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Strident China Critic Named by Trump to Lead Trade Office

Peter Navarro will lead a new White House office that will oversee trade policy. Donald J. Trump also said the billionaire investor Carl Icahn would serve as a special adviser.

 Japan says confidence in Dreamliner at stake amid probes
TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's transport minister acknowledged that passenger confidence in Boeing Co's new 787 Dreamliner jet is at stake, as both Japan and the United States have opened broad and open-ended investigations into the plane after a series of ...

Focussing on tough-talking Jo McDonagh, crime drama Red Cap provides a gritty insight into the Army's elite Special Investigation Branch (SIB).
Jo (Tamzin Outhwaite) lines up with the SIB
The SIB is charged with one of the most sensitive and demanding military jobs: the investigation of serious crimes committed by or against members of the British Army.
And, as Jo (Tamzin Outhwaite) soon finds out, the SIB is very much a man's world.

Though known mostly for his depiction of gritty London streets and of his travels to America, Dickens was also inspired by Switzerland, where he spent five months writing “Dombey and Son,” found inspiration for “Little Dorrit” and “David Copperfield” and finished his fourth Christmas story. His visit was no mere writer’s retreat: he temporarily moved his wife, six children and the family dog to Lausanne, where they lived in a villa staffed with four servants.
尽管狄更斯最广为人知的是他对伦敦街头的生动刻画,还有他的美国游记, 但他也同样受到过瑞士的启发。在这里,他花了五个月时间写出了《董贝父子》(Dombey and Son),找到了创作《小杜丽》(Little Dorrit)和《大卫·科波菲尔》(David Copperfield)的灵感,还写了他的第四个圣诞故事。不过他不仅是作为一个作家在这里休养,而是把妻子、六个孩子以及家里的狗都带到了洛桑 (Lausanne),住在别墅里,雇了四个仆人。

英上空女大兵 控軍方性別歧視
〔編 譯張沛元/綜合報導〕一名參與軍中酒醉裸體惡作劇的英國前女大兵,2日出面指控當初在軍中的失控行為,完全肇因於歧視女性的軍中長官迫害。她指控軍中男性 長官在她爭取清白期間,對她進行抹黑打壓,包括編造她曾在夜店中當著其他阿兵哥的面,為同樣在軍中服役的男友口交等不實指控。
英 國世界新聞報2日報導,曾派駐伊拉克的憲兵下士妮琪.羅賓森.韓芙瑞絲,是一名曾獲得軍校推薦的優秀女兵,後來卻因與軍中男同袍合拍不雅裸照而被安上「不 雅醜行」的罪名;同樣涉及惡作劇的男性同袍,卻都逃過嚴懲。歷經18個月的煎熬,27歲妮琪儘管得以洗刷罪名,但已不光榮地退役。
同樣脫脫樂 男兵未嚴懲
曾 是俗稱「紅帽」(Red Cap)的英國皇家憲兵一員的妮琪坦承,自己當初太傻太天真,才會參加這些無聊的軍中儀式;她以為這麼做就能與男性同袍打成一片,豈料軍中對男女的規定還 是不一樣,「我要大家知道,女性在軍中依然被視為眼中釘。當我找排長求助時,他卻說『上級幹過最糟的事就是讓女人從軍』。」
妮琪在軍中原本 前程似錦,2007年2月,她在英國駐德基地內的食堂參加一場上空的軍中惡搞慣例活動,並與在場5名男同袍接受拍照。妮琪表示,軍中具有只要有人喊脫掉、 就得把自己扒光的慣例,她過去曾目睹這種活動,但未曾參與;當天她也矜持了許久才脫衣,心想也許這樣能與同袍打成一片。妮琪強調,當場便與其他同袍要求拍 照人刪除照片,隔天又再度確認照片已刪且無人複製。
儘管胡鬧儀式中並未涉及性,但隔天就傳出妮琪在夜店替男友艾倫口交傳聞,以致兩人遭長官 召見與調查。隨著上空胡鬧照片流出,妮琪與艾倫雙雙遭軍法審判(即便艾倫並未參與上空胡鬧)。照片中所有人的憲兵證件都被沒收3個月,且遭到停職。妮琪被 長官告知她令同袍失望,還說女人天生是弱者,她是該單位之恥。

Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times

Murals Go the Way of a Grittier Harlem

When 125th Street was a far more dreary stretch, Franco Gaskin painted mural after mural on storefront security gates. As the area changes, his work is vanishing.

Chinese officials have condemned the sale of missiles to Taiwan, which they view as a renegade province. Obama administration officials say they are merely fulfilling a deal negotiated by the Bush administration.

The World Games will be launched in an innovative open-ended, solar-powered stadium designed by a Japanese architect. Anchored by the $145m (£89m, €104m) stadium, Taiwan is investing far more in the games than the previous seven hosts. The games are the largest global event held in Taiwan in decades following years of isolation. Beijing regards Taiwan as a renegade province.

Bosses held to ransom in the French workplace

The economic slowdown is being felt all around the world. And the blame
game has started in earnest. Politicians have blamed bankers, and vice
versa. But some workers in France are resorting to increasingly desperate

The DW-WORLD Article

Elior, who teaches Jewish mysticism at Jerusalem's Hebrew University, claims that the Essenes were a fabrication by the 1st century A.D. Jewish-Roman historian Flavius Josephus and that his faulty reporting was passed on as fact throughout the centuries. As Elior explains, the Essenes make no mention of themselves in the 900 scrolls found by a Bedouin shepherd in 1947 in the caves of Qumran, near the Dead Sea. "Sixty years of research have been wasted trying to find the Essenes in the scrolls," Elior tells TIME. "But they didn't exist. This is legend on a legend." (See pictures of 60 years of Israel.)
Elior contends that Josephus, a former Jewish priest who wrote his history while being held captive in Rome, "wanted to explain to the Romans that the Jews weren't all losers and traitors, that there were many exceptional Jews of religious devotion and heroism. You might say it was the first rebuttal to anti-Semitic literature." She adds, "He was probably inspired by the Spartans. For the Romans, the Spartans were the highest ideal of human behavior, and Josephus wanted to portray Jews who were like the Spartans in their ideals and high virtue." (See pictures of disputed artifiacts.)
Early descriptions of the Essenes by Greek and Roman historians has them numbering in the thousands, living communally ("The first kibbutz," jokes Elior) and forsaking sex — which goes against the Judaic exhortation to "go forth and multiply." Says Elior: "It doesn't make sense that you have thousands of people living against the Jewish law and there's no mention of them in any of the Jewish texts and sources of that period." (Read "Is This Jesus's Tomb?")
So who were the real authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls? Elior theorizes that the Essenes were really the renegade sons of Zadok, a priestly caste banished from the Temple of Jerusalem by intriguing Greek rulers in 2nd century B.C. When they left, they took the source of their wisdom — their scrolls — with them. "In Qumran, the remnants of a huge library were found," Elior says, with some of the early Hebrew texts dating back to the 2nd century B.C. Until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the earliest known version of the Old Testament dated back to the 9th century A.D. "The scrolls attest to a biblical priestly heritage," says Elior, who speculates that the scrolls were hidden in Qumran for safekeeping. (See pictures of Jews and Muslims in the Holy Land.)
Elior's theory has landed like a bombshell in the cloistered world of biblical scholarship. James Charlesworth, director of the Dead Sea Scrolls project at Princeton Theological Seminary and an expert on Josephus, says it is not unusual that the word Essenes does not appear in the scrolls. "It's a foreign label," he tells TIME. "When they refer to themselves, it's as 'men of holiness' or 'sons of light.' " Charlesworth contends that at least eight scholars in antiquity refer to the Essenes. One proof of Essene authorship of the Dead Sea Scrolls, he says, is the large number of inkpots found by archaeologists at Qumran.
But Elior claims says these ancient historians, namely Philo and Pliny the Elder, either borrowed from each other or retailed second-hand stories as fact. "Pliny the Elder describes the Essenes as 'choosing the company of date palms' beside the Dead Sea. We know Pliny was a great reader, but he probably never visited Israel," she says.
Elior is braced for more criticism of her theory. "Usually my opponents have only read Josephus and the other classical references to the Essenes," she says. "They should read the Dead Sea Scrolls — all 39 volumes. The proof is there."
See pictures of Jews and Muslims in the Holy Land.
Read a TIME cover story on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Protests in Taiwan over China links

In Taiwan tens of thousands of opposition supporters have protested in Taipei over plans by Beijing to send one of its top negotiators to the island which mainland China has long regarded as renegade. The protesters accused Taiwan's new President Ma Ying-jeou of moving too fast in opening up to China. Ma's predecessor Chen Shui-bian had pursued a stridently pro-independence policy.

Gritty Renegade Now Directs China’s Close-Up

Zhang Yimou’s films were once banned. Now he is presiding over the Olympic opening ceremonies.

strident (FORCEFUL) Show phonetics
expressing or expressed in forceful language which does not try to avoid upsetting other people:
a strident newspaper article
They are becoming increasingly strident in their criticism of government economic policy.

stridently Show phonetics
She has always stridently denied the accusations against her.
He is stridently opposed to abortion.

stridency Show phonetics
noun [U]
As the situation becomes more desperate, there is a growing stridency in the appeals for aid.

grit (BRAVERY) Show phonetics
noun [U]
bravery and determination despite difficulty:
It takes true (= real) grit to stand up to a bully.

1 brave and determined:
He showed the gritty determination that we've come to expect from him.

2 showing unpleasant details about a situation in a way that is realistic:
a gritty portrayal of inner-city poverty
a gritty documentary

adj., -ti·er, -ti·est.
  1. Containing, covered with, or resembling grit.
  2. Showing resolution and fortitude; plucky: a gritty decision.
grittily grit'ti·ly adv.
grittiness grit'ti·ness n.
[形](-ti・er, -ti・est)
1 ほこり[砂]だらけの, 砂がはいった(ような), ザラザラする
feel gritty
2 剛毅(ごうき)な, 肝のすわった.

a person who has changed their feelings of support and duty from one political, religious, national, etc. group to a new one:
A band of renegades had captured the prince and were holding him to ransom.

renegade Show phonetics
adjective [before noun] FORMAL DISAPPROVING
a renegade soldier/priestn.
  1. One who rejects a religion, cause, allegiance, or group for another; a deserter.
  2. An outlaw; a rebel.
Of, relating to, or resembling a renegade; traitorous.

intr.v., -gad·ed, -gad·ing, -gades.
To become a deserter or an outlaw.

[Spanish renegado, from Medieval Latin renegātus, past participle of renegāre, to deny : Latin re-, re- + Latin negāre, to deny.]


Syllabification: ren·e·gade
Pronunciation: /ˈreniˌgād


  • 1A person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.
    More example sentences
    • Let India reclaim itself from the criminals and outlaws, reprobates and renegades.
    • The expansion of Anglo-Norman lords in Ireland took place through alliances with Irishmen whom it is anachronistic to label renegades or traitors.
    • He didn't want a band of renegades looking to make trouble near his family.
  • 1.1A person who behaves in a rebelliously unconventional manner.
    More example sentences
    • Does our new TV image now exclude the drag queen heroes and social renegades who gave rise to the Stonewall revolution?
    • In 1970, when I first started rock climbing, I thought it was a sport for renegades and eccentrics, maybe like tree climbing is today.
    • Between there and the mainland were only a few scattered fishermen, renegades, loners and eccentrics.
  • 1.2 archaic A person who abandons religion; an apostate.


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late 15th century: from Spanish renegado, from medieval Latin renegatus 'renounced', past participle (used as a noun) of renegare, from re- (expressing intensive force) + Latin negare 'deny'.


━━ n. 背教者, 脱党者, 裏切り者.
━━ a. 見すてた; 裏切りの.

close-up Show phonetics
noun [C]
a photograph taken from a short distance that gives a very detailed picture:
She took a stunning close-up of him.

    1. The release of property or a person in return for payment of a demanded price.
    2. The price or payment demanded or paid for such release.
  1. A redemption from sin and its consequences.
tr.v., -somed, -som·ing, -soms.
    1. To obtain the release of by paying a certain price.
    2. To release after receiving such a payment.
  1. To deliver from sin and its consequences.
[Middle English ransome, from Old French rançon, from Latin redēmptiō, redēmptiōn-, a buying back. See redemption.]


1 (期間・数量などの)制限[制約]のない, 終わりが決められていない;(許容範囲の)大まかな, 自由な
an open-ended discussion
2 (訂正・追加などの)中途変更[調整]が可能な, 再考[修正]の余地がある
open-ended agreements
3 〈試験・アンケートなどが〉(選択式でない)自由解答[回答]方式の.
4 〈店などが〉24時間営業の.
5 〈封筒などが〉端を開封した.