possibility/question
She has a really intriguing personality.



  • レベル:社会人必須
[動] 〔intrí〕 (他)
1 (珍しさ・新しさ・魅力などで)〈人の〉好奇心[関心]をそそる
The plan intrigues me, but I wonder if it will work.
2 …を計略で達成[成就]する, 悪巧みで手に入れる;((〜 -self))(…に)巧妙にはいり込む((into ...))
intrigue oneself into a position
1 ((文))(人を陥れる)計略を巡らす;(…に対して)陰謀を企てる((against ...)).
2 不義[密通]をする.
━━[名] 〔–, –
1 [U][C]陰謀[悪巧み](を企てること)
a political intrigue
2 不義の密通事件.
3 [U](芝居などの)複雑な筋立て.

verb [T usually passive] FORMAL
to make someone aware that they have failed or done something wrong and make them want to improve:
He was chastened by the defeat and determined to work harder in future.tr.v., -tened, -ten·ing, -tens.
  1. To correct by punishment or reproof; take to task.
  2. To restrain; subdue: chasten a proud spirit.
  3. To rid of excess; refine or purify: chasten a careless writing style.
[Alteration of obsolete chaste, from Middle English chasten, chastien, from Old French chastiier, from Latin castigāre. See castigate.]

verb [T] FORMAL
to tell someone that you disapprove of their wrong or foolish behaviour:
The teacher gently reproved the boys for not paying attention.

She threw him an angry and reproving look/glance.

noun [C or U] FORMAL
She got a sharp reproof for being late.
He picked up the broken vase without a word of reproof to his son.

chasten (verb) Censure severely.
Synonyms:castigate, chastise, objurgate, correct
Usage:His mother will undoubtedly chasten him for those insensitive remarks.



━━ vt. 懲らしめる; (苦難で)鍛える; 抑制する; 和らげる; (文を)練る.
chas・tened ━━ a. (懲りて)おとなしくなった, しゅんとした; 控え目な.
chas・ten・er ━━ n. 懲らしめる人[もの].

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New York Struggles as Blizzard's Impact Chastens Bloomberg

With many streets still unplowed and the City Council planning hearings, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg acknowledged that the cleanup had been slower than expected.