2015年12月1日 星期二

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The renminbi is to join an elite basket of reserve currencies, confirming China’s place at the top table of the world’s economies.

Voting for Yesterday in France
The candidates and the citizens agree: Repeal the 21st century.

IN THE spring of 2011 the Pew Global Attitudes Survey asked thousands of people worldwide which country they thought was the leading economic power. Half of the Chinese polled reckoned that America remains number one, twice as many as said “China”. Americans are no longer sure: 43% of US respondents answered “China”; only 38% thought America was still the top dog. The answer depends on which measure you pick. An analysis of 21 different indicators chosen by The Economist (see the full set) finds that China has already overtaken America on over half of them and will be top on virtually all of them within a decade.

America still tops a few league tables by a wide margin. Its stockmarket capitalisation is four times bigger than China’s and it has more than twice as many firms in the Fortune global 500, which lists the world’s biggest companies by revenue. Last but not least, America spends five times as much on defence as China does, and even though China’s defence budget is expanding faster, on recent growth rates America will remain top gun until 2025.

Health Vote Is Done, but Partisan Debate Rages On

As Democrats prepared for the president to sign their landmark legislation, Republicans opened a campaign to repeal it and use it as a weapon in midterm elections.

Changes Dilute Md. Bill to Repeal Death Penalty
The Maryland Senate gutted Gov. Martin O'Malley's bill to repeal the death penalty yesterday, moving instead during a chaotic debate toward raising the standards of evidence required in capital cases.
(By John Wagner, The Washington Post)

City in the Crossfire

A House panel considers gutting gun restraints, home rule and basic public safety in the District.
(The Washington Post)

"But Japanese people, in their real hearts, were exhausted by the war," he said. "We had no guts left to fight. We were poor, hungry, tired from working so hard, the cities were burned to ashes and every day we were attacked from the air."

Fire guts San Jose's historic IBM Building 25
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
By Kim Vo IBM's Building 25 - the focus of preservation lawsuits and a planned big-box retailer - was destroyed in a Saturday fire, leaving a charred husk ...

The US link to Pariser Platz goes back to the early 1930s when the United States bought a fire-gutted palace there, but could not restore it at first because of the Great Depression.

New US Embassy in Berlin

在監委的程仁宏眼中,這絕對不是什麼「小屁屁」的案子,所以記者會上準備相當充足,講解一半有助理幫忙換看板,牆上不但貼滿蒐證照片,消基會出身的他,還在上頭自己寫眉批做特效,投影機一旁伺候外加影片當背景。 監委「guts」拿出來,把地方級小案升格為中央大案,果然 ...
It is hard to tell if the prime minister is being ignorant or dishonest when he claims that Britain is at the top table at the WTO. We are not.

Definition of top table

noun  British English the table at a formal meal, for example at a wedding, where the most important people sit [= head table American English]

the table at which the chief guests are placed at a formal dinner.

re·peal (rĭ-pēl') pronunciation
tr.v., -pealed, -peal·ing, -peals.
  1. To revoke or rescind, especially by an official or formal act.
  2. Obsolete. To summon back or recall, especially from exile.
The act or process of repealing.

[Middle English repelen, repealen, from Anglo-Norman repeler, alteration of Old French rapeler : re-, re- + apeler, to appeal; see appeal.]
repealable re·peal'a·ble adj.
repealer re·peal'er n.

crossfire Show phonetics
noun [U]
bullets fired towards you from different directions:
One boat of refugees was caught in (the) naval crossfire and sunk.

guts Show phonetics
plural noun INFORMAL
bravery; the ability to control fear and to deal with danger and uncertainty:
[+ to infinitive] It takes a lot of guts to admit to so many people that you've made a mistake.


━━ n. 腸; 消化器官; (pl.) 内臓; 〔話〕 出っ張った腹; (pl.) 内部(構造), 内容; ((単複両扱い)) 要点; 〔話〕 (pl.) ((単複両扱い)) 勇気, 根性; (バイオリン・ラケットなどの)腸線, ガット; (魚釣り用の)てぐす; 狭い通路[水路].
hate … guts 〔俗〕 (人を)憎む.
━━ vt. (-tt-) …の内臓を取出す; 内部を破壊する.
━━ a. 〔話〕 根本的な; 感情的な; 〔話〕 本能的な.
gut course 〔米俗〕 単位のとりやすい科目.
gut-feeling 【経営】直観(的洞察) (gut-feel).
gut・fighter 〔米〕 手ごわい相手.
gut・less ━━ a. 臆病な.
gut・less・ness n.
gut・rot 〔英俗〕 腹痛.
gut・ty ━━ a. 〔話〕 度胸[ガッツ]のある.
gut-wrenching ━━ a. むごい, ひどい.

gutsy Show phonetics
adjective INFORMAL
brave and determined:
a gutsy performance

gutless Show phonetics
adjective INFORMAL
lacking bravery:
This government is too gutless to take on the big long-term problems such as pollution.

(DESTROY) [T] -tt-

tr.v., -eled or -elled, -el·ing or -el·ling, -els or -els.
  1. To remove the entrails from.
  2. To deprive of meaning or substance.
disembowelment dis'em·bow'el·ment n.
1 to destroy the inside of a building completely, usually by fire:
A fire gutted the bookshop last week.

2 to remove the inside parts and contents of a building, usually so that it can be decorated in a completely new way

3 UK INFORMAL to clean very thoroughly the inside of a house or roomgutted
adjective UK SLANG
extremely disappointed and unhappy:
He was gutted when she finished the relationship.